Christmas in Atlantic City

daytime view

What better way to spend the holiday then in Atlantic city! Granted its not vegas, but hell its the lower end gambling bastard little brother of vegas on the east coast. I didn't spend it with family, I spent it in Vegas with gambling friends! LOL! that and the fact that my high roller friend got comped for his room there. So off we all went!

water club

We were suppose to stay at the Borgata, but they screwed up the rooms somehow so they upgraded me over to the Water Club, which I had no idea was better, newer and nicer.

domo's bed
Domo likes the new room! Yes, Domo needs leather pillows! Cause a pillow fight would hurt oh so much more with a leather pillow! LOL!

closet with robes
they had bathrobes for us. my baby phat jacket is hanging next to them. You can buy them for 150 bucks, well they give you new ones.

domo wants some tunes
Domo says to put your ipod here! He wants to rock out!

no u can't have any domo
no Domo! You can't have any! No Domo we're not paying $8 for water!

hotel bathroom
bathroom was pretty cool. They had cool sinks and everything.

its a sex shower
sex shower! its a sex shower! haa haa!

the toilet was in a separate room, a good thing! sometimes you just want to block off that area entirely!

steak house plate
xmas eve dinner we ate here at this awesome steakhouse! i didn't know they had one in nyc!

sirloin napkin
they had cute napkins, depending on how they folded it each one said a different cut of meat.

Domo starts the night with Blue Moon.

Domo and the chef's Preparation. It's just garlic bread, toasted, and cut into rectangles, arranged like jenga, and then sitting in a bed of melted cheese. its rosemary on top. It was very carbtastic!

Domo and his steaks! Actually, we ordered 2 steaks for 3 ppl. we ordered their signature prime steak which was 36oz. I know it shrinks when you cook it but that's a lot for one person. Then we ordered a petite filet mignon 10oz over a hash brown. The hash brown was only ok. The filet was great, the rib steak was amazing, that cow lived an amazing life! it fulfilled its xmas destiny! Vegans and vegetarians and hippies can suck it! Its a steak house and i'm a carnivore so deal with it! It was so damn dark in there! We got creamed spinach and lobster mash as a side, yes lobster mashed potatoes, with real lobster in there. And it was damn good, you could taste the lobster essence in there.

Hit the casino, played slots, the waitresses take forever to come back with your drink. Played craps for the first time. Threw the dice, had fun. Was up then down, then up and then down. Walked out with whatever money I had left. I did loose some money, but not a whole lot like my friend. He ended borrowing money, we think he lost 1g there. eek! at least the hotel was free and they compted him some more.

they had a windmill farm there. lol!

domo hungry
Domo at the buffet. it's not as good as vegas. el sigh, but it was decent. domo was amused. Their bacon was too salty, and they said it was maple hickory smoked. pfft.

then I went up to the spa floor to hit the pool and hot tub. Yes right after the buffet I decided to do that. Ugh, I squeezed myself into a bathing suit and I was like, yeah I need to hit the gym or do hot yoga again.

more chairs
cute chairs, the towels were soft, and the flowers were real and dying. LOL!

hot tub
then I went into the hot tub or Jacuzzi, what's the difference? anyways i went in and felt oh so better. Muscles relaxing and I was just chilling there on xmas. Not a care in the world.

foggy view
the view, it was super foggy so the view sucked

doo posing
domo happy with his presents!

cuban sandwhich
pressed cuban sandwich at bread and butter. It was oh so tasty!

domo likes lemonade
Domo with his sized lemonade, damn it was pricy! wtf?!

domo thirsty
Domo at Fatburger! Damn the girl who worked there seriously did not like her job, like wtf? if you hate it then quit already! But the guy making the burgers was way nicer!

domo hungryThe burgers, i got mine with bacon and a fried egg. Damn that was good! Domo likes!

domo hungryDomo with his eggs benedict. Don't know why the lighting was all screwy here, and I'm too lazy to photoshop it. yes there, I admit it, I don't bother to photoshop my pics!

domo likes latte
Domo with his Illy latte, damn I love Illy, that shit is awesome!

domo posing
Domo posing with these fake plants in the parking valet area.

leaving casinoLeaving the Borgata

leaving atlantic city
Leaving Atlantic City!

domo enjoying the ride
Domo chilling in the car, enjoying the ride

star cookies
star cookies i got from the Borgata, the yellow one reminds me of the mario star, which has in turn inspired me to make star cookies and other video game baked goods for now. I'm doing a few small projects right now to keep me busy. Hope you ladies had a good holiday!

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Toothfairy said...

HAHAHAHA mad cute, domo is everywhere! and I love your hotel room! it's looking gooood!


wuzzyangel said...

Oh man! Good food, a great room, spiffy pool, AND a SEX SHOWER! Dang now that is xmas! LOL! Glad you had fun!

Bombchell said...

awwwww look at Domo!!!!!!!! Im so glad u posted pics, now I really want to go there, Ive heard of Atl City but never known anyone who's been there