Snow Day!

Snow day! It finally snowed in nyc! All this talk about some giant snowstorm coming last week was pretty disappointing. Like bringing back a hot girl only to find out she wears spankx, chicken cutlets, extensions, contacts, fake nails and toenails, and oh yeah is a man. Maybe that was a bit too muchbut you get the idea. But today I wake up and I see lots of dandruff so much that Head N Shoulders couldn't fix it!

So I decided to stay in and hibernate, no i'm not going out to take pics in the snow. hell I was suppose to go see Rachel Ray today. Decided to sleep in and hibernate. Doesn't look like any of the shows were taping today cause they all got pre-empted by the news, yes its snowing, yes its snowing a lot. geez seriously? I didn't know that! Retards!

And of course on a day like this, instead of cleaning up, I'm scouring the net looking at bb creams, sheet masks and wasting way too much time on facebook. Yeah I don't like the new layout of facebook. It kinda sucks I like seeing the live news feed of who's doing waht the first. I really don't care about the other "news worthy" crap.

I don't like this google buzz thing either. I don't care about it, and stop shoving it on my monitor screen, I just want to check my email bitches!

So back to the bb cream. I was looking at that one, cause it came with the cream and the powder, but after reading some reviews, the tube itself is tiny and can be earried in your purse easily. and the powder is nice, though i'm not sure if i want to get it or not. its only 19.99 at this site But I already have the Skinfoods Mushroom one, and the face shop one, which doesn't have spf it in, so I really don't need to buy more bb cream. really I dont.

The hunt for My Beauty Dairy Masks continue. I asked a friend that works in HK to see if they sell them there for less and all. She says its crazy cause its Chinese New Year so she will check after the holiday. And I said I would pay herin american money, to which she replied, she still has her nyc bank account up and running. LOL! These sheet masks are pretty awesome and seem to be the hot thing right now. Mona over at makemeblush gave me 2 to try, and they are quite nice. I do likey these sheet masks. So much easier to use and nothing to wash off!

No Rachel Ray but may try for Wendy Williams next week with Acrossthemoat and maybe a trip to Mitsuwa. All these products to try! and speak of products. As I'm going through all the stuff I have, I'm like damn why do I have all this stuff? I think I'm gonna just send or donate it to my cousin or something. I have Lux shampoo and conditioners, hair masks, a ton of free samples, nail polishes,nyx cosmetics that i haven't used or swatched or tested or anything. I should do a blog sale but I'm oh so lazy you know? Besides who would buy from me? I would mail the stuff out flat rate and lie to the post office. no i'm not sending liquids at all.

Since I'm feeling awfully domestic I may go bake or something. Madelines? or red velvet cupcakes? The only thing I like about Valentine's Day is all the heart shaped stuff, I'm still searching for that perfect heart shaped box. I don't know if any of you get the reference, but its special to me.

I started looking for the perfect heart shaped box a while ago. I found some and would try to craft them and make them pretty. They were just test runs if you will. Inside the box would be special items, contents that mean a lot to me, things that part of me, that represent me. I know it sounds oh so cheesy, but I decided one day that I would give that box to someone special. I haven't given any of them away yet, cause I just haven't...don't judge me now!

In the meantime, I haven't ordered the mold yet but I wanna make this for Valentines day. yeah I know, hee hee! *evil laughter* If your man don't wanna give you his heart. Then you gotta go get it from him! Any means necessary!

Anyways, stay warm ladies, snow snow, all this snow! Damn they closed down the schools today but they announced it yesterday cause of the impending snow before any snow showed up! weaksauce. damn when I was in school they didn't close school for shit. except that time in 96, where we got 22 inches of snow. Ok that was a lot of snow. These days kids are just weaksauce.

Tomorrow I'm going to an "Intensive Pulled and Blown Sugar Workshop" over at ICE, hopefully it'll be interesting and worth going. Time to burn yourself with sugar! w00t!

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wuzzyangel said...

Stay safe with all that white!!

I say both.. Madelines & Red Velvet cuppy cakes! Then send some to me! LOL!

sophie said...

prey they sell my beauty diary masks everywhere in flushing~ you can try either busy mall or i usually get mine from this beauty shop on roosevelt avenue. i just stocked up big time from taiwan if u want some :)