Martha Stewart makes nice

Still waiting...damn this. Martha better dazzle me

well not really. today i went to the martha stewart show. i got to sit in the audience and blog, rather suck up their free wifi. the show sounded interesting, but when i got there it was like eh, more than half of the people there were completely clueless and brainless. geez i learned this wordpress thing today, look i gots me a shiny new iphone. ugh. look! just cause you can get a free blog, or have an expensive phone or blackberry doesn't make you a blogger. and the idiots that signed up for twitter the day before, cmon. most of the people there were stupid. seriously. they really didn't get what blogging was about.

one girl when asked what her blog was, first she said moms, then she said nyc life then she said something else. geez!

all i know is that i got there later, and ended up on the left side which never got the camera. that and some people had stars on their tickets cause the producers thought they had interesting blogs. no, not really. geez anyone can get a free blog these days doesn't make them a blogger does it?

Plants de martha

the guy next to me was the guy on the line being super irritating. him and his partner or whatever started up a blog site or something and he kept promoting it, talking about it. then he was trying to talk to the producers but they wouldn't have it. he tried to talk to whoever he could, stating oh we're having an "expo" and would like martha to headline the foodie part of it. no one wants to go to your dinky expo. he tried to spin it like it was huge. he said he emailed them but never got a response. hello no response is your answer. no he kept hounding them. it was so irritating having to hear this over and over again.

he was like we can get everyone in the audience free tix, we could have made an announcement right now. NO ONE CARES! let me repeat that again, NO ONE CARES! then being the genius that he is, he complains there's no power cord. he flags over I.T. or anyone he can because he needs the attention, and goes there's no power, my laptop won't work without power. how are all these other people going to blog and use their laptop without power?

ok, mind you half the retards there were retarded but had enough sense to charge their battery to full in case this happened. mine was at 98% and it lasted throughout the show. retard! cmon seriously? that thought ever occurred to you cause you thought you were special right?

Yes there were retards there, most had tiny notebooks cause they were stupid girls trying to look cute. others had macs cause they thought it was cool, and here i am rocking my old skool mac powerbook laptop. dear god, i'm surprised it lasted this long.

i twittered mostly and checked facebook on stuff. amazed at how stupid people are. look you can put an egg in pad thai. oh wtf? i got a free book from the foodie blogger. not bad. i also got a free cd of relaxation music.

the annoying guy next to me was complaining, oh i don't have power. blah blah blah. STFU! the show went really fast, martha had her daughter and her friend on. her friend was pretty stupid, going look i can play the recorder, look youtube. yes youtube is filled with degenerate idiots like you. don't you feel special now?

Martha answering questions
anyways the end was near, and i was happy to get my free stuff to leave, but they had time for a few questions, and yes this show is going live. so people asked her questions how to braise, how to do this and that. the guy next to me, as annoying as he was, raised his hand for a question. and he actually had the nerve to go, well we asked you martha to join us for this expo and we emailed and got no response, but we would love you to come and head the foodie part of our lame ass expo. martha was going wtf? send me a formal letter, and blah blah blah, you could tell she was annoyed, like wtf? stop promoting yourself, you're here to promote me! and it was on live tv of all things. bet you they edit that out when they show it at a later time. But i was on camera for a second when they turned to look at him. He didn't have a question, he just wanted to promote his site, and go come to our lame ass expo. ugh.

Martha wears yves st laurent shoes on sale
lighter note, people asked about her shoes. dan she was rocking some seriously sexy shoes! she propped her leg on the table to show us. platform YSL shoes. she said they were on sale and we were like damn they look sexy!

then she was off, she only posed for pics with her guests and important people. no audience pics. she had another taping in the afternoon i think. but anyways, i like free stuff. it was kinda lame. everyone there was a retard and kinda fake.

didn't bring my camera, had to use my phone to take pics. that loser guy was outside the show handing out his business card promoting his site yet again. talk about lame. What part of no one cares did you not get?

anyways hope you were all amused. with that said i'm wondering if i should change my blog a bit. afterall its pretty much my personal blog, i blog about everything, though i'm wondering if i should have a separate blog for food, or just have this one focus more on food, and yes i would have to change the name. but whatever go figure.

got a ton of vegas pics, and even more aee pics i have yet to upload. got vids too! LOL! so overall this will be a bandwidth intensive day!

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alien man?! said...

hahahaha that turned out EXACTLY the way i thought it would

wuzzyangel said...

LOL I love how you were tweeting with us the entire time you were there! But seriously some of those peeps sounded too whack! Whacker them MS herself! LOL! But at least is was an experience right?! LOL!

ChyiX2 said...

What kind of free stuff did you get?

Man I wanted to puch that guy so badly for you!! GRRR!!

chibi said...

This was a good post.
I can't stand idiots.
I can't believe they even let the guy next to you ask a question, they should have known already he was drama.

As for making a separate food blog, go for it if you want.
I love your food posts.
They make me want to try the restaurant.