Domo Eating in Brooklyn

Domo ventured in to Brooklyn a few weeks ago. Why? Well cause Domo likes to explore and he's been reading yelp too much. Even though I'm also a yelper (elite actually) Domo doesn't listen and goes off on his own.  So off to the pits of brooklyn we go. oh and there was this annoying 18 year old there. don't ask where we found her, it was a friend of a friend, she interns with him, and goddamn she was fucking ass annoying, loud, ditzy, and retarded. Geez, was I really that stupid, loud, annoying in high school? God I hope not!
So the place we went to is called Brooklyn Star. Don't ask me where it is. Its right off the highway. And its a hole in the wall, literally. We were seriously smushed together at our table. But Domo was comfy of course. 

Domo here posing next to the freshly brewed ice tea. None of that 4C Lipton powder crap. And simple syrup in the bottle next to it. So it goes in quickly and leaves no powdery sugary residue on the bottom of your ice tea. The staff there was pretty nice.


These are biscuits. We ordered them and they only came with 2! WTF? It has bacon and jalepeno in it! It was tasty I guess. It wasn't KFC! We had a Texan with us, and he wasn't impressed. He knows his biscuits and gravy and he don't play around!

Hmmm cornbread. Bacon and Jalepeno! yes, we all like bacon! Who doesn't?! Yes it comes in a nice and heavy skillet pan, that will hurt like a mofo if I hit you on the head with it. It was tasty, but Texan here was like the bacon and jaelpeno makes it soggy and not firm. LOL! Southerners...

Mac and cheese, again in a heavy skillet pan! Texan ordered that cause he didnt want to eat such a heavy meal. LOL! That and a salad! So silly! It was ok, nothing to write home about you know? Apparently brooklyn star does southern cooking. Our Texan friend thinks otherwise. LOL!

Brussel sprouts! ewie! I know! I'm not down with that. But the guy who ordered it, said it was tasty. surprisingly. it wasn't nasty. I tried a little bit of it, ok it wasn't nasty, but damn it still doesn't help my scarred childhood of brussel sprouts being the most nastiest thing ever! Thanks mom for that. 

Mussels with chorizo! Quite Tasty, the mussels were juicy, and freshy and oh so fleshy! Domo like!

Country fried steak! Hmmm! Talk about tasty tasty meat! And it came with some coleslaw on the side. It was tasty as well. 

If you're wondering country fried steak, is this crappy piece of meat they find, beef, and they beat and pound and tenderize the hell out of it. Then they bread it and fry it up and make it oh so tasty! I have to admit I haven't tried country fried steak till a few years ago. But I'm sure its even better down south!

Pork shank! god this was oh so tasty! I didn't know what to expect. This took 25 min to make, so you had to order it early so you wouldn't be waiting around. Anyways, it came with collared greens, another thing I haven't tried yet. Texan told us how it was suppose to taste, a bit bitter but not overwhelming. It didn't tast bitter at all! They cooked the hell out of it! well the bitter part, it was tasty! But the pork shank it self, the meat just fell off the bone! Dear god! It was tasty! 

If you're wondering what pork shank is, or where it is, the shank is just the lower part of the leg. Look at your calf, yes your sexy sexy calf. Look at your sexy leg now, the shank is the lower part of your calf, not your foot. Now stop staring at your leg like that! Now you know where it is on the pig!

Now what does one do after eating all that? Why you go deeper into Brooklyn and go to the Chocolate Room, where you stuff yourself with chcolate! Oh cmon you know you want some! It was damn ass dark in there  so taking pics sucked. 

This was some special of the day there. It was some french brioche or cookie thing with other stuff. it was sugary sweet. Oh i can feel the diabetic shock rise in me!

Butterscotch pudding with a cookie. it was very sweet and tasty. not overpowering butterscotch.

Chocolate cake. Voted best cake by O magazine. It wasn't overpowering sweet, and it didn't leave you a sweet after taste, it was just enough, and god it was good. I can feel myself getting fatter. Definately must have if you ever venture into brooklyn.

This is a chocolate egg cream. There is no egg in here. It just looks thick and frothy, and its super fizzy. Like more fizzy than soda. I was burping a lot more with this drink. It was sweet of course, but so tasty! Again there is NO egg in this drink, you are not drinking raw egg ok? Give it a try.

As you can see Domo ate very well. LOL! Domo you're gonna have to run on the treadmill after all this! 

And as a side note, ladies, I need a new eyecream, any recs? I need one for the night time, and I've used up my clinque all about the eyes rich. I have a gift card to sephora that I can use, but I wanna try something new. Any recs ladies?

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ommmmm nom nom nom nommmm

hey are you going to order from sephora online??

bing is offering 20% CB again and don't forget to double dip that w/ur ebates CB

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OMG Chocolate!!!

That hat is so cute on Domo :)

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GOd I hate you so much for always making me hungry >=/ lol makes me wanna go bake some cookies and stuff my face full lol

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You're killin me Prey!! KILLING ME!!!