Betsey Johnson sample sale --> NOT!

Its that time of the year again ladies, well actually no, she had one in the summer and now she's having another one in the winter, to move merchandise that just didn't do well in the stores. She didn't really have a lot of samples per say, it's always a crap shoot there. I showed up today at 10am when it started cause I wanted first pick at stuff. I've learned a few things about these sample sales, get there early to get the good stuff, before everything's gone, but then look around and think to yourself do you really want to pay x amount of this? can i show up on the last day and wait for it to be slashed in price? Am I ok with walking out of here without this? Will i wear this actually outside? So many questions you need to ask yourself before dropping $$$ and especially in these times, just cause its on sale doesn't mean you need to buy it.

With every sample sale there are ALWAYS older nasty women who show up with their cottage cheese asses, legs, bellies, etc, that decide they need to wear a thong, g string or see through undies so everyone can see their cheesy goodness. obviously these older women are confident, well then more power to you! But cmon! no body wants to see that! Your man gets to see that, but hell no one else at the sample sale does! COVER YOUR ASS UP! With that said, why the hell do these older women walk around in see through bras or no bra at all? you'd think at that age you'd need the support! I don't want your sweaty nipples touching my dress! Disgusting!

Don't let the flyer above trick you. I walked in there, and goddamn the prices were insanely jacked up! Evening dresses were 100 bucks. WTF? Other evening dresses were 75 bucks?! WHAT? Day dresses were 50. Day dresses as in cotton normal, everyday dresses. 50 bucks are you insane? I know times are tough but cmon. I saw the SAME dress I bought at the last sample sale that I bought for $20 and they wanted 50 for it. Are you insane?! Then they wanted $45 for separates, like a skirt or top. No thanks. Seriously? Yes I know Betsey retails for 300+ for a dress. I'm well aware of it, but i'm used to her old sample sale prices. Hence why I have so much Betsey stuff. But I know if I show up on the last day they will have slashed their prices greatly to get rid of stuff, andt hat's where i'm gonna swoop in and buy stuff. They wanted $75 for shoes! WTF? I bought those shoes for 20 last time!

So I ended up looking at accessories, like jewelry, cause they go fast. the bags also go fast. So i looked around and bought some stuff. Yes I'm on a whole Betsey Jewelry kick this time around. expand the collection i say! here's some hauling!

cute red bag. it cost 10 bucks. the sales girl was like 10? when she scanned it in. yes bitch, now put it in the bag and move on there's a line forming here!

earrings. they're pink I know. they were cute, and 20 bucks. they had crazy earrings there, pretty funky and cool, but they were HEAVY! Like rip my ear hole heavy. They had these HUGE gold hoops the size of huge bangles with dangling stars in them. they were pretty but HUGE and HEAVY!

I like bling ok? Esp sparkling bling.

when i first saw this, i was like is this a necklace or bracelet? the sales girl there was confused and trying to figure it out as well. she called out for the other sales girl and she couldn't figure it out either. they kept thinking it was a necklace or choker, damn your neck is tiny for that. anyways, 3 salesgirls later, they figured it was a bracelet.

a bracelet with a lot of stuff on it! i really did like it. so i decided to get it. it was the priciest thing there. it was 35. it was the only one there too.

action shot of it on my wrist.

i don't care, i like it! i need to find places to wear it to now!

another necklace, it looked weird in the bag, you thought it was a earring or something.

action shot of the necklace. clearly i need to wear a different shirt but you get how it hangs. a lot of ppl didn't get it. the reason why it was like that. this one cost me like 10 bucks

LOL! Had to get this one when I saw it. Kinda goes with the other necklace I had from before that says PRINCESS but HUGE. this is a toned down version. and it says ice princess too! LOL!

action shot of it. that's how long it hangs, you know i'll be wearing this one around a lot, esp around fm.

yes another necklace. its got a rat on it! a rat, a blinged out pink rat! LOL!

action shot. i don't get the crown. the salesgirl was like yeah cause you're the queen. LOL! really?

another necklace! i saw this one on the way out. I can't believe I missed it. It cost 10 or 15, I know it was pretty cheap.

action shot. this looks like a necklace I could wear with almost anything. I like it! Plus I like that there's a star there. If you haven't realized it by now I like stars, and hearts, and lightening bolts. Go betsey!

free sample of her perfume. Yes betsey you are HEAVILY photoshoped. and that swan is uber creepy on so many levels. They were selling her perfume lotion/shower gel at the sale for 10 bucks for both. I smelled it, and it wasn't that great. I passed, I still like my trust Anna Sui perfume.

when I got back, i picked up the sephora package that came for me. I used the $15 gift card they gave me to buy some bare minerals. MAC studio finish just doesn't give me enough coverage. Plus I've been using BM for a while now. I bought two to get the free shipping and stuff. The second one is when i start getting darker and stuff, i just mix the two together and viola!

free samples! w00t!

and the lovely LadyL also sent me something from Japan! Yes it was hello kitty love! Awe, so sweet of her. So thanks LadyL! I'm gonna get you back! as soon as i'm done fighting those cottage cheese asses at the sample sale!

Tomorrow