My Beauty Diary Eye Mask Review

Everyone has pretty much tried sheet masks, and especially My Beauty Diary sheet masks too. So when one of my friend's friends was heading to Taiwan I asked if they could pick me up these eye masks. I forget where I heard about them from, but here's a review about them.

The "official name" is My Beauty Diary Mask- Intensive Refining Eye Mask. The box comes with 7. Boo. Then again the MBD masks come in a box of 10 right? And the special ones come in 6. Boo! Damn you weird numbers!

I can't read what it says in the back, oh all those years in chinese school paid off well right? My teacher would be so proud, that and she had me recite some damn poem about a lily pad flower.
Taken off the Amazon site, the description for this product is:

Pre-cut and pre-moistened eye masks nourish, soothe and hydrate the delicate skin around the eye zone. Choice ingredients of L-ascorbic acid, European Horse Chestnut reduce dark circles and puffiness, firming up the eye area and increasing skin metabolism. Recommended for mature skin and those plagued with pronounced dark circles. By My Beauty Diary. Brand from TAIWAN: My Beauty Diary.

There's date of manufacturing so you know how old it is, which is a good thing. Its good to know how old some things are before you put them on your face. And there's a different website shown too.

I like the icon graphic on the box. Yes goes on your eyes, and on top of that it can eat fish! Rather lobster claw!

When you take it out of the package, the two masks are stuck together, I guess they did that for packaging. You have to peel them apart, and thats not fun esp when you don't have nails. It doesn't have the plastic sheet separating it like the sheet masks do.

Then you slap it onto your eyes, not literally now. Don't be slapping yourselves ladies. I like the claw action cause its adjustable so you can put it where you want. I have smaller eyes cause I is asian and so its good that I can adjust it to put the mask where I need it. (guys can be so dumb, my bro goes and says I look like lady gaga with the eye masks on, LOL!)

Overall I like this eye mask. Its from MBD so its pretty good. Moisturizes the eye area, but I'd still use an eye cream before going to sleep. Then again after I use the MBD sheet mask I apply some moisturizer on certain parts of my face. My skin around my eyes feel smooth and not tight. I don't know if this makes claims to get rid of wrinkles and such, but moisturizing your skin is a good thing.

The smell of this isn't overwhelming and as strong. I left these on for a good amount of time. Not sure what the instructions say but I'd say they were on for about 30 min before I took them off and started to play lobster claw with them. I don't know how often you're suppose to use them, I know a lot of ladies use MBD masks several times a week, some even every day, but its up to you. I like to take a break and do masks a couple of times a week. That and the fact I don' t have that many masks! But hey everyone has their own preference.

Would I buy again? I'm not totally sold on the eye mask thing. So right now its undecided, simply cause I'm starting to get into the whole eye mask thing. It doesn't suck, but I wouldn't pay the amount amazon is charging. Amazon is charging 18+ for 7 pieces?! Are you crazy?! There are other eye masks out there worth trying that are less. But I can see doing eye masks can be beneficial to your skin. So I say try eye masks, and if you can get your hands on these for less, try these too! You too can look like Gaga!

But no eye mask can undo the damage done by the sun, so please ladies, moisturize and protect your eyes and the skin around your eyes. Moisturize at night with an eye cream, and then during the day use a moisturizer with spf in it! Wear sunglasses and a hat when its sunny out! The skin around your eyes is the most thinnest, delicate and shows age pretty damn fast! Protect it!

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ChyiX2 said...

Lobster claw, LOL they do look cute though. I've never tried eye masks, only sheet masks and the ones in jars and tubes but I figures they'd do about the same...

kookie said...

Not sure which part of NY your in, but I found these in the chinese supermarket (Kam Man) in Chinatown on Canal street. It's on the second floor. They also carry the Beauty Diaries masks too.

wuzzyangel said...

7 for eyes? Weird....

Haha it so looks like a lobster claw! Why is it always food with us?! LOL!

Gaga inspiring huh?! THanks for the review Prey!

ChyiX2 said...

Btw, I'm doing a giveaway atm, if you're interested in free stuff, please enter :)

Tammy said...

Lobster claw?? No tentacles? Octopus..?? =( I'm

Have you tried gel eye pads..?? The variety store across from mitsuwa (you know the one NEXT to the store that sells the magazines) sells gel eye pads & they're pretty good. I use them religiously during this time because of my allergies..

ChyiX2 said...

Oh, you changed the layout? Nice! btw, I tagged you: :)

Alexis said...

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