Did someone say BBQ?

Remember a month or so ago I trekked down to Houston, TX where I stuffed myself, yes stuffed myself with tons of bbq and southern food? Well here's the food porn that goes with it! When I first landed there I was in the House of Pies. oh it was so tasty there!

Next day was chock full of craziness. Life should never be dull. So let's get going! We decided that we were gonna go up to San Antonio for some reason. Apparently it gets a ton of tourists so its touristy, and we thought there would be lots of stuff for us to do there. Plus the Alamo is there. Ok, let's go! So we woke up early and headed out in a rented car. Yeah that was interesting.

Domo get your ass up! We're gonna leave without you! Don't think we won't do it!

We're driving out on the open road! no pot holes, that could be that TX doesn't have extremes in temperatures to cause them. Damn there's a lot of land in TX. It is the 2nd biggest state after all! We saw tons of cows, just chilling, grazing. I wanted to pull over and steal one, hmmm so tasty! Course my friends reminded me that its TX and everyone has a gone and they don't take too kindly to people stealing their cows. Good point. Lots of cows everywhere! I think I saw some horses once. Where do they keep all the pigs and chickens?

We drove at least an hour or so before we stopped at our BBQ stop. This is City Market BBQ located in Luling City. Yes its far. But DAMN!!! They make some awesome BBQ! TX knows BBQ! I think they've pretty much damn perfected it!

So apparently this Big Red drink is popular down in TX. I don't know what, I tried it and it tasted like those 25 cents drinks you get at your local bodega with no label or anything, that comes in this tiny plastic container which is sometimes in the shape of a grenade. It didn't suck, but there is better out there.

Let's get onto the BBQ! You know a place is good when they give you the food on wax paper or paper in general! No need for plates here, we're not here for the decor or atmosphere. We're here to eat!

The line for this place was short when we rolled in there. After we sat down and were stuffing our faces, the line was almost to the door! Insane!

Hmmm brisket. Whenever you're in a new place, you gotta try the brisket. It basically shows you how this place is. If their brisket sucks, you're probably not gonna have a good time.

Here's some sausage! Oh dirty! It was quite good! Its got a bit of a kick in it! You eat it with bread, yes you buy bread, its white bread that's a bit thicker. And you buy some cheese and you eat it all together. and goddamn its good!

There are ribs in there too! Under the brisket. See the bread? The prices are pretty affordable and cheap, they're not NYC prices ok? And the pickles, well they're free. Just take what you can eat!

After stuffing ourselves there, and damn it was a good meal, we got back in the car and headed over to San Antonio.

We make it to San Antonio and start walking around. I have no idea what this orange thing is. I suppose its modern art.

One attraction there is the River walk. You walk around this river and there are stores, shops, cafes, restaurants and seats for you to sit on and relax and enjoy the day.

The river walk is quite long, it was good exercise walking along this thing.

They have this boat that will give you a tour of the place, there's also a cab that will take you from one point of the river to another part.

Old looking buildings

Look they have an outdoor theatre! There are times I do miss theatre...I was a theatre major during my undergrad.

There were lots of waterfalls and water fountains there.

Domo what are you doing?!

Some glass store that we walked by

Its really pretty!

Its a pony! Reminds me of the poor horses around central park. at least its not freezing here.

Domo at the Alamo. They didn't allow pictures inside, so that's it. It was dark, and the air was stale and not very inviting. I suppose people should have some respect for this site as people were killed here. Outside the Alamo its almost like Union Square where any retard can just run his loud voice and go on and on about whatever retarded thing he wants. Ugh.

Outside there was this nice water fountain, it has names on the each side, I suppose for someone that died in the Alamo.

Here's one of the names. Familiar? No he didn't sing Space Oddity.

We saw this vicious creature in San Antonio! *gasp*

We also took some time to sit by the river and eat some ice cream! Domo likes his dutch chocolate. Blue bell ice cream is southern thing cause we don't get it up north!

We also drank a huge Margarita. Its 60oz I think. That's a lot of booze! Domo you lush!

Domo wasn't amused by this place. Domo just went in for the big drink. But all the restaurants there have this drink so you could take your pic.

Domo found a cowboy hat! lol!

We found a mall of sorts, and walked around. There were a ton of cowboys stuff there. Obviously, and then headed back to Houston.  Along the way we saw signs for this place called Buc-ees with a Beaver logo on it. They were pretty cute and funny signs.


Their signs were kinda funny. We'd see then as we were driving an go Damn! I wanna go to Buc-ees!

 Be Jerky! Don't drive like one! LOL!

 How can you say no to fudge?

Seriously! that overbite IS SEXY!

There were other signs like Meat good, Jerky Better. or Hmmm Beaver Nuts!
We had no idea what it was, but we thought it was a restaurant, but it turns out it's like a 7-11. Open all the time!

It was pretty bright and nice in there. They sold a lot of jerky and other stuff. People in TX are pretty friendly and always want to talk to you it seems.

The beaver was pretty cute, I ended up buying a t-shirt with him on it. We sampled different kinds of jerky, even venison, and they had moose! hee hee!

And some yummy pork rinds! hmm!

We also found some Dr Pepper throwback there. Apparently every store sells gas cause gas is plentiful down there. And people drive everywhere! We were crazy that night cause we were driving back, jacked up on energy drinks and having fun.

We crashed horribly once we made it back to Houston though. LOL! We passed out and then got up to face the day again....

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M.A.C.nunu said...

That ain't no barb-cue, that there be whole cow!
I loled at the tourists on the boat who are staring at Domo.
How was the southern accent? I wanna know all about the accent!

adin_22 (陳亞任) said...

wow...I haven't had bbq in a long time....those would be great with rice...we're planning to visit houston too this year...but not sure when so you're post would really be a big help...I would sure include city market on my list...

wuzzyangel said...

K those billboards are fricken hilarious! LOL! And mmm.. FOODPORN!! Yummmmmmmmm!!!!


ChyiX2 said...

Drool, mmhhh brisket...


Eat jerky don't be one, that was hilarious! LOL