blogger meet ups = enablers!

Whenever you got a bunch of ladies meeting up, you know no good can come out of it. And you know it! So over the past weekend, LaBelleMel31 came up from DC. There was all this talk about snow, but there was no snow in nyc. go figure. No snow here, but down there and over in jersey they got hit pretty hard. In the FACE! Like a ho when she don't give her pimp her money! LOL! Anyways, we all met up at Ippudo for some yummy ramen!

Who doesn't like ramen? Domo of course came along, he's looking at the menu wondering what to order...hmmm ramen...

Domo with his ramen. Modern something. Hmmm tasty. I love pork ok? So not kosher or halal, deal with it! Domo says its cold outside and he wants ramen to warm himself up!

We also devoured pork buns. They are oh so tasty! Mel and her friends didn't believe us. We were like we're all ordering our own. Each order comes with 2. We were like we ain't sharing with you! LOL! Course Mel was like ok, she orders an order to share with her friends, and was like I want another one! LOL! Oh so tasty!

Domo with some sesame thing. I didn't use it but it looked strange. Lunch was great with the ladies as always. Mel was off to see Wicked. Viks wanted to go see the Coco Chanel movie but they stopped playing it. oh wellz. So after ramen, we parted ways. Acrossthemoat is such an enabler! we walked over to st marks and had dessert!

We went to this place called the Spot. Its cutesy in there. Apparently the chef there is one of the chefs that help on Iron Chef America, he's the one on the iron chef's team helping him cook. Not sure which chef, but he's there.

Course we all ordered drinks. Bubble tea all round, course I had to be different and order the ovaltine. Hee hee, brings me back to childhood. What? You don't like ovaltine? You gotta get the european version, it has malt as the first ingrediant. The american version has sugar as the first. And you can taste the difference between the two.

So this is my dessert. Its jackfruit cake, with coconut sorbet with basil seeds and some other stuff. Not sure what the other stuff. Its definately different. Basil seeds are good, don't get freaked out about it now!

This is beautymoogle's cake/dessert thing. Not sure what was in it. It had ovaltine that's all I remember. It was tasty.

Acrossthemoat's condensed ice cream with basil seeds and carmel rice krispys. And they gave her this tiny wooden spoon to use. Kinda cute actually. Viks was all about the rice krispys and the condensed milk ice cream. Hell she wanted to go to the burger place a few stores down! enabler! ENABLER!

Domo is gonna pass out from all that dessert!

Then after that, we went to JasMart. Damn can you see us already? Ramen, then dessert, now JasMart. We are just bad together! Enablers! Course we went there and they grabbed a bunch of snacks. We found ginger ale kit kats there!  They kinda tasted like the lemon biscuits us chineseses have. You know what I'm talking about. Then we went to the beauty section, and just looked at stuff. Damn we were talking about the stuff we tried and the stuff that sucked, and my futile attempt at eye make up, how the eye tape doesn't work out well for me, and then I ended up buying a different eye glue. I know right?


Picked up the blackhead egg thing that xpinkx wrote about a while ago. Sucker gets out a lot more gunk than those biore pore strips! but it hurt like a mofo to get off! i guess i should put some lotion on before putting this on so when i rip it off it won't hurt as much. 


The eye glue I picked up. its colored brown or something. Have yet to try it.

And before heading over to BonChon, we made a stop in the Face Shop. We picked up a few items and walked out ready for some korean fried chicken!

Course after all that, we went to BonChon in k-town. Yes we needed to eat some korean fried chicken too! Well before that, we stopped by the Macron cafe were we got macarons. Shamelessly. God we are fat bitches!

Then we went to BonChon, which apparently turned into Mad About Chicken, but the chicken still tasted good, so its all good. We chatted, ate chicken, fries, and chatted some more. Then we saw some group with a giant glowy, smoking container for beer. It got our attention, but we couldn't drink all that beer. Course the couple next to us was all into our conversation for some reason. Shit, just cause I said Manwhore! doesn't mean I'm calling you out! He just offered himself up like that. yeah I'm a manwhore. LOL!

Then after that, yes there is an after that, Vicks left us, cause she had to go water, and feed her man, and let him out of the cage and let him run free for a bit. So beautymoogle and me wandered into CVS, hoping for some BOGO, and then into Duane Reede, where I picked up one item.

