Oh my ears and whiskers, how late it's getting!

Why yes it IS time for a tea party! Did you bring your hat? Did you bring your gloves? Did you bring your manners with you as well? Remember pinky up and we shall now show you our lovely tea party which was held at Alice's Teacup! Chapt 2 now!

We were all late! Late for a very important date! I think we must have been running on flip time it seems! LOL! I looked at my twitter and everyone pretty much said the same thing!

"I'm late, I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date!"

Now if that Rabbit worked in NYC, his ass would have been fired! Rabbit or not, his ass would be late and his boss would have fired his ass back to wonderland!

Inside was nice, crowded to say the least. First floor was way too crowded as people were walking in and out.

They have baked goods to lure you in. I think this is like the gingerbread house luring kids in. *note to self build gingerbread house in neighborhood and then post sign to tell kids to keep away or else i'll eat you!*

None of the tea cups matched. Hell we were lucky if the saucer and teacup matched. But they were all very cute and lovely. I always do like it when things are mismatched!

Now we filed in, and sat down. We waited for our other ladies to come. Meanwhile we looked over the menu to decide what to eat. Some of us were famished! Simply famished! How I need to ravage the food and eat like a jabberwocky!

Domo getting in on the action. He fit in perfectly though he seems to have lost his pocketwatch. But Domo likes tea time!

They had A LOT of tea to choose from. All which were quite tasty! Oh the Mad Hatter would be jealous!

Our lovely hostess, she may be mad, but she's not the Hatter. She's channeling Coco Chanel here. Later she will show us how southerners drink tea.

Look its me with the other Jenn, aka beautymoogle. Yes I wore my mini top hat. It was such an occasion that requires a mini top hat. Yes I went with the blue and white Betsey dress. Damn it was cold, chilly, but I still showed up in a dress. and converse.

Yes I do paparazzi pics! They're all posing for another camera and I snapped this pic! In their true natural form! lol! Helen, Lily and Desi! Desi who btw also rocked a floral dress, but girl was wearing sandals! Damn she brave! I loved Lily's green floraly top.

Why is the ceiling so far away? Did I drink the potion that says drink me? Why is Alice always too small or too big?

Tammy aka Notarich girl is here! She too rocked a floral dress! Yeah we like the floral dresses here! She fought the perils of Jersey traffic to come to our tea party!

 Look we're all here! There's Lynnie! aka kittyinthecity. And Diana all the way from Philly! Whew she took the bolt bus all the way here! Just for our tea party! 

Lily likes her summer peach tea. A LOT as you can see! Domo likes the tea party too! He's the only sexy stud at the table!

Jenn and I ordered the Mad Hatter afternoon tea, it comes on this lovely tray. It comes with scones, tea sandwiches and a dessert. and tea of course. How can you have a tea party without tea?! Madness I say!

Our hostess and the lovely Desi also ordered it as well, but she went for the savory scone! ham and cheese!

Domo likes his banana cake. It was in fact quite tasty!

We all ordered different types of tea. It was a lovely time! Who doesn't like a tea party? So much tea! Enough to make the Hatter jealous!

But I was special, cause everyone got a kitty on their teapot, and I got a butterfly! w00t! Perhaps its the caterpillar.

Our tea sandwiches. Black forest ham, cause that would be the closest to bacon I'd get. --> says beautymoogle. And the egg salad sandwich which was surprisingly good.  I'm not a huge fan of egg salad, but hey gotta try it at least once!

Our sexy scones, they were warm, freshly baked, fluffy, and tasty! I really liked the berry one! I was like wow! We also had the banana nutella one, and pumpkin.

“The rule is, jam tomorrow and jam yesterday – but never jam today.” -The White Queen

Our chocolate chip cake. Domo was all ready to tear into that!

Chocolate mousse with cookies. This was on our hostess's tray.

Eggs Benedict! It looked tasty! Brunch was available cause it was the weekend!

Ha! Ha! You know I had to take a pic of that! Yes your dish comes with SAUSAGE! Now who's sausage was it?!

Why look there was some sexy bacon!

Domo likes tea time! He's having a great time!

This is how you roll in the south. Hat, check. Fan, check. Tea, check. Now we trash talk, I mean gossip in a polite southern way, while fanning yourself cause you're high society southerners.
"Did you hear that Rayanne's daughter is knocked up? That boy just run off after she told him. Scandelous!"

The walls inside! They write parts of the story on the walls. Kinda cute!

Giant windows! Are they really giant or did you drink the bottle that made you small? Perhaps you should eat some cake to get bigger again.

Me drinking my tea. Silver point jasmine tea. A light white tea. Yes pink out ladies! Yes the bracelet is betsey as well. So is the bunny necklace and earrings.

Our tea party was lovely. The Red Queen was not invited! We had a lovely time. The Mad Hatter was right, there's nothing like a tea party!

"Why is a raven like a writing desk?" -The Mad Hatter

We're outside pondering what to do next! Can't wait to see you ladies again next week when Kay comes! I wish I had spent more time with these ladies, but alas the table was so large. But we shall catch up next week or the week after, I forget so remind me on twitter. I"m getting quite forgetful in my old age it seems!

We walked around for a bit, talked, chatted, went into Sabon, and a few other stores before parting ways. It was great seeing everyone!

“I can’t explain myself, I’m afraid, Sir, because I’m not myself, you see.” -Alice

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M.A.C.nunu said...

You look absolutely adorable!
What a lovely tea party, I do wish I could have attended, alas no Somalian Pirates at the tea party :(
I really really really love your dress!

Tammy said...

What a great time!! Pinky up! Pinky up!!

I can't wait to see you next week. =)

wuzzyangel said...

Oh hell I need to get my ass to NY next! LOL! You guys look great! And I love all the FOODPORN!! Dammit Jen!!!

mayaari said...

lily looks so happy with her tea :) great pics from that weekend!