just a blip

A few things on my mind, though no one seems to care, in no particular order...

  1. I need a new eye cream, ran out of clinque's all about the eyes rich, and currently digging through samples of eye cream i have
  2. sephora says they're giving jan babies a free bday gift, but its a pain in the ass to get, god i'm oh so lazy
  3. i'm going to houston, tx in 3 weeks, oh the ways of the mooch. yes i am talented in that aspect. what to do? where to eat? no idea. some hints or clues would be nice. though i'm not very good at playing clue.
  4. my complete and utter lack of motivation
  5. my brother has threatened to cut off my phone service cause i haven't paid him. don't you just love siblings?
And the fact that i had emailed my friends to get together for my bday yes i'm well aware that was a few weeks ago, and they should fucking remember that. after emails going back and forth, shooting shit and other bs. ok fine one girl is getting married, the other girl ugh don't get me started. anyways, we don't end up doing anything. the other girl wishes the one getting married a happy birthday, and well i just can't help be feel a little bit miffed. ok there i said it. shit, i emailed you guys to get together for my bday and i can't help but get slightly annoyed at their lack of ethusiasm or the fact that they're so into the next bday and have forgotten about mine. Whatever. i really don't care about the superbowl or who's playing or whatever lame superbowl party is out there. I'm always reminded that true character is revealed under stress, or in this case lack of support or character. whatever. i'm annoyed and i really do'nt care, nor do i have the urge to go to some 80's bar and eat crappy americana style food. I can be a big fucking bitch when I want to...especially when my friends can be drunken whores and i have dirt on them.

2 stalkers:

wuzzyangel said...

Haha you have dirt on all your friends! That is pretty shitty though, especially since it's your bday you wanna celebrate.

Have fun in Texas! LOL maybe you should pay your bro! LOL!

Make-up Addict said...

Oh I know the feeling! Same thing happened to me last year. No one bothered. It ended up being me and a friend. For my birthday this year...I don't think I'm gonna bother with them! Lol.

Have fun in Texas! xx