Just another day in Texas - FOOD COMA!

Now you're all wondering, damn what else did this girl do in Texas besides eat? Well, that state really does know BBQ. I mean damn they know their meat down there! And yes after that crazy day to San Antonio and back, the next day we decided to take it easy. NOT! When do I ever take it easy? LOL!

It was a bright and sunny sunday. Our friend came and got us in his car and drove us around in Texas. Apparently down there, everyone has to wear seat belts even the people in the back, and the ppl who have to ride bitch too. Ok so they're big on seat belts down there. Food coma approaching!

First stop, breakfast! Dot coffee shop! Hell its open 24/7!

What you gonna order Domo? Apparently my friend didn't bother to tell me that the portions here are huge and that he never finishes what he orders.

And after we ordered, he asked for rolls. Like we need to eat rolls right before breakfast. And they're HUGE! And my friend ate 2!

Damn this thing is HUGE! Damn check out the butter they gave us!

Chicken fried chicken!!!

Scrambled eggs and buttery grits!

Normal breakfast, eggs, bacon, sausage, has browns!

Giant omelet!

Pecan pancakes!

White gravy! Damn it was so damn tasty!

Eggs and hash browns

Damn we're piggies!

Giant pie!

Then we drove and hit the outlets in Texas. Look Domo got some new high tops.

After that we went to Rudy's for more bbq! Funny sigh. leave your guy in the car people!

Domo drank a lot of sweet tea down there. Real sweet tea!

Are you a sissy? Do you need sissy bbq sauce?



Some nice pink prime rib!

Sweet corn!

Domo likes Rudy's bbq! Even though its a chain, its pretty damn good! Not as good as City Market, but damn good still! Now we're all full of flesh of dead animals. whats next you ask? More food!

And apparently every place sells gas in TX, cause its so plentiful! Domo pumps his own gas, this ain't Jersey! LOL!

After that, our Texas friend took us for dessert! yes those are 2 happy cows!

What to order?

Mexican vanilla with strawberry. Its kinda like coldstone where they smash stuff into your ice cream.

Mexican vanilla with something else crushed into it. I wasn't paying attention to it. Cause damn there be some loud ass bratty kids in there! STFU! Talk about bad parenting!

Domo likes his ice cream, he got a cone! Fat Domo!

The women's room. very colorful and festive it seems. Damn swan! CAW! CAW! I had a bitch for a teacher in grad school that was obsessed with swans, she wanted to BE a swan, and she probably has a swan outfit that she puts on at home dancing around.

LOL! The little boys room!

Yes that is the statue of liberty riding something!

What a burger! Looks like the womderwoman or weezer symbol. I didn't get a chance to stop by and try their burger.

So we drove around and ended up here. CRAP! The entire day consisted of us eating! Literally!

Domo how are you able to keep eating?


Salsa with onions and such.

Tacos! And more tacos!

Sexy tacos! beef!

Chicken tacos!

More tacos! Damn how are we able to keep eating?

Domo still eating!

And I forgot to mention we had beignets the night before.

These are stuffed, these ain't as good as the ones down in New Orleans. And its run and filled with Viet kids.


Now that was a lot of food to consume in one day! Damn they do make everything big in Texas! Food wise and everything else wise. Crap I swear I was gonna explode at some point! That was some serious food coma right after!

Food is awesome in texas!

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wuzzyangel said...

*DIES* Nomnomnom....

evie said...

look at all the fooooodddd...
am loving the domo in those pictures!! that van looks a little like scooby doo's van(the colour combination haha)

ChyiX2 said...


It looks soo good! I'm salivating in my mouth right now.

Mmhh... daydreams about hashbrowns and omelettes and giant pies and pink prime rib and and and....

Iyah said...

I wanna visit texas someday, and btw, I LOVE BETSEY JOHNSON!! eeek! I'm so excited for that black dress I bough in that store, and now I'm looking for a pow wow dress in that store too!! heehee! The betsey johnson accessories are to die for!! :)