New Years Haze + roast beef!

domo drinking

Quick update on things. I swear New Years Eve was insanely crazy. I'll just give the shorten cliff notes version. There's Domo, drinking a lot of champagne and all this other stuff. Domo got totally plastered as you can see. can't keep his booze down can he?

my friend gave me this phone charm that he got in taiwan. He figured I'd like it. Yes it is a condom, its blue mint and its good till 2014. He thought it would go well with my blue cell phone and the fact that i'm going to the roast beef convention in Vegas! Yes my mooching ass is going back to Vegas for the AVN expo!!! Roast beef for all! Loose meat sandwiches everywhere! Considering how I didn't have fun the first time, the 2nd time around I'm gonna have fun, drink, look at roast beef, and see boobies at the nudie bar! hellz yeah its on! In and Out burger here i come!

why yes that's sasha grey, and I can't wait to meet this dirty crazy biatch and get her autograph!

So friday I'll be heading out to vegas for roast beef and loose meat! Awesome! but this time I'll load up on the lotion!

New Years Eve, we had sushi and then headed over to a party, course we were suppose to get there by 9 and we didn't get there till 11. Yeah the host was annoyed to say the least. We ate at sushi yasu of course!

seaweed salad
seaweed salad to start things off!

domo hungry
Domo is hungry!

sweet shrimp
sweet shrimp and scallops. Yes its raw, and goddamn its good! the scallop is raw and has salt and lemon on it. they have the shrimp brain scattered on it.

scallop with lemon and salt
this scallop was so tasty!

marilyn monroe roll
Marilyn monroe roll. a classic and oh so tasty!

sushi platter
goddamnit! stop messing with my camera settings! sushi platter, and yes we had toro too!

stop playing with my camera settings!
another sushi platter. oh so tasty! damnit what did i tell you before about messing with my camera?

swordfish belly
swordfish belly. god that was so tasty!

salmon skin
salmon skin!

hmm sushi
hmm sushi!

shrimp miso soup
miso soup with shrimp! tasty!

leaf chair
i drank a lot at the party, and this is a leaf chair i saw at hte party. it was nice. makes me wanna get one for myself. LOL!

And there was this dorky, geeky, shanghainese guy there at the party. he seemed ok, he was drinking a 40 and then got really skeevy. the host was showing a picture on his iphone turns out it was a picture of the other dude's dick! O.o WTF? Are you fucking crazy?! I was totally hammered an it took a second or two for it to register in my head. I was like EW! WTF? Totally grossed out! Then he proceeded to start taking off his pants to show everyone that he had a long dick. EW! NO!

You have no game if you that's what you do to get girls! He was totally grossing me out. He was trying to talk to me too! I was like get away! GET AWAY! he then decided to go to the couch where 2 fobby girls were, he showed them the pic and they were like ew and ran off! geez, you have no game for realz!

so here loser guy is sitting on the couch alone, and that's when we decided to leave. It's also when my friend went, i don't know him, he's my friend's friend. Yeah whatever, he's a total freak! ewie! What guy does that?! seriously? you gotta have some game, talk to the girl, work it, and if you're cool MAYBE we'll go home with you, and then we can see what's in ur pants instead! ewie!

he kept saying he had an 8inch dick. course from my blurred memory i'm not sure if it really was that big, or the fact that if he just got that picture off the internet. who knows.

Anyways, things have just gotten off to a crazy start. And it is my birthday month. Oh the things that will happen this month...hope you all had a great new years! LOL!

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SUGABUM said...

Happy birthday January baby! I tried going to Sushi Yasu on New Year's Day, but it was closed! Boo hoo. That shrimp and scallop dish makes me drool. And 8 inches isn't so big, what about girth? Happy new year!

wuzzyangel said...

Glad to hear you had a rockin NYE!! OH MY THAT FOOD IS....... I think I'm gonna orgasm! LOL!

Haha!! Now that is safety precautions!! ;) And AVN huh?! Lucky gal! LOL! Can't wait for that post!