Day 2 in Vegas

Day 2 in Vegas, ok so this will be a pic heavy post. Oh cmon isn't that what you came to see? Lots of random pics some food porn while not working at work? Pfft do they actually expect you to work at work? What is that about? Seriously. As a side note I started doing the Jillian Michael's 30 day shred workout. its a 20 min workout, and goddamn! I'm still sore! its 20 min straight, no breaks or anything, god i feel it! but hey whatever, as along as I can fit back into my jeans and not feel like a fat bitch its all good. I really don't care about what the scale says, I don't even have a scale, its more like can I fit into my old pair of jeans or not? yes? awesome. No? Ok gotta keep at it.

So onto day 2 of Vegas. First thing we do is BUFFET! Yes its BUFFET time! Who doesn't like a buffet?

view from my window from the daytime. alright day 2 let's go! Off to the Bellagio. I'm brad pitt from ocean's 11!

chanel! I really like the flower hairpiece, gotta find a way to make it cause i'm not shelling out $$$ for it, I'm a broke ass bitch!

Domo is ready for breakfast! DOMO! BREAKFAST!!!

sexy bacon, the bellagio buffet has the BEST bacon ever! cooked perfectly, not too crispy or chewy and a good thickness.

eggs benedict, eggs Florentine, fresh strawberries, pineapple, and bacon, dear good that was good! I ate a lot of breakfast!

Domo's 2nd plate, look a mini belgium waffle!

i love the strawberries!

bread pudding!

where we going today Domo?

yes they had a cirque de whatever store there. i've never seen a cirque show before, yes i know, i live in nyc and i haven't seen one yet. maybe i will now.

I'm wearing a hersey's kiss on my head...

expensive mask! I wanna do a carnival thing. I love those weird creepy masks.

Time to get your drink on!

hand blow glass flowers in the bellagio ceiling in the lobby.

the conservatory thing in the bellagio

a talking tree. Domo wasn't amused. the tree didn't talk that much.

tree creature

giant pumpkin! no it wasn't real.

domo infront of a pointy thing

Domo being all wizard of oz like. in a field of flowers!

water mill!

venus fly trap!

my friend left to go skidiving, thank god! so i wandered the strip alone. got into the luxor, aka the pyramid, who knew you couldn't take pics in there at all? Well I did, and what?! ha!

rainforest cafe inside the mgm grand.

its dory! i have no idea what the name of this fish is.

they had lots of fish tanks through out the store. I didn't eat in the restaurant it was way too pricy!

there was a lion sanctuary in the middle of the casino. It cost 9 million to make.

kitty sleeping, that's all they do. sleep. damn i wish i was a lion and sleep all day...rawr! meow!

wandered to the M&M store. Domo is hungry!

it was pretty dizzy in here

Domo with Red

Domo with Yellow. Yellow is the best cause he's got a nut!

Domo with red.

Domo's gonna watch a 3d Movie. It was pretty funny

Domo in the shower

Domo at the coke store

Domo's gonna try all the different types of coke from around the world. its like a half a gallon of soda there!

minty coke drink from india. tasted like tooth paste

there's 2 trays of soda hence why its like half a gallon of soda!

the NASTIEST one is Beverly from Italy. Dear god! how do they drink that stuff there?! So gross! Everything else was ok. it cost 7 bucks for both trays of soda. you can share with your friends.

Domo likes these sodas. one of them is from Honduras

the coca cola bear is trying to eat me cause he thinks i'm a penguin that drank coke! haa haa!

off to the venetian to see blue man group! That place was SUPER perfumed. i was getting a headache from being there!

we ate here cause we didn't have enough time to go anywhere else once we got the tix for the show that started at 7pm.



Domo needs to get his drink on, cause damn its been a long emo whiny filled day.

lamb, with garlic chips. it was ok.

pasta, it was salty

humpty dumpty!

blue man group theatre, yes i took pics inside the theatre! *gasp*

blue man group stage.

I didn't take pics during the show for obvious reasons. It was highly entertaining. I had a good time. Aside from the fact that my emo friend FELL ASLEEP during blue man group! OMFG! I went to the bathroom and came back and he fell asleep, not only that, he spilled MY drink which was in the arm rest cupholder onto MY SEAT and JACKET for the 5 min that i left him alone! dear god! ugh! anyways, before all that happened, the usher gave him cause i let him sit in the aisle a giant toberlone box cause during the show the blue man would go into the audience and take it from him. el sigh. i let him have that seat, that and the fact that he spilled MY drink onto MY seat and MY jacket. ugh. not like i could have even sat on my jacket, everything was wet. GRRR!

the band, they were pretty good.

me and the blue man.

the gondolas in the venetian. so perfumed there. no i didn't get in one for obvious reasons.

its all for the tourists!

then it was off to cique de whatever for their water show, named O.

inside the theatre, it was really lovely in there. and the show was amazing. and even though my emo friend thinks i didn't notice, i saw him fall asleep. god, why are you even here then? but whatever.

Domo enjoyed himself though.

AFter emo friend tried to analyze the show so he could feel smart. ugh. this is what i had to deal with. he was like its so wizard of oz like. oh STFU! it had NO plot. it was a visually beautiful and you know what? you can let them get away with not having a plot! the ONLY reason you can even link dorothy to this is the basket they had at the end that a big red balloon came out of that turned into the giant curtain. but whatever.

giant red curtain! the end!

So that's it for day 2 in vegas. aside from the fact that most of the pics of me my emo friend took came out blurry, out of focus and with my eyes closed, can't really show you that much. i know i gotta let this negative energy go. I think at the end of my vegas posts it'll be ok. hope you were amused. day 3 in vegas coming up!

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Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a great time in Vegas!
I see Domo-kun!!!!!

wuzzyangel said...

Great pics Jen! Love all the ones with YOU in them! LOL! ;)

Mmmm.. all that FOODPORN FOR ME!!! YUMM!!

Last time I went to the Coca-Cola Factory the drinks were free! All the soda from around the world was in dispensers lined up against the wall and you took your little dixie cup and tasted what ever you wanted. Mind you this was like 10yrs ago! LOL!

Glad you enjoyed the shows, even with dumb emo boy. And GRRR I'd be PISSED about the drink & seat! You should've woke his ass up and made him trade seats with you.

Bombchell said...

looks like it was a blast!!!! i really wanna go for New Year's Eve.