its ok to be green

Really it is sometimes, unless you're the green eyed monster and then you can keep yourself and don't bother me! Anyways, I'm alive, I've been busy with some stuff, but if you see me on twitter and checkout my twitpics you'd know what i'm up to! LOL! I am so backed upon food porn you wouldn't image! So much!

For St. Patty's day we'll just leave it as a Vegas story. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Course for St Patty's day its whatever happened that day, well just leave it there, not that I could totally remember.

I kinda treat this "holiday" if you can call it that like dress up like a slut day and get toasted take 2 minus the costumes, and everyone's wearing green. So I got dressed up and headed into the city to meet acrossthemoat and beautymoogle for lunch, cause we like to cause ruckus. I have to say its great hanging out with these ladies. Its also great to chat, and txt, and twitter, and forge these friendships. Ok enough sap.

So we went to this brazilian place. I forget the name, bad me. I made Guinness cupcakes (will do a post on that soon) in honor of st patty's day. Actually I just blame wil wheaton for posting it on his twitter.
I gave them a sample cupcake to taste and try out. Apparently their male counterparts really liked it. Go figure guys like boozey cupcakes.

So we ate some Brazilian food, got the lunch special. It was pretty tasty. I like their cheesy bread, though furiousfeng has had better, and then some. oh yeah! that's on my list of stuff to make while squatting in this apt.

this is what i ordered, forget the name, Domo liked it

This is what beautymoogle ordered, it was beef cubes or something, but it looked like stew, and yes i poked her tomato with a fry. yeah i went there!

Cause I love acrossthemoat so much, she decided that she would take some home to let her man taste, and yes she brought her own tupperware! for realz this girl is hilarious! LOL!

So after lunch, I went to go meet my friend at Penn station. course she had problems getting on the train and parking, and was toasted on the train already. FYI she's a real Dom, and works in a real dungeon and was on Jerry Springer this morning. Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! She's so awesome. She gets way too much attention when she walks in the city. Everyone was all up on her! She brought our other friend along as well. They drank 2 bottles of champagne and were so toasted when they got into the city.

Naturally all the irish places were packed and it was a sausage fest. My sober ass needed to catch up so where do we go? We go to korean fried chicken aka mad about chicken. that place was empty and we raided them of their soju! Course my friends who aren't asian were like how do you know of this place? And you don't taste the booze in this soju. Oh yeah it was there. After drinking one, we ordered a lemon one and got totally hammered.

the hat stealing! No i didn't get to keep it. NO its not a po po hat and i'm not wearing a po po shirt. my trench coat was that color people! clearly i'm toasted, and the person can't take pics either.

I don't remember anything after that or what happened. There was dancing, cherry pie, marines, guys and girls from ireland that talked funny, so says my friend the dom. There was some old dude trying to lead my drunk ass somewhere. There was hat stealing, oh there was hat stealing...

But again, I don't remember it cause everyone drinks like crazy on st patty's day. But I had fun, from what I remember. No judgy face here!

More food related posts coming soon. Or something like that. Anyways hope you ladies had fun on st. patty's day. 

 told you it wasn't a po po hat! its a fireman hat! lol! Domo almost ran off with it too! LOL!

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wuzzyangel said...

Oh the fireman's hat!! You and your firemen! LOL!

Mmmm damn that food looks good! And the cuppycakes!! Dammit Jen!! WHy you gotta bake such yummy looking stuff! Tho I know you had issues with this! Sorry to hear about that! I would've been more pissed then you I think.

LOL That first pic looks like poor Kermit the Frogs fam got massacred!

Violet Honeybee said...

lol i was completely sober on st. pattys day >.<

lies!! what happens in vegas will come back to haunt you one day!! bwahahahaha!!!

o.o sorry i had a lot of candy..