The sweetest place on earth

Domo wonders if we're there yet or not. Yes its bunny Domo!

So over the weekend, while everyone was celebrating zombie jebus day, my friends and I decided to go to Herseys, PA. That's what everyone needs, a million kids screaming, kicking, throwing up, all drugged up on sugar. Awesome right? And there were tons of bratty kids there, just being bratty, hanging off stuff, bumping into you, pushing you, pretending there's no lining and trying to get infront of you, hellz no brat, in the adult world there's a line and you need to stand on it!

So here is Domo at chocolate world. we didn't go to the park, cause goddamn it, we had enough kids as it is!

Why yes its a really big 3D movie if you didn't figure it out yet.

On line to get tix for the trolley tour!

So here is the ride. The whole floor moves. You sit in this thing and some recording tells you what you're looking at. Damn there were a lot of stupid loud kids there. And it says stay seated inside the ride and not to reach outside the ride. Course do parents listen? No! Do kids listen? NO! fucking stupid parents!

There's a singing cow to greet you once the ride starts. Talk about creepy!

Look cow asses! Yes I took a pic of that!

These damn singing cows were all over, and super creepy! Hersey's believes in animal slavery! animal slavery! Yes i said that during the ride, made sure ppl heard. yeah i like to start ruckus, stupid kids!

Giant Kiss machine!

Hmmm, Domo likes chocolate!

This part of the ride was creepy, reminds me of its a small world afterall ride at disney.

Domo looking over the store. look at all those bratty kids!

Domo making friends! Awe...ain't it sweet?

Domo blends in well...sorta...

Domo getting his drink on! Don't you tell him when he's had enough!

Domo! No more drinking for you!

Domo blending in with the locals.

Domo fits right in! Can't you see?

Anyone know what a zagnut is? WTF is it?

What the hell is skor? This stuff gets weirder and weirder, and yet they don't have any funky flavored kit kats?! WTF?!

We said no more drinking Domo! You're cut off!

Extra long just the way you like it! LOL!

Lunch time rolled around. The food was reasonable priced. Though they got you on the drinks. So for lunch we had chili in a bread bowl! Hmmm bready, carbtastic!

Then for dessert we had a sores cup, and yes that's what it really is. smores cup! melted marshmallows, chocolate, and graham cracker dust on the bottom. yeah they could have worked on that a little bit better. but it was a sugar rush!

Then it was off to a chocolate tasting, with some info about chocolate and the coca bean.

Chocolate is tasty! Domo like! Domo no like the bratty loud kids in there that need to learn to STFU, and their stupid parents that just let them talk and talk and zone them out! Stupid parents!

Domo's discussing how to get rid of all the bratty kids.

Time for the trolley tour!

Domo inside the trolley. Damn people! When you buy the tix, they tell you get there 10 min before! People show up LATE and then get on the bus and take their sweet time and get all mad that they can't sit together. shit, if you got there on time then you wouldn't have this problem. no people are not gonna move from their comfy seats for you. tell your bratty ass kids to STFU and learn to follow directions! Its not that hard! And no you don't get no special treatment. I should make a site called stupid parents with bratty kids dot com.

This is Mr Hersey's childhood home.

Oh fish! Founder's Hall, its part of the school Herseys started. It was pretty cool that he started a school for under privileged kids. His wife and him never had kids, she died early so he took all his fortune and gave it to the school. So for every Hersey's bar or chocolate you buy, part of it goes to the school. The school doesn't take any tax money. Its all from the chocolate.

Hersey's Mansion. After his wife died, he left it, and rented a room somewhere else. 

There's the park! Hersey built a concert hall, a community center, football stadium, hotel and other stuff. All with the power of chocolate!

Domo out in nature, with the elusive cocoa tree

No Domo you can't have that! Its bigger than you are!

Even the street lights look like hersey kisses!

One of the rides at Hersey's Park!

And then after that we left Herseys. They gave us chocolate after ever ride, or event or thing we did. We got a lot of chocolate on the trolley tour. it was very informative and kinda put you in awe of what one guy did with chocolate.

Cause i'm always surrounded by enablers, we ended up going to Phillys to go to Tony Lukes to get what else? Philly Cheese steaks!

They give you free pickles at Tony Lukes, class on wax paper!

Domo wants fries!

Domo eating his cheesesteak. I have to say I like Pat's better, why? Cause its greasy as all hell, and cause he's got mushrooms.

I have to say, Philly people are NOT friendly or nice. I swear, they be drinking a lot of haterade there. Last time I went, they were seriously hating on NYC cause of the world series, shit its a game people! Calm the fuck down! This time around, its like another game let out and they were seriously rude!

The asshole in back of me kept talking in his annoying voice. like my god i hope you don't work in customer service, you're voice sounds like you inhaled too much helium. And the girl behind me was retarded kept bumping into me. I was like wtf? Don't bump me with your fake coach bag with g's instead of c's. yeah it was pretty obvious. and the guy was so desperately trying to hook up with this retard girl.

Sorry xmayaarix your city ain't the city of brotherly love. But I'm glad that you're coming over here for a tea party!

Yes tea party! Are we all ready ladies?!

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chibi said...

We have Skor out here in California.
It's really good.
It's exactly what the description says, thin toffee in a chocolate coating.

And little kids don't wait in line!
I was at the aquarium and they just push their way up to the glass.
Then they bang on it to get the attention of the fish.

Violet Honeybee said...

Skor is awesome!!! lol as sad as it is.. i want to run over lil bratty kids.. >.< and then the parents wonder why their kids grow up the way they do.

I still think its awesome you play wow lol do you still play?? shammy ftw! =D

wuzzyangel said...

I knew this post was gonna be something that would make me jelly of you & food yet AGAIN! LOL! Damn... I'd go to Hershey's! Singing cow & all! Bring it!! MOOOO!! LOL it kinda looks like Domo is raping the cow & Reeses dude! O_o

You've never had SKOR?! THat thing is old skool! It's like a light version of HEATH but with dark choc. My mom used to eat that all the time when I was young. I've had Zagnut before too.. thing wannabe Mounds w/ PB!

Mmmmm.. pickles......

ChyiX2 said...

Chocolate world? I'm in heaven!! How come we don't have that here? Wait we have candyland...but chocolate beats candy anytime...well for me at least.

mayaari said...

whenever i see a zagnut bar it makes me think of beetlejuice

lol shoot, philly hates on all the non-locals - when i say i'm from DC i get stank eye!