I'm a free bitch baby!

Let's never forget that now. Yeah, I was in a lull, hellz yeah I dropped off the radar for a few days, to get away and just breathe a little. that's always good. I really don't need everyone pissing me off over stupid shit, so I took a break, a short one. I totally needed it. 

Anyways stupid bs as always. People are so self absorbed into themselves they forget things. Things that apparently aren't important to them, but hell they were important to me, but when it comes down to it, its like you're too selfish to give a shit, so why should i? With that said, I'm not gonna air out this bitch's dirty laundry, nor am I going to her superbowl party. But if she gets in my face I will air her shit out, and I will tell her current man that she hooked up with not one but TWO guys. oh yeah I went there. Not only that, they all hang out like they're one great big happy family. He shakes their hands and has NO fucking clue. None. I will blow up her shit if she gets in my face again. Period.

God aren't I bitch? Yeah well the inner bitch in me comes out when she needs to. Kinda like the domestic side of me comes out when I'm hungry. We all have different sides to ourselves. Sometimes we're soft and femine and girly. Sometimes we're all professional, organized, detailed, I need to get this project done so I can keep my job and go home. Sometimes we're balls to the wall having fun, and just going crazy and letting out that pent up energy out. And sometimes we gotta be a cold hard bitch. 

And its ok to be a bitch, totally it is. Just admit and acknowledge that you are and don't be a bitch to your girls, cause that's not cool. Most of the time your girls should be there to support you, to listen, and to back you up. But shit if they turn on you like this one did, I will blow up your shit. Hell I may just blow it up for fun now.  You picked the wrong bitch to fuck with this week. You think honestly that you're gonna get a ring out of this? shit bitch he held out longer than any of us, and you think you can break him down? Seriously, why are girls so materalistic and grubby for a rock? Do they need a man to define them? Who were you before him? Didn't you have a life? Didn't you have a brain? Didn't you know how to think for yourself? 

I seriously sound PMSy don't I? Well I'm working through my issues. I'll post some food porn cause that's always a happy thing isn't it? Damn all that food, and damn that capacity level in your stomach. But yes next post will be a "cheery" one.

And Johnny Blue's sister, which I've decided to name Bitchy Blue. We're gonna have a throw down soon. I mean there will be hair pulling, name calling, and eyelash ripping! Bitch is going down. For the ladies who know what I'm referring too, yeah, bitch is going down! Why you all up in Johnny Blue's business for? You ain't got your own life?

Which brings me to the next point. Bitch probably ain't getting any from her man! I've always noticed that girls that don't get any, are seriously moody, bitchy, annoyed and damn, just need a man or a woman to just do them right. Sometimes they just need to get done. Seriously, so they're not all that wound up. Fucking let that shit go! You all know who I'm talking about! You've seen her at work or at the dmv, or some place like that. Bitch you need to chill out! Ain't no body gonna want you if you're gonna be like that! 

Alright, I've about rambled enough. And I think I've used enough curse words for one entry. NOT! So ladies let's all play nice. Cause we all have dirt on each other! Food porn coming up.

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Violet Honeybee said...

Hahaha! I love reading your blog =P

But seriously it's fine, I'm a total bitch to a lot of girls and then I wonder why so few girls like me (oh wait.. THATS why..) lol You're too nice so don't let that bitch get all up in your face! Especially if you have some dirt on her. Hahaha.

Mmm.. blue label~ I'm too poor to afford it so I stick to Black =D

I demand food porn!!!

wuzzyangel said...

Never a bitch! LOL! Everyone has their limits, and it seems like your friends are always testing yours! LOL! Rant away woman!

alien man?! said...

See, this is why I don't do friends. When anybody wants to be my friend, I charge them by the hour.