Super Duper Weeny!

super duper weenie!

The name itself says you must come here and eat super duper weenies! LOL! It was on foodtv, on diner's drive ins and dives. And we drove all the way to Conneticut, right before the damn snow storm hit, obviously we were not thinking clearly.

domo deciding what to order
and of course domo had to come along for the ride!

domo ready to eat
Domo ready to eat! rawr! We ordered 8 hot dogs, their specialty hot dogs, cause we wanted to see what the big deal was. Seriously I'm doubting and questioning that guy's tastes on stuff. He totally hypes it up, I mean they were good hot dogs, not like OMFG I need to drive to CT to get them every time. They were loaded up with toppings like you wouldn't believe!

chicagoan, it has a pickle, and it was tasty cause it had a pickle. the others were ok, only a few stand out in my mind.

californian, the chili was pretty good

Georgia Red Hot
georgia red hot. and damn it was HOT, but a good kind of hot. tasty hot!

mighty it
mighty it, sausage peppers, onions cooked to perfection, and yes it was spicy!

philly cheesesteak with mayo
philly cheeseteak with mayo, yes mayo, it was good, but different.

So after that you'd think we'd head back, we sorta did, as well as stop at a few stores and buy some stuff along the way. LOL! I picked up a new black baby phat down coat at the burlington coat factory for 49 bucks! W00t! i have to say I feel ghetto fab in it now, plus its warm as all hell.

Picked up a few more things at target, and kmart as well as marshalls.

snagged up these betsey socks at marshalls! i didn't know we were in the bronx at that time. There was a lot of betsey stuff there, and it was cute, but no one was buying it. I sure as hell made my time there worth it. Though I really couldn't justify buying more betsey bags.

After that, i spent the remainder of the night eating dinner, driving back and then helping our friends dig their car out of the snow as it was stuck in the snow during the blizzard. That was so not fun. We had to call for help cause I really couldn't push a car with one other person. so a stranger who had been watching us from his apt came out and helped, brought a shovel, and another guy who got his car stuck in the snow helped as well. it wasn't until 4:30 that we got the cars out of the snow. that's 4:30 in the morning. it was so ungodly. I was so tired and sick!

After that on sunday as i was completely braindead, I met up with some friends, we went to eat soup dumplings. Nothing like soup dumplings on a cold cold day!

what to order domo?
What to order Domo?

domo and soup buns
Domo wants more soup buns!

noodle dish
noodle dish thing with chicken, forget the name

chicken, shrimp and plum sauce
chicken, shrimp and plum sauce

scallion pancake
scallion pancake!

During lunch we discussed and talked, and one of my friends is a high roller, he won about 16G at a casino so this casino has been comping him a lot trying to get their money back. It ain't happening, but we will take your comps! So xmas eve and xmas i'm gonna go to Atlantic city and keep mooching! LOL! Yes I know, it should be spent with family and crap, but seriously? I'm gonna go chill in AC, there's a heated pool, and jaccuzi, and buffet! and my friend got comped for dinner as well! w00t! it'll be awesome, and i'm gonna learn to play craps! so i'll be ready for vegas in january! w00t! so I hope you ladies are having a happy holiday season! and remember to moisturize!

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wuzzyangel said...

Mmmm foodporn!! Glad to hear you got out of the snow okay! Be safe in AC!

GirlAboutTown said...

omigosh that food looks so awesome makes me so hungry right now...haha i love domo's cute little hat scarf and mittens set LOL

Bombchell said...

mmmm food... lol i saw the topic & was like... huh??? lol