They make them Big in Texas

Thanks for the good, positive, warm thoughts ladies! Shit happens I know, what's more is that its never really within our control what we can do,  especially when it comes to other people.  All I can say is that, I'm headed to houston, texas today, and i won't be back till next week. But don't worry I'll leave you a scheduled post so you don't forget about me. :P

Not sure what I'll do in texas, I hear the rodeo is in town. I hear a lot of things, but it gives me time to get away, to breathe, to think and just no have to think or deal with anything. No idea what texas weather is like, if they have hard water, dessert air or what. anyways, i'll see you in about a week or less.

I will be so bored in the airport. I have a layover in chicago cause I used priceline. yes i know that's what i get for being cheap and all. but whatever. i'll have my laptop with me, so i'll be twitter and maybe blogtv if i can get wifi and stuff. so please humor me as i'm totally bored out of my mind there.

I'm flying American, not Jetblue so that will suck even more. I really like Jetblue, everyone else kinda sucks you know? 

Houston, the armpit of America! Here I come!

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