Betsey Johnson Sample Sale Haul

Ok so if you ladies remember my previous post about hairy sweaty nipples, yes you know you liked reading it, even if you threw up in your mouth a little! So I went the last day where they slashed prices for realz and bought some stuff at a nice discount price. Luckily all the hefty girls were busy at the all you can eat sizzler or white castle, while the rest of us got to shop.

(this image was taken off the interwebs, I didn't take this image ok?)

When I got there, there weren't as many dresses left, but I really didn't mind. None of the dresses screamed out buy me right now woman! So it was ok. I just noticed that a lot of the common sizes for normal people were gone, but that's expected. There were a ton of size 0's and 2's left. Damn guess no one's going for the anorexic look anymore. People apparently like to eat! Who knew?! There were a lot of bigger sizes, size 10, and 8 left. No big deal. Hell you can always take stuff in, but you can't let stuff out if you buy a dress that's already too small for you! Plus the cake dresses I've realized run a bit smaller than usual, in certain areas.

And of course there was stupidness there again. Some women seriously need to get their swollen heads out of their fat asses! This group of women showed up, started picking over everything, went to the shoe table and one of them, clearly from long island was having a hissy fit! Don't you have anything in a size 7 anymore? *fake exasperated gasp* Lady its the LAST day of the sample sale, if you wanted a size 7, you should have showed up on the first day, or got there first cause I snagged the last size 7 bitch! Why do some stupid girls think they're special and they should get special treatment? Seriously, you think the people who work there hide the size 7's for the next bitchy fake girl that walks in?

Yes Bitch, I have the LAST size 7! Take your orange oompha lumpha self elsewhere! And no I didn't pay $200 for those shoes. I got them for $40!

And then the leader of the snotty long island girls with overbleached hair, orange tan and needs to hit the gym decides to start quizzing the accountant lady that works there. And damn the accountant lady has the MOST annoying high pitch sound known to human kind. Please do not talk to her, I don't to hear that shrill of a voice! Save me!

Course it wasn't much of a conversation. The girls all gathered around the accountant and demanded answers. So this is the sample sale. This is the first day? NO bitch! This is the last day, learn to listen! Then the fatty started going on about how stalkerish she was about Betsey. God wtf is up with that creepiness? She goes on to say so there's a showroom here, and there's one for shoes, and handbags and etc, and blah blah blah. Ok so you can google, good for you! You can show off to your equally fake friends. Awe that must make you feel special. Then she goes so what do you do at Betsey? The annoying shrill responds she's an accountant. And she tells them that being that its the last day prices have been slashed to almost 90%. I'll be the judge of that! The fatty then goes how many times a year does betsey have a sample sale? blah blah blah. Why didn't anyone personally tell me? I deserve to be treated specially. I deserve to get a bigger discount cause I brought all my fake friends. Fatty there are plenty of size 10's left. Betsey stopped making a size 12, so deal with that. She then got whiny and I had to get out of there as fast as possible! It was bad enough I could hear how annoying they were from about every part of the room. I was able to escape them when I was paying until the slew of retarded tourists showed up behind me, wondering which line they should get on.  Are people really that stupid?

(above image was not taken by me, its from the interwebs!)

Anyways, I do hate dealing with stupid people at sample sales, but I am happy with what I got. Now onto the haulage! Yes I did photoshop these images. You think my camera clumps all these images together and then puts arrow marks on them? Ooooh! As you can tell I was far too lazy to even make myself look taller, sexier, hotter, i was just showing off the clothes all in one image.

So these are the shoes, yes they're animal print. rawr! And they're made of wood, obviously these aren't made for hiking. Yes its got a pink bottom! And yes I'd be rocking these when I hit the down, but like any NYC lady you know to keep some flip flops in your bag, otherwise you'll be walking like a retard really slow and pissing off everyone around. If you can't walk in heels, learn to walk in them, preferably NOT the night you're going out in them.

Bitchy bitch who wanted a size 7 saw me wearing my leopard print hells, rocking them as I was walking around to see if they were walkable in. yeah I saw her eyefucking my shoes. Yeah I know she was mad jelly, her fat feet don't even fit a size 7, probably a size 8! But she too jelly and stupid to own up to it!

Here's a cake dress I got. Its cute, Its cream and got teal lace over it with a sash and bow in the front. I got it for $50 instead of the retail price. Like wtf? Seriously?! I dunno what percentage that is, but damn I think I made out pretty well!

This is another cake like dress. Oh its white! I guess you could wear this to a tea party or an easter party. Kinda reminds me of spring! It's pretty comfy in this dress, though i'd have to scotch guard this thing to death!

Price wise. damn! Seriously? I only paid $50 for it. I wouldn't pay full price for that! like never! I like how they kept slashing the price down. like oh 97 to 90. like 7 bucks would have made a difference.

So here is a blueish green dress. yes its suppose to be wrinkly, like bohemian, though they just say that for stuff they really don't know the word to. Here's me wearing the shoes, I was too lazy to put on both shoes. so there you see what the dress looks like and the shoe sorta. Its pretty light and airy, great for summer, the dress that is.

My god, wtf is wrong with people? Who the hell charges that much for a dress? $285? Are you out of your mind?  let alone a simple looking dress. Ok granted its made by Betsey but cmon! that's a bit much don't you think? Looks like it wasn't sell so they slashed the price in half, and guess what? Still no takers!  Good think I waited them out! I snagged this for $25!

The seperates the first day were $50! wtf? Nowai! So what? I'm a cheap bitch. I ain't gonna shell out $$$$ for stuff that I know isn't worth that much. Sure the material is sometimes better but honestly now. Some of her stuff is made with silk, lace, etc, and sometimes its just fucking cotton, and no, i'm not paying that much for plain old cotton.

So here is a shirt I got. It was pretty light and airy, good for hitting the clubs or going out and getting somewhat dressed up. Ok fine for me it would be bar hopping! I do like the flower. The bottom does this thing where it looks like a mini skirt flowery thing, it covers your booty so its good. Plus i snagged it for $20. Not bad, considering tops at f21 would run in that range.

Here's a skirt. I have one in pink and black, except its a little different. So I got one in black. The bows seriously make it look cuter. Ok I guess I could have tied the bows on prettier, but I was lazy ok. Its a good skirt to wear right now. And I snagged it for $20. Damn wtf why would anyone pay 235 for a skirt? unless its made of gold I ain't buying!

God I sound like such a bitch don't I? It was good that I waited, and snagged some stuff at the end. No way was I gonna pay $100 for a dress. Screw that! or $75 for shoes! wtf? hello its sample sale, not lure them in and show them jacked up prices!

I hope I haven't scared off some of you ladies into going to sample sales. I don't sugar coat anything and I tell you exactly how it is. It gets real ugly, real fast. And for the sanity of everyone, do NOT wear a thong, g-string or see through undies when going to a sample sale! Do not wear see through bra's or decide that you can go commando or bra-less that day! Its not right! 

Samples sales do offer good deals, you just have to fight for it. Sometimes you come out with great stuff, sometimes just ok stuff. Its up to you how well you do at a sale.

Hope you were all mused. And if you're that nasty bitch that goes in there all nekkid, rubbing their sweaty hairy nipples on the dresses and tops, EWIE! You're NASTY! And yes you should be ashamed and offended!

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mayaari said...

the teal cake dress is really cute - ok, scoring something like that at a sample sale price is worth being traumatized with ugly nekkid women in the dressing room!

the top is cute too - not too plain but not super dressy :)

Tutti Patuti said...

omg seriously.. i spend a fortune on my betsey johnson stuff.. i wish i live in new york