Secret Santa Time!

Don't you just love the holidays? stupid tourists walking around to see the giant tree? Stupid tourists crowding around the stores holding up lines trying to use gift cards, traveler's checks and paper checks? WTF? Its not even the 90's anymore, its 00's about to be '10! get with the times! Your kid is bratty, loud and annoying, and nowhere cute no matter how tacky, frilly, lacy of a dress you slap on it. Domo says get your damn middlefuck america family out of my picture! Domo no want a pic of you! Domo wants a pic of himself at the TREE!!!! RAWR!

the above picture is at rock center with the tree, with 10 million annoying tourists. Stupid tourists!

Enough ranting about the holidays. The ever so lovely Vicky, aka acrossthemoat hosted a lovely secret santa party at her apt in jersey, while her wonderful husband hid in the room, while the rest of us ladies took over the apartment with Hello Kitty.

yes, KittyintheCity brought her snowman hello kitty, I brought Domo, and the other one too, and it pretty much turned into a dirty old gangbang. Who knew snowkitty was such a dirty girl?

Vicks had a hello kitty xmas tree! LOL! How cute, and look there are all the presents and Domo under the tree...

tasty macaroons!

chocolate raspberry cake thing. so tasty!

madelines chocolate dipped!

Domo wonders why there are so many Hello Kitties

isn't it so cute and pretty? perfect for a tea party!

Domo is hungry!

Look! Vicky made KittyintheCity a hello kitty! Kitty is happy!

Lilly is opening her bday present from Vicki

super cute!

chocolate dipped strawberries and raspberries

swedish meatballs from ikea. hellz yeah cause that's how we roll!

the gangbang has turned into an orgy! on the table! hey hey! we have to eat on that!

veggies, yeah we really didn't eat these

working hard in the kitchen, while I'm ripping bread! lots and lots of bread!

fondue time!

the spread! looks really good right!?

vicks made this super garlicy, super tasty bruschetta

yeah hot dogs, cause we like hot dogs, and what?

bread that i ripped with my child labor hands! LOL!

beautymoogle with her bday present. sexy!

she decided that Domo would look cuter inside!

salad with sexy bacon!

Domo wants dessert!

secret santa! hug!

Lilly looks amused! good times!

beautymoogle opening her present!

she got stuff to take makeup off and then put it back on. glorious!

our hostess opening her present! what is it!?

oh yeah, its hello kitty time!

look a hello kitty bag for kittyinthecity!

i think she's happy yes?

what did i get domo? wanna look inside?

look now i match domo! LOL!

look i'm dipsy! LOL! I wanna be LaaLaa instead! after we ate some fondue, opened our presents, Lilly had to catch her flight, so we wished her well and made sure she got some tasty desserts for the plane. Then we went on a tour of Vicky's building, she has a game room, a gym, and all this other stuff. pretty cool.

japanese cheesecake, made by our hostess, it was quite tasty!

and Lilly gave our hostess a present. What could it be?

let's all guess what's inside. a surfboard!

its bath salts! it came in a strange glass container, makes me wanna get bath stuff, but eh, i don't wanna scrub the tub, i'm lazy, so showers it is!

the 4 hello kittys at the bottom will dance for KittyintheCity at her desk at work. Her army of hello kittys. Meanwhile Domos are talking to snow kitty.

Domo: um yeah you were great
Kitty: (since she has no mouth) meow
Domo: We'll call you, yeah really we will
Kitty: Meow
Domo: (whispers) quick lets get out of here!
Kitty: meow! meow!
Domo: Run!
Domo 2: Right behind you!

LOL. and a wonderful time was had by all. It was great to see the ladies, and eat and chat, and of course we watched Jersey Shore, cause we had to be a little ghetto. Thanks to you Vicki I watched all 3 episodes and forced my friend to watch it too! I hope you're happy! I can't wait to see when the next episode is!

And merry christmas too all and to all a good night!

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ChyiX2 said...

Looking at that table made me SO very hungry...mmhh, I wanna host a fondue night all of a sudden now with loads and loads of tasty desserts too ^^

wuzzyangel said...

Ah hell all that tasty!! MMmm....

Haha HK/DOMO ORGY!!! Damn...

Dipsy Prey!! Hrmmm... Teletubbies beware!

Hey if I ever get to NYC I'd be a tourist! LOL!

mayaari said...

aww, when I go to NYC I'm a tourist! but...I don't do that touristy stuff, and nearly everything is paid with plastic :)

looks like it was a fun party - and omg so much food! if I come back in the the spring will you guys have a tea party? I'll bring lots of yummy tea!

Violet Honeybee said...

heyyy i wanna be one of those tourists that see the tree!! =P

mm the food looks sooo good~ you always make hungry *drools..

all those presents are so cute~ hehehe

Tammy said...

awww..I'm so jealous!! It looks like you ladies had a great time!!

Who knew Hello Kitty was such a freak..?? I mean an orgy..?? And in public no less..?? Shame!! lol

GirlAboutTown said...

wow all that food...its almost three in the morning and it's making me really hungry!! =] haha i love going to see the tree, even though it's almost always crowded ;D