Gordan Ramsey's Maze

For a friend's bday, he wanted to go to Gordan Ramsey's restaurant cause he has a huge man crush on him. Yes I totally ousted him there. He wanted to go to the London, but since we're all broke ass bitches, we ended up going to Maze instead. Maze is way more casual and relaxed. We opted for the chef's tasting menu.

It was kinda dark in there, so I didn't want to blind everyone with the flash, or draw obvious attention to myself by looking like a retarded tourist.

So the bread they had was fresh and out of the oven, still warm, crisp on the outside, and warm and chewy soft on the inside. We wanted more bread, but didn't want to look like dorks.

Their butter was soft, room temperature and had salt in it.

Their soup, was asparagus and artichoke and something or other in there. Quite tasty. It comes out in this bowl with the few veggies inside it, but they pour the soup into your bowl so you can see the few veggies inside. When it first came out we were like wtf kind of appetizer is this?! But once they poured the soup in, we all laughed. it was very tasty!

The 2nd item that came was a salad, beets, sunchoke, poached quail egg on prosciutto. It was seriously good!

Then came some scallops, yes just 3. Domo is there for sale. And that's pepper that they streaked onto my plate for plating decorative purposes.

These scallops were so damn tasty! Punch a baby good!

Dry aged loin, SO DAMN GOOD!

The mushroom was so tasty!

For dessert I had a vanilla custard with fresh fruit and mango sorbet. so refreshing and good!

And yes the little herb is growing out of the jelly cubes. so tasty!

There was also a chocolate molten something, with salted ice cream. weird sounding yes, but damn tasty!

This was a complimentary dessert, peanut butter brittle and chocolate balls. LOL!

Their sugar looks lumpy! lol!

Overall everyone had a great time. Food was great, the chef's tasting menu was $70 before tax, tip and drinks. It was pretty awesome. The guy yelling on Hell's Kitchen does know a thing or two about food. Keep yelling!

You guys hungry yet?

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Aradani said...

SUPER HUNGRY!! ahaha man, fine dining looks delicious. Too bad my wallet is a skinny mofo. Thanks for sharing such awesome pics

Jimin said...

mmmmmm! this post has got me salivating... everything looks SO GOOD. it sounds like an experience, even though the price is steep!


ChyiX2 said...

Aaw.. you make me want to try that menu :) Everything looks so delish!

Tammy said...

OMG freaking starving!!!! Thinking about taking the hubby there...he has a major man crush on Ramsey too...