Aroma and Beer Making!

I know I am quite a slacker! I finally get a new layout up and I have some stuff to blog about but I'm just gonna make your eyes hungry instead. So yesterday I went to Whole Foods down on Houston Street to partake in a beer making class. OK so my friend read it wrong, its a demonstration on homebrewing. Damn I like beer, and if I weren't such a goddamn slacker I'd be making it at home. Hell I'd be making moonshine in my bathtub too, course I don't think other people would like that.


Domo with his Lemonade, yes Domo likes lemonade!

We were going to eat at Aroma first, but time wise we decided to eat at Whole Foods. Upstairs is filled with food. We had some pasta.  


bready bread!


Domo Likes bread! Rawr!


My friend had eggplant parm and pasta pomadoro. It looked and smelled great. 


Hmmm Carbtastic right?


I had the portabello mushroom ravioli with shaved parm and truffle oil. yes I know truffle oil is just a way for chefs to cover up stuff and charge you more. Yes yes, I know! But it was quite tasty and I like the mushroom!


so sexy right? I can see why Alice liked the shrooms so much!



Here we are in Beer class. Domo is chilling. There was that creepy asian guy in the background. He kept staring hard like a creepy old man. Like ew, get out of my picture! He kept staring at the camera too! Ewie! I don't want you in my picture at all! And I am not interested in your geeky, fobby ass. Nor your busted ass fob gf that showed up an hour late. Damn that fob seriously needs ot keep her man in check if he be staring that hard! well then again she had a very manly chin so go figure. 





the handout, we're making a chocolate stout! hmmm! 


The class overall was pretty informative and interesting. I learned a lot. Granted we just watched, but we learned a lot about beer, and why some people are so hardcore about it.  I also am grateful that NYC has soft water. I never knew hard water was a common thing in some places. I also learned why certain places only make certain beers. Like Ireland, they make stout, cause hell they have hardcore hard water there, and anything but stout would survive there, cause you'd taste it in a lager for sure.


There were some 13 year olds in that class. you could so tell, they were trying to act smart with their questions. It was like dude your'e not even old enough to drive let alone drink! ugh stupid parents. 


After the class we went to Aroma for some hot chocolate. It was freaking cold and windy! 


Domo liked his hot chocolate, here is a close up of the sexy hot chocolate. you have to stir it cause the chocolate sinks to the bottom. no joke!


Domo checking out the menu!


Vegetable soup. yes it was cold and I wanted something yummy! 


Sexy close up.


OMG Hellz yeah! Its a roast beef! Yes roast beef! with lettuce, pickles and horseradish mayo thing. Damn this was oh so tasty!

This was a chicken club, with bacon! oh yes bacon! it was overall tasty as well, but I like my roast beef, extra pink as you can see! LOL! 

So as you can see Aroma is quite tasty indeed! I like that place, its rather cute and all. Anyways the weekend is upon us and i'm a goddamn slacker. I really need to find a job, but since that's not happening i'm gonna have to go temp in the meantime. oh damn this work bs! 

Have a great weekend ladies, and yes I will be up to no good again!

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Bombchell said...

mmmmmmmm food makes me happy!!

alien man?! said...

i approve of food pr0n

chibi said...

The soup looks so good!

I have friends that make their own beer.
One time they had the bright idea to seal the container they were brewing in, making it airtight.
When they came home to it, the top had blown off and beer was everywhere.

But other than that mishap and bad flavor combinations, they enjoy making beer.

ChyiX2 said...

I really want to lick my monitor right now...

Beer-brewing? Dang girl, you'll make the perfect hostess. :)

wuzzyangel said...

Prey if I ever get my ass to NYC you know I'm gonna stalk you down, and we're gonna do nothing but EAT until I burst right?! LOL!

Homemade beer is always a hit & miss for me.. Don't care for beer in the first place, & sometimes some peeps ones are just NASTY! LOL!