Kay over in NYC

Yesterday I got to hang out with kay aka xtms as she was in NYC for a few days. I was also lucky that xmayaarix drove in from Philly with her man, he who has no name and gets no hugs. And of course Tammy aka NotaRichgirl came in from Jersey too! And later on Beautymoogle showed up, even though I told her Labbit would cover for her at work, and Mona26 stopped by for a quick hello.

Kay was seriously craving for some dim sum, so off we went to get some. Kay and Tammy finished trapeze class which is pretty awesome. Tammy was telling us about the guy who was hairy but in patches just not all over like a gorilla. Sounds like people were grabbing the patches of hair since he didn't catch them. LOL!

Look picture menu!

And yes we all broke out our cameras to take pictures cause that's how we roll! He who has no name and gets no hugs, just looked at us like we were crazy. He also stated that he was the normal one at the table as we were putting our cameras on macro to take pictures of food! lol!

The service there was like wtf? The waiter would ask us if we wanted more food, we'd go yes and he'd run off. WTF? It was a total fake out! If we asked for anything they'd disappear. seriously? That's so going on yelp!

Onto the dim sum dishes!

Shrimp and rice crepe things

Sticky rice, yes there's 2!



Then the lovely Kay gave us little gift baggies, filled with awesome goodies! Domo approves as you can see!

Then it was off to shop, walking around various parts of the city. Domo likes to go window shopping!

No your eyes aren't deceiving you!

Domo likes window shopping as you can see! lol!

We were browsing those kinds of stores, laughing and pointing out stuff. No pics inside the store! Domo wants his privacy! We all talked and at times it seemed like it was TMI or how did you know that? Or those hooks in your ceiling are not for hanging plants. To the guy working there giving suggestions on which piece of machinery worked better than others.

Then we went to the flagship bath and body works store. Kay bought some stuff that wasn't travel size! Big steps now! w00t!

After that we went to sephora, of course. Waited for Beautymoogle to show up, Labbit walk faster! Kay was amused by us trying to enable each other. She wasn't having any of that. Wait till beautymoogle ges here. She loves to enable! hee hee!

Then we were off to dinner! We went downtown to an italian place.

Happy Hour bitches!

Domo ready to order! yes that's an olive oil thing!

Our dinner conversations ranged from different kit kat flavors, how traditional vs modern japanese workers in the office, to how awesome bacon is, fatty bacon, chocolate bacon, chocolate beer, to light boxes, philly cheesesteaks, seafood, daylight savings and quinoa. I think after a day like that, nothing was off limits.

They gave us this salmon and other stuff on cucumber to snack on I guess, since none of us really ordered appetizers.

Domo eating beautymoogle's salad. it has bacon in it!

That's he who has no name and gets no hugs's scallops. tasty scallops! it's what the little mermaid wears on her boobies, so you know its not x rated!

I had chicken, roasted chicken with artichokes with Parmesan, sun dried tomatoes and a reduction sauce. It was oh so tasty! Chicken was not dry!


Domo liked this dish! Hey Domo! That's MY dish!

Fish of the day! Red snapper! beautymoogle and kay both had this dish. Kay was saying how she always has seafood in her diet and it would be weird if she didn't incorporate it into her diet.

This is Tammy's pork chop. God it looks so sexy!

Smores bread pudding. Domo don't it all! It was really good!

Group pic at the end of the night! To prove that we were all there, and here, and it really did happen! lol! we totally just took a pic in front of someone's building cause of the lighting. Then we went our own separate ways.

But damn the uptown trains were screwy, and it was almost just as bad as getting there that morning for me! GRRR! Stupid MTA! I was a hot mess that day! eyelash was coming off, I forgot my compact and a few other things. Everything was dying cause I forgot to charge it, like my phone, ipod, camera battery.

But it was a great day! It was great seeing everyone! Hanging out, eating! shopping, talking, we should all do it again. Bring me a philly cheese steak xmayaarix!

It was great meeting you Kay! Hope we can do it again soon! Enjoy the rest of your trip and have a safe flight back! Remember we're all here in NYC waiting for you to come back!  

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~Mel said...

aww.. looks like u girls had a ton of fun! =D

Tammy said...

Awww..you forgot to mention the catholic school uniforms, the giant tubs of lube, the pushy sales people at Bath & Body Works, & taking up a whole aisle at Sephora just to chat..lol

Good times!! =)

mayaari said...

lol what WAS up with the waiter faking us out like that?!

bacon makes everything taste better :)

K /BihadaDiaries said...

Thanks for meeting up with me! I had tons of fun!!!

That waiter was WEIRD!