Vegas baby!

Finally getting around to Vegas pics, i'm so backed up on stuff. Anyways most of you know I went off to Vegas, course there was a ton of negative energy with me, from my emo friend. get over the fact that she told you no over a year ago, has a man and is engaged now. i swear that trip was just painful to endure! anyways leaving that behind, here are some pics of what happened. day 1, domo style! cause we all love domo right?!

Domo at the Jet blue terminal waiting for the plane. I have to say the drive there was painful, listening to emo boy's parents constantly talking and asking if our friend was gonna pick us up, geez, i know you REALLY want to pick up your son, but get over it. shit cut the cord already, you've been out of the womb for how long? and they called like EVERY single day like clockwork, hence why i got extra plates at the buffet cause it was just painful to listen to all this! (yes i know, no more negative energy)

Domo is hungry! there's a cheeburger in there!

everything's new and blue in there. kinda nice.

Domo watching tv, yes direct tv channels are all on jetblue! and Domo wasn't shy about asking for another soda and snack

are we there yet?!

first thing we see when we get off the plane is this. slot machines! w00t! the pic is blurry cause i didn't take it and cause my emo friend doesn't know how to work a camera.

walking the strip we saw a lot of stuff. all lit up it put times square to shame, well except for the copious amounts of nekkidness. you know what i mean, the guys handing out those little cards snapping along, and the trucks driving around advertising hot girls in your room in 20 min! gotta love vegas!

oh so tacky, luxor, and no i didn't go see cris angel. boy wears too much eyeliner

yes the water fountain is spewing out wine

paris all lit up

M&M store all lit up! Yellow you will be mine!

Domo at new york new york. wtf? this thing is all wrong, wtf vegas? and my friend CANNOT take a picture to save his life as you can see!

ran into caesars where they filed hangover.

its david and he's feeling a bit cheeky as you can see. this statue is so NOT proportional! his hands and feet are huge and well the rest of him isn't. drunk tourists where there comparing and going look his hand is bigger than his package! then the drunk guy goes to my guy friend and goes, is your thing as big as your thumb? cause mine isn't. (O.o) TMI! Only in Vegas would this happen. Course my IDIOT friend who has oh so much to prove to everyone actually answers him! OMFG I DID NOT WANT TO HEAR THAT AT ALL! NOR DID I WANT TO HEAR THAT HE LOOKS MUCH BETTER NAKED THAN THE OTHER GUY! *barfs a little* and no i didn't even drink yet!

Domo at the hotel, we stayed at the Flamingo, I get what you ladies were saying when you said it was vintage.

Domo gets his own Queen size bed to sleep on, while I sleep on the other. My friend stayed in the room next door.

Domo with the hotel key, yes he gets his own. he got a lot of stuff to do and we're just holding him back! well one of us is...

flamingos everywhere!

Donnie and marie were performing here. *shudders* ugh.

i do like that it was right on the strip near everything so we could easily walk to anything we wanted.

and yes there were flamingos hanging out there.

and they had other animals there too.

it was way too cold to go to the pool. el sigh, though i wish it was warmer.

and a wedding chapel on site! LOL! only in vegas!

Domo what are you doing?!

no food porn on the first day, didn't hit any of the buffets yet. next post will have food porn for you. Damn Domo gets around doesn't he?

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wuzzyangel said...

Looks like you & domo had fun, even with emo boy to deal with!

YOUR pics came out great though! Makes me miss Vegas sooo! *sigh*

But my Delta plane had the touchscreen tv too. I wonder if that's a new standard thing now.. HRmm..

Can't wait to see the FOOD PORN!

alien man?! said...

next time, just go w/domo LOL

o snappp i wanna go back to vegas xD