Loreal sample sale and more betsey!

Loreal sample sale. Talk about ugly. You know when people say god don't like ugly, they really mean it. I went to this sample sale cause the one in the spring was pretty good and I got some good stuff. I was happy, got some skincare stuff and I'm happy. So for the winter one, I wanted to get some more stuff obviously and stock up on others. Well, let me tell you, god don't like ugly. And there were some ugly, nasty women there, snatching, grabbing stuff up like they've never seen make up before. Time to strap on the riot gear ladies!

I got there around 10:30 to 11, not sure cause it was freezing and I was walking towards the metropolitan pavilion. There I saw this line, WTF? Why is there a line there? Seriously! WTF? Apparently there were 2 sample sales going on, and they decided to make everyone stand on this stupid line, which moved way slow. i was like wtf? I don't wait on lines, the only other line i've waited on for a sample sale was the lesport sac on, and goddamn they didn't have any tokidoki! WTF?! Anyways, moving on, I finally get to the door and get in the elevator. The guy in there was like good luck ladies, its packed in there. ugh just great.

I walk in and goddamn, don't you people work?! seriously! What's your excuse? I lost my job a month ago, what's your reason for being here? So they give you some paper bag and you throw stuff into the bag you want. Some stupid girl brought her goddamn dog to the sale, yes her dog, which smelled like shit. i was like wtf? what is that smell? I look around and see her with her stupid dog, that just got in the way of everything! GRRR!

They had La Posy, Viche, Khiehl's some other weird european brand I didn't know, lancome, and goddamn the shu uemera table was getting gangbanged, on all sides. Like goddamn women! WTF? have you never seen shu stuff before? They would keep bringing out other boxes and the women would just rip into them like animals. WTF? Calm down bitches! They were all asking for the cleansing oil, which was going for $40. wtf? its cheaper at the outlet bitches! You all need to calm the fuck down and get out of my way! And then they were all asking for the eyelash curler. No they were not selling them there no matter how many times you ask.

They were selling brushes there this time around. But they were somewhat pricy, but whatever, i didn't get them cause i already have brushes and don' t need to be spending money on that. They were going for 20, and 25. They were also selling this small train case for 100 bucks. when I say small, think lunchbox size slightly bigger.

some weird brand I've never heard of. Why yes I want to smell like lettuce, who doesn't?

i have no idea what pamplemouse smells like do you? I thought of russianfortunecookie when i saw it. LOL!

They had one thing from YSL, a eyeshadow palette thing. eh. They had armani foundation which was like eh, i tried some on my hand and it felt smooth and silicony, and it settled really nicely into the wrinkles on my hand. yes i have wrinkles on my hand. not old lady hands but you know what i mean, your skin isn't totally smooth, and that stuff just settled right in there. Pass on that.

Juicy tubes were so like what? 8 years ago? LOL, but they were selling them there. They had good stuff there, you just have to look, toss it in your bag, grab a few, then stand on line and decide geez is this worth it? Oh yeah I hate white diamonds, and hate that gift set. a lot of ppl bought that gift set stuff, there was a lot of diesel there too. Pass for me. So onto the haul pics!

the shu stuff i got. yeah i got lashes, they were 10 bucks for that huge long strip! LOL! moisturizers, lotions, blushes.

The other stuff. I realized on the receipt later the lady forgot to charge me for the khiel's whitening mask. But hey whatever. Not sure how well this mask works so I'm gonna give it a try. The body wash, is soap free, and contains 10% lipids, i tried it and its pretty decent. My skin doesn't feel tight or anything, much better than the Dove body wash. The serum I've been using since the summer and it's pretty good, so i'm restocking on that. And the spf moisturizer is suppose to fill in wrinkles and stuff. Tried it on my hand and it didn't sink or settle in.

I'm thinking about going back, but not sure, I really don't want to stand on some line to get in with a bunch of ugly nasty women. But maybe I will, not sure.

Today was the last day of Betsey's sample sale. Dear god, I walked in, and it was EMPTY, not only that, they didn't really change their prices at all! I was like WTF? Your prices are jacked up, who's gonna buy anything? I looked around and saw that a lot of stuff was still there. Geez why don't you lower the price? The evening dresses went from 100 to 85. WTF? Are you crazy? The day dresses went down to 40. not bad. the shoes went down to 45, but the evening shoes remained at 75. WTF? No one's gonna buy anything at these prices! The leggings which were 55 were dropped to 30. eh. The sweaters which were 50 dropped to 35. bags stayed the same. wtf? the jacket is saw dropped down to 65, i forget what the original price was, but it was jacked up, so the that was ok. The other jackets were 250! And they were not sinking in price. WTF? You wonder why its dead there? Slash the prices! There was jewelry left! I looked at it, and it was mostly picked through, and the stuff left was still over priced. Seriously, who ever did the pricing needs a reality check, the point of having a sale is to get rid of this stuff, otherwise you're wasting time, energy, money, resources moving it around, storing it and sending it elsewhere. slash the prices and ppl will be more inclined to buy! so stupid!

Got this blue dress. its a nice blue, but you gotta iron it otherwise it wrinkles like crazy! I like the high empire waist, so i don't always have to wear my stretchy pants. LOL! I can wear it as a dress or over jeans, considering its so cold right now, jeans is a great option.

sweater dress. great idea. somewhat warm, but i still look like a girl. A good buy for the fall/winter season, and that its winter, i can wear this with some boots or leggings. Yes I like blue.

So I saw this on the betsey website, apparently it's on sale there too!

According to Betsey's site, it retails for 378, WTF are you on? on sale for 264. Pass, course I snagged it for 65, so I think that was pretty good. right?

here's me wearing it. I have to say, it feels very luxurious in a way. its foe fur obviously, but around the neck and wrist you kinda feel really girly and the shit in a sense. I think the pattern is too dark, and i wish it was a bit brighter and happier looking. And like most things, this jacket would keep you warm early fall, or spring, but its mostly for parties. I wouldn't wear this jacket out in 27F weather like it was today. But I'd wear it to a party, or club if I went clubbing. Somewhere special where you wanna show off a bit. and we all know girls like to show off.

one more thing about the bj sample sale, there is this goddamn annoying ass woman there, that has the most annoying voice EVER. Makes you wanna beat her to death with a chair. Its high pitched and whiny and shrieky almost. like wtf? STFU, if my voice was like I wouldn't be going around running my mouth. Ugh, she's so annoying on so many levels, makes me not want to shop there at all!

Anyways, this is the last haul in a LONG time. I think everything is pretty much almost maxed out. Yeah, i think they are. oh threadless is having a sale, i ordered some stuff off it before my self imposed ban of no buy stuff. i also ordered some shirts for some friends too. I have been hitting way too many sample sales, and it is brutal. Sometimes its a good thing to be living in nyc, and other times its no.

Hope you were all amused. 8 days till xmas, and I haven't wrapped a damn thing. I mailed out my friend's present priority mail, and didn't wrap it, told him to open it on xmas, but knowing him he's gonna tear through it the second it arrives. LOL! My friend hooked me up to see the nutcracker for free. *shudders* i worked that show 3 years, and it was brutal. So why am I going to see it again? I guess I'm a sucker for punishment it seems.

Hope you ladies are amused and are having better luck wrapping presents than I am!

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GirlAboutTown said...

i went around 6 and there were more YSL stuff...and yes the women there were nasty b/c they kept pushing, shoving, and snatching things...its really not that serious...LOL i had a final and i went afterwards all excited but...it was bleh. very bleh. LOL

wuzzyangel said...

LOL you put a picture of "Snake" up! Haha!! Dang you guys are brave to well... brave that shit! But then again we don't get opportunities like that down here... so... Glad you stuck it out! LOL!

You came back with some decent stuff at least! And you always find the cutest Betsey dresses for cheap!

Mona said...

i think because it was such a mess that they messed up, i checked the receipt and the eye cream was $10. Went back today to pick up a shu foundation for my aunt and saw that they got more YSL stuff in ;D

the blue sweater dress you got is really cute!