I picked this up cause I needed an alternative to going to the spa to get regular brazilians. In this bad economy, gotta cut corners. so i'm gonna try these out to see how it works. I chatted with a few other ladies via twitter about other methods, epilators don't get everything and its kinda like do you want that so close to your roast beef? LOL!

So after a day like that, you'd think we'd chill right? NOT! Vicks was telling us about how awesome these denim leggings she got from Uniqlo. ENABLER! Well guess what? Yesterday I ran off after trying to be productive and all, downtown to get a pair of my own! And guess who I ran into? Beautymoogle! LOL! So there we were, going through the different sizes and colors of the leggings. We tried them on, and damn they were stretchy. Though the drawstring on it was kinda funny.

Then thanks to twitter, we met up with Acrossthemoat down at city bakery. They have different flavored hot chocolate, but they ran out of the vanilla when we got there. So we settled for original flavor with a homemade marshemellow. Which reminds me I gotta make some more marshmellows.

We chatted a bit, and then went our seperate ways and me and Beautymoogle went off to chinatown to eat dinner. My god we are fat bitches! We went to joe shanghai and ordered soup buns. yes soup buns. We shared a table with a bunch of white tourits. Damn they were confused, why these asian girls sitting at our table? We don't care about you, or what you're saying. You're obviously retarded if you're ordering fried rice, and sesame chicken. This isn't your take out place! Plus they were making a huge mess with the soup buns, no you don't bite and toss the whole thing in your mouth! Then the fat white daughter with glasses was all upset that she didn't get a knife before while eating her sesame chicken. omfg, why would you order that there? And the sweet and sour soup, ugh, so stereotypical. Do research and read up what their speciality is! It annoys me when tourists do that. Especially when i'm eating roast meats at Big Wong. And they order vegetable lo mein, or general tsao's chicken. no shit my dish looks better than yours! Do some research dumbfuck!

So after that, we decided bubble tea! Yes gluttony at its best! Bubble tea anyone? Chatted some more, and drank some bubble tea, well mango green apple with mixed jelly. Hee hee. oh so tasty!

Oh and then Beautymoogle was like hey let's get condensed milk on toast! LOL! Sure why not! Let's go all out! Yes we are fat bitches! LOL!

Then after that we headed home. She took a cab and got home before I did! I took the fob bus, and ran into an old friend that I haven't seen in forever! That and saw his new gf. LOL! Such a productive day I know right?

Snow storm's suppose to come, suppose to go see Rachel Ray tomorrow, though if it does snow like a mofo I may not go. I do like free stuff but I am hella lazy these days.

I'm going to Houston, TX feb 19-24. God I love Jetblue! Still no real idea what to do there, so any recs ladies?

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C. said...

ahh im so jealous! i live in the DC area and was encased in snowpocalyse lol. im glad you guys had so much fun and had so much goodies! lucky you got to go to the face shop! i have been wishing they sold that whitening spot treatment online. and that charcoal nose mask thing, been contemplating whether or not to purchase...hmmm. thanks for the post!

Bombchell said...

Ill prob be in the DMV around may aka graduation time. i hope yall do something :)

adin_22 said...

I was in NY on this day....but then we decided to go to mitsuwa instead...but the next day I went to the face shop & felt silly cuz' I travelled that far only to get some cleansing wipes...

GirlAboutTown said...

omigosh i could use some joe's shanghai right about now...last time i went, these tourists were told they had to wait 30 mins (which is not bad for their waiting time during peak rush lunch hour) and they complained for a good 15 mins next to me...about why this place has to take so long, it's so small inside, yada yada...i was almost gonna say bitch shut up...but our table was they got lucky ;D haha i needed the crab soup buns...omigosh so yummy

~Mel said...

hehe! man that ice cream looks so good!! drool!!

wuzzyangel said...

Haha We do enable each other don't we?! LOL! Look like you all had fun though! And as always.. DELISH-ASS FOOD!! :? *Drools*


ko0ty said...

Aww it's Domo! The food looks delicious!

ChyiX2 said...

Oh gahd! Watching these pics made me reaallyy regret not going to New York this spring. I have to go to my cousin's wedding instead in Vancouver. *sigh* Right now NY seems so much more appealing...

mayaari said...

i need to make a list of places to eat for my trip back in april :) hope i can meet up with you and the ladies and get talked into buying lots of random things!