Arepas Cafe

Arepas Cafe
3307 36th Ave, Astoria, NY 11106

Who says there's nothing but stupid wanna be yuppies and high maintenance girls in Astoria? Well yeah there are a lot of those fake ass bitches there, BUT there is this great little Arepas Cafe hidden there.

This place has mixed reviews on Yelp. But overall people have given it good reviews. Every now and then there's gonna be one bitter or stupid person nip picking over something stupid. Or going on about how the staff was slow or treated him bad. Or there's always a wanna be know it all, oh I know how it really is suppose to taste being that I've gone to this country ONCE and I know EVERYTHING about it. You know what happens to know it alls? They end up alone. Its true, they're usually alone so its quite sad, so I just ignore them.

So let's get this out of the way. This place is small. This ain't no HE aka high end restaurant. This is a small place, so don't be rolling up in here with 12 people, it may take a while for you all to get seats, and don't bitch and complain about it. You have been warned.  I really don't care about ambiance, if I can take a date there and impress him/her or what not. I'm there to eat, so cut the crap and bring out the food! There is one bathroom, its communal, which means both boys and girls use it. Don't be the bitch that applies lipgloss in there and brushes her hair for 20 min.

(why yes it does say baby shark. hippies go away!)
Looking over the menu, there are a couple of different things to pick from. The staff is very friendly and has suggestions about the menu. You should listen to them, and drop the know it all ism cause that shit gets old.

One thing that I saw on Yelp that was recommended was the brown sugar lemonade. Jugo De Papelon Con Limon. Hmm lemonade. Anyone that knows me knows I LOVE lemonade! It tastes different from the store bought lemonade people. You can taste the brown sugar and I think honey. Its light and refreshing. If you hate, lemonade don't get it. If you hate brown sugar or honey don't get it!

Its a nice tall glass. I drank it throughout dinner. Domo enjoyed his drink!

To start things off we ordered 2 appetizers. We got something new on the menu, mostly cause my friend loves shrimp. It was a shrimp cocktail of sorts. And it came with 2 mini corn cake type things.

All I can say was this was DAMN good. It was very light and refreshing. The shrimp were cleaned, yes I always check and my friend gets all crazy anal about that. And the tomato and corn, peppers, and avocado inside just worked well together without over powering everything.

I took the 2 side corn cake things and dipped them into the tomato sauce.

We also got the mini arepas. Mini Arepas Con Nata- four bite-size crispy arepas with venezuelan sour cream. This was very sweet, its corn people! The sour cream just adds a bit and cuts the sweetness of the corn. If you're lactose you're gonna have to pass on this. 

Its not butter on the corn cake. Its a cheese of some sort. Trust me I wasn't about to bit into a pat of butter unless it was deep fried, and we're not in texas. The cheese has a light flavor, it tries to take away from the sweetness of the corn, so its not overpowering. I know some lactose ppl don't want any dairy touching their food, so pass on this lactose ppl.

This is the La Mami venezuelan roast pork, avocado and white cheese. Ain't it sexy? The arepa holding all the goodness inside was crispy, in fact so crispy that halfway through it cracked. Luckily that's why they give you the napkin so you can hold it and eat it without making a huge mess. The white cheese is pretty damn good. It goes well in this arepa. Sorry lactose people! This one isn't as messy as the other arepas out there. The flavors didn't fight with each other and I used the green sauce, which was avocado and cilantro.

This is Camerones - shrimp cooked with Tomato onion sauce & cilantro. This is a new arepa.  And look they clean the shrimp as you can see in the photo. My friend ate this one, and damn he didn't share. If fact he ate this thing so fast I didn't see him breathe. He used the orange/red sauce they gave us on the table. That one was HOT! SPICY HOT! He said it felt like it was haberno in there. Remember to taste what the sauce is like before you dump it all over your food. 

This one is La Guayanesa Tropical - guayanes cheese, fried sweet plantains and avocados. This one got messy! The sweet plantains were more liquidy it seems and this arepa did not hold up well, but it was damn tasty! 

The waitress said people usually eat 2, we only ordered one, considering we did order appetizers. There's a small staff there, they are over worked and try to be as fast as possible. They're not ignoring you, they've just got a lot of stuff to do in a small space, and trying to get around people and get your order and give people what they want. Don't go here if you're rushing to a movie. 

So after that we decided to get dessert. Damn we're fat bitches right? But course by then I finished  my lemonade so I got another drink! Passion fruit! w00t! Yes passion fruit the naughty fruit!

Domo liked his drink, in fact he didn't want to share!

Dessert time! This is a tres leches cake! Made from 3 different types of milk. I have no idea which 3 but I can tell you it was damn tasty! Not too sweet, and not too dense. I love tres leches!  Makes me wanna go to the Donut Plant now!

Domo approves! Domo wants more! Domo's not sharing with you!

Then it was Flan! Rather Quesillo - creme caramel cake (venezuelan flan) This one is a lot denser and firmer. This ain't no jelly instant flan! This is tons of egg yolks, sat in a water bath in the oven flan! Oh so tasty!

I just love flan. So does Domo it seems. Flan comes in lots of different flavors and I have been on the search for that. Domo likes his flan! rawr! He ain't sharing and he will bite you! 

On their menu, they have stars next to the most popular dishes there, that is people be ordering them like crazy. One of them was Gazon aka baby shark. Now I'm wondering what does baby shark taste like. Screw you hippies! And greenpeace people! So what if I wanna eat shark? If not that but baby shark? If you don't like it, don't eat it! I'm gonna definitely try it next time!

A lot of people have compared this place to the Caracas Arepas in the city that was on Throwdown with Bobby Flay. Its really your own opinion, you honestly have to try it to make your own opinion about it. I will say this place is pretty damn good, and pretty damn close to it. Then again I haven't eat at Caracas in a while so I can't be fair about it. But check it out if you're ever in Astoria.

Next door was this brand new grand opening, middle eastern food place called On the Nile or something. Maybe I'll check them out or something.

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Tammy said...

It all looks absolutely delicious!!! Uhm..minus the baby is up with that??

SUGABUM said...

The baby shark empanada at Caracas in the city is freakin goooood! EAT IT! I love their house sauce, too. I drench everything in it!

Ginny said...

love your food postings!!!

mayaari said...

looks like it was a good meal - that brown sugar lemonade looks tasty!