Day 4 in Vegas

Let the insanity continue. Buffet again at the Bellagio. Can't go wrong there. Their breakfast is damn good. Period. And they make awesome bacon. Did I mention how awesome their bacon was? Its great. I was so happy eating bacon. Yes, I so need to continue to work out. Day 4 was spent at the Grand Canyon. It was a bit crazy cause we went on the express tour and all. So let's get on with it!

Domo on the bus ready to go to the grand cayon, on a helicopter!

the helicopter ride! we waited there for a bit, the helicopter holds like 6 ppl, but we only had 4 in ours, so our pilot was pretty happy. but had to do the weight distribution the right way.

Domo and the helicopter

Domo got his headset on!

Domo pointing out the rules!

Domo's gonna fly this thing!

Hoover dam there are no transformers there

lake mead! man made lake



flying over the grand canyon

this side of the grand canyon is owned by the native americans. Damn right!

Domo in the grand canyon with a cactus. It was hot, dry and sunny there!

Walking to the boat

Domo on the boat ready for his boat ride

looks like a dude standing there sorta

So after that, back on the chopper and onto the skywalk!

so this is the skywalk, i didn't take this pic, its a horseshoe bridge made of glass. you basically walk on a glass bridge and you can basically see straight down. ok, kinda freaky. for me it was really freaky, esp fear of heights and all, but i got on the bridge and did it. And they make you wear these booties. And you can't bring anything with you cause retards when the thing opened dropped stuff, cameras, hones, children, ok maybe not the last one, but due to that, you have to leave everything in a locker, and u can't take pics. instead they take pics and they jack you on the pictures.

its a bit freaky. no i did not take this picture.

me and my friend on the skywalk. yes we're being stupid. i'm wearing polka dot booties. behind us is eagle point.

skywalk from the side, looks harmless right?

me inside a teepee. the skywalk is on or next to an indian reservation, so we spent a few minutes taking pictures. my friend cannot focus to save his life it seems.

a sweat lodge, its hot in here!

another teepee

then we got on a bus to go to another indian reservation, where we ate lunch and took even more pics of the grand canyon.

the crows there seemed not to care there were people there all up close and stuff.

another crow.

Then after that, we got back on the chopper and flew back. The other 2 german women who flew with us got totally lost and were retarded, they told them you have to get on the bus at 2:30 to get to the helicopter. What do they do? they do whatever they feel like and just wander off. We managed to get back and took a few more pics and bought some souvenirs. I got this great turquoise bracelet, tax free, and a dreamcatcher. They sent security after those two german ladies and we flew back. Over all it was pretty awesome. Though i could not spend hours upon hours at the grand canyon, you take pics and then you move on.

we went to minus 5. it was freezing in there. yes i'm grabbing ice boobies, and yes domo is there. forgot to add this pic in the previous post so here it is. It was -5C in there so it was 27F in there. we took a couple of pics, but this one was the funnier one. he took a shot out of the boobie but he did it weird where it looks like he's bending back and you can't really see it. argh. he called it his fortress of solitude. dude you're not superman. and i bought myself a souvenir hat.

it was fun, and worth checking out, don't go for the vip package.

We went to see Crazyhorse paris. I fell asleep 2x during that show. yes boobies and ass made me fall asleep. that and the dancers lip syncing to french songs didn't help either. they tried to bill it as a celebration of the female form and sensuality and crap. The drunk guy in front was totally for it cause he was drunk and seeing boobies. their drinks came in a souvenir glass, and that was the highlight. the popcorn and everything came in pre packaged and it wasn't that great.

after that we walked the strip a bit and ate dinner

dinner at the wynn, definitely good! This is the lamb plate!

seafood platter! they cut the crab legs for you! damn talk about lazy!

third plate, and its ceviche! they had lots of different types of ceviche

ceviche! tasty, i forget what they were all called.

octopus ceviche!

rabbit pasta! yes rabbit! come here bunny!

yes i had to get more lamb

dessert time! This tasted like a roche chocolate thing

tiramisu, cute presentation

Dessert time Domo! Yes they do have a lot of desserts! And they were quite tasty, some of them were eh

Domo did you eat all that?!

Domo you can't hide in the fake veggies!

Then we walked the strip and headed back. Then it was off to sleepy sleepy land. And onto day 5 which was the last day in Vegas.

saw this in a starbucks in the casino. Everyone was chugging starbucks for some reason, i guess they wanted to be caffinated instead of hung over. Cheesecake on a stick? Interesting.

Anyways hope your'e amused, Vegas is almost done, got lots of other food porn from other places, and blame canada trip!

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wuzzyangel said...

LOL No Transformers! Haha they've moved on to Egypt! Damn I'm a dork! LOL!

I think I'd be too scared to go on the heli ride. Though it looks amazing!! Haven't been to the Grand Canyon since I was like 7! Over 20 something yrs! So that Skywalk is new to me. Def freaky!

Awesome pics you got of the scenery though! :) And of course the FOODPORN to make me jelly! :)