Leaving Las Vegas

*kicks a crooning Sheryl Crow aside* We're so out of here! Actually I was kinda glad and sad to leave Vegas. Sad in that there was so much to do, and I didn't get to do all of it, and the fact that I didn't know when I'd be back. Glad that I'd finally be able to leave and not have to deal with this emo whiny bs! Catch 22 as you can see.

Domo had too much fun in the room last night. Damn Domo!

So last buffet in vegas. Emo boy wanted to try a different buffet. Looked at what some ppl said online and stuff, so it was a toss up between the buffet at Planet Hollywood and the one at Paris. Emo boy decided planet hollywood, though honestly I would have liked to just go back to the Bellagio, god they had awesome bacon! That's the planet hollywood breakfast buffet.

their corn beef has was dry. Their stuff wasn't that great. it was kinda disappointing considering all the great buffets we've had so far you know? So sigh.

pastries from pf changs and buttermilk biscuit with gravy or something. god pf changs just sucks in general, their attempt at fake chinese food is just sad. the biscuit was ok.

smoothie, oatmeal and baked oatmeal. sadly the baked oatmeal was the best thing there. the oj i asked for was watery and blah. course when i walk to the buffet they have real OJ made from real oranges there. wtf?

Domo came out and saw the crappy buffet and went back into my bag. He said tell him when we get to the airport instead. This buffet won some award one year. The rio has won that award consistently for at least 4 years running. OK, I know now where NOT to go.

we took a cab to the airport cause my friend was afraid that we wouldn't get there in time if we waited for the free shuttle. whatever. then there we walked around that winding airport and took the tram to the right airport section

the tram

this was a warning to people getting off the plane. your skin will turn into this while in vegas, with the dessert heat, and the hard water!

going up the escalator. damn i hate airports, with the security and nosy checking, removing of shoes and jackets and what not. ugh. i'm gonna wear flip flops next time!

Domo waiting at the gate. Damn a lot of old useless people fly jet blue, most of which want to be wheeled around in a wheel chair, but can walk but are too lazy to. old and slow and useless! that and the annoying kids, ugh, damn, downside of flying cheap is fucking kids and old ppl fly there too! ugh!

Domo looking at Vegas one last time

Domo doesn't like these things. He likes the Fight Club version instead

bye vegas

back to nyc

LOL. Pick up for Mr Devil Domo. Yes he gets his own car

After that we all went to eat at some place in astoria, called stove. I slathered my skin with lotion once i got back to nyc. goddamn seriously is nyc one of those few places that doesn't have hard water? I mean damn! I love my moisturizer and I'm never going anywhere without it now!

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wuzzyangel said...

Mmmm.. still looks yummy. Sorry the breakfast was disappointing though. Yes always so much to do in Vegas, and never enough time! LOL!

Violet Honeybee said...

tokidoki bag! =D I think I have that print lol. Awww.. saying bye to Vegas is no fun =/ That big turtle is awesome though, I want it in my backyard. Hahaha