House of Pies!

They make everything big in Texas. Damn they mean it! My trip to Texas was pretty awesome, but that was mostly cause of the food. Yes, the thing to do in texas is to EAT! Everything is spread apart in Texas too, its a pretty damn big state too! a red state mind you!

So before I left, my parents took me out for dimsum! w00t! time to eat some awesome greasy dim sum before I get on the plane!

Scallops! Just like what like the little mermaid wears!

So I used priceline to get the tix. I seriously low balled them, i got them for 200 round trip from nyc to houston. Yeah but there was this layover in chicago. Damn o'hare seriously sucks for an airport, but the time i went from my terminal to where i had to go, they were gonna board the plane in 15 min. damn that place was huge!

Anyways instead of leaving nyc from JFK where Jetblue is, I went to godforsaken LaGuardia. that place sucks, ASS! Sucksy badly, after this, i'm NEVER flying out of LaGuardia, or American Airlines. I'm flying Jetblue out of JFK! I missed jetblue so much, no tv or movie or direct tv to watch, no radio or music, american wants to charge for snacks, wtf? totally sucks.

That place sucked so badly. The people there were super rude. Even the passengers were total assholes. geez, 1 carry on! Use the space YOU're suppose to use and not others! I had to put my own carry on myself, and the space was so tiny! I miss Jetblue! the assholes flying to chicago can suck it. stop staring at me, stop staring at domo, and fuck off!

2 1/2 hours in the air to chicago, then running through the crappy airport, then getting on another plane to get to texas. that plane was small, it had one bathroom on it, and no one's carry on fits. I finally landed and was so happy to get off that damn plane. Though there were a lot of army people there. hee hee.

I saw this as i was getting out of the terminal. yes, not only a cow, and a tasty cow, but an astronaunt cow. yes nasa we have a cow, a tasty tasty cow!

Met my friends, and we went to the House of Pies! We'd go back to this place a few more times. Cmon this place is called house of pies! PIES!

So course we had pies. they had this thing called bayuo goo, damn it was tasty! You must order it, if its your first time there!

So we had pies, I had a peach pie, with ice cream, yeah there was no point in saying no, I had landed in the state that was made for eating!

My friend had this egg custard pie, tastes like a chinese egg tart except its got cinnamon.

Here's a lemon merange pie, very lemony and light!

Here is the bayou goo, i forget what's in here, but damn its good, its got a interesting mix of stuff in there. you won't be disappointed if you try it.

display of pie and cookies and other goodies! damn you gotta love that stuff!

Menu of stuff!

Ok, so after that, we went back to sleep, since all of our flights got in a different times. The next day that's when the real fun began. talk about a weekend of eating! So that was some food porn to get you started off with!

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wuzzyangel said...

Oh must you you kill me soo?! Even on your travels! LOL! Mmmm PIE PIE PIE!!

Most airlines charge for snacks now.. crap huh? Delta wasn't too bad when I went Cali in Oct.

alien man?! said...

Hey, I'm glad you're posting reviews on the airlines and stuff, too. More people should do this. Seriously, the airlines are getting away with too much bullshit these days.

Looking forward to more TX posts. The pies look so good <3

mayaari said...

i remember the last time i flew on american airlines it was a total hassle...i totally miss independence air, they were awesome! i'll have to look into jetblue the next time i need to hop on a plane somewhere!

mmm and i'm reading this on pi day!