Vegas Day 3

Day 3 of Vegas. This is a pic intense post. why yes you can really do all that in one day and then some. who needs sleep? you can totally walk from the strip to the end of the strip to downtown, its totally do able. Though i would have rather taken the shuttle/monorail/cab. So let's get to it!

Let's start things off at the BUFFET!!! The Wynn has an awesome buffet.

Its very pretty in there, flowers and all. ok their fake but whatever, isn't half the stuff in vegas fake? Their breakfast is quite awesome. I do suggest you try them out for breakfast and dinner.

Domo likes breakfast!

second plate. looks good. gotta love fresh fruit!

pretty parasols, i want these in my house!

these are so going into my house!

really old wedding cake

this is made of fondant so yeah its edible. not that you would want to eat it.

so my friend says that he wants to go to the stratosphere. ok. yeah let's walk it he says. sure. let's. wtf? that thing is 2 miles from the strip! in fact its at the end of the goddamn strip!

yes that's me being naughty. its a bunch of bronze asses! Cmon like you wouldn't be all up in this.

circus circus, this is a place my friend wanted to stay at, but then i looked at the map and went damn this is far from the strip. That and the fact that it looks old!

so when we finally got there, it was old. goddamn that place looked old, i wonder how that place stayed in business let along how it held up.You had to walk through a bunch of crappy stores to get to the upstairs part, where the observation deck was.

the observation deck. not bad.

you see nature and stuff, plus that fat lady wouldn't get out of my pic. no i don't want you in my pic, but i guess your fat ass ain't moving.

yes my friend got on this ride. called the insanity. yes it spins around and around, over the edge of the stratosphere. yes its creepy cause i don't really trust that thing not to break or fall over the edge.

ok so after that, we went to the gun store. yes where you can shoot many various guns, machine guns, etc. There's a lot of guns we can't shoot legally in nyc. I said legally!

this is me shooting a shotgun. Elmer Fudd time! This thing has a serious kickback. like no joke, and yes that is my zombie target!

that's my target, yes i got it in the head. i would survive a zombie invasion, armed with a shot gun. the shotgun had a crazy kickback that i busted my shoulder, so i let my friend shoot off the last 2 shots. you can see where he shot it, and where i shot it. he has trouble aiming.

i shot off a shotgun, an uzi, yes uzi ladies, the saw a machine gun the military uses, it has a red laser for pointing and a mp something. either way it was damn fun shooting this stuff off. And no, guns don't kill people, people kill people by doing stupid stuff. i don't shoot people or animals, though sometimes i wanna shoot stupid people, but i would shoot zombies. i got in some practice and yes i can aim. My friend sadly would not survive and would just waste bullets.

this is me getting a fake tattoo. its not henna its some fruit based dye that's suppose to last for 4 weeks. it didn't. my friend was lame and didn't want to get a real one. cause his excuse was cause he wanted to donate blood, then again he didn't give blood last time cause he was medication to clear up his skin (vanity here) so yeah the whole tattoo thing was him not wanting to do it and not owning up to it.

he's painting it on. Not bad, have some 19 year old kid paint this on me. he's from staten island so it was cool to talk to him. and he was into twilight too. LOL!

i got another one on my wrist. its suppose to be the red hot chili peppers 8 point star.

Then after all that, we decided let's go eat at the Rio, cause they have an awesome buffet that ppl talk about, and we have a coupon. So we decided to walk there. wtf? why did we do that? I have no idea, its behind caesar's so we walked it a bit, but then it was like goddamn its fucking far! there's a highway between then too! WTF? It was a long ass walk! which i'm never doing again!

the rio, as we were walking towards it

rio has everything you can think of! first plate!

meat plate!

third plate, seafood plate. Domo likes!


red velvet cake! I <3 red velvet!
carrot cake. ew! carrots are veggies, veggies do not belong in cake! period!


strawberry gelato. Damn i ate a lot!

afterwards we were suppose to go see Penn & Teller. Yay for magic right? I was really looking forward to this show. They were pretty awesome the other time. Back in the day when I was much younger, during my undergrad, I worked in theatre. And as such, Penn & tellar were touring and guess what? they came to the venue where i worked, and I worked for them for a day, and it was a pretty awesome day. they were pretty damn nice to everyone, yes Teller talks. They're pretty down to earth, i guess when you make that much money there's no real reason to be an asshole.

Anyways, point is I really wanted to see them again, from the other side of the stage. Course guess what happens? We get there and we find out that they're not performing that night, what? my friend looks at the tickets and guess what? he bought the tickets for the 26th not the week we were there. Course i don't know HOW you mistake a 2 for a 1! I found out why he screwed it up. the night we were ordering and booking stuff, he was txting obsessively and then went to the other room repeatedly to call someone. he said it was work related so i didn't really care. Turns out he was txting and calling the girl he can't have. she stayed late at work and was having problems or something and then txted and called him about it, then he INSISTED on driving to work in Manhattan to get her and drive her back home in queens. i don't know why she agreed, but he went and got her and drove her back. WTF? Though he tried to play it cool like he didn't say anything to her when she got in the car, wtf? can you be creepier? So yeah that's why he bought the wrong tickets. el sigh.

So then what? we go back to the strip and walk around. We managed to catch the water fountain show at the Bellagio. I didn't get to see a lot of them. during the time i was there, i only saw 4 shows, cause even though it was free, my friend didn't want to stand there and watch.

it was really beautiful, and i wish i could have see andre bochelli's time to say goodbye. but i never got the chance to.

though next time i'm in vegas i'm gonna watch the shows more. its every 15 min goddamnit! what else do you want to do? go to your room and be emo and whine about why doesn't she love me? ugh no!

That ends day 3. Day 4 is coming up. Clearly I was the one trying to have fun. Anyways no more negative energy!

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wuzzyangel said...

MMmm all that foodporn! Hey I walk the strip bottom to top EVERY time I go. I'm weird like that though! LOL! Usually we take the shuttle from downtown to Sam's then from Sam's to Riviera. Oh mah GAWD! You walked to the Rio?! Dang... you're in shape woman!

Sucks about the Penn&Teller show. Your friend was really screwing up on this trip. Fake out! I really thought you were getting inked in the twitpics! LOL!

And you're a pretty good shot! First time I went to a range I was lucky if my bullets hit the damn target! LOL! I want you with me when the zombies attack!

Swtest2Lips said...

Wow, thats alot of walking! Next time you can just take the Deuce up and down the strip so you dont have to walk so much! Miss Vegas...the food pron is making me hungry. I spot a Inferno Toki bag! :-)

Violet Honeybee said...

Mmm.. vegas is ultimate for food.. *drools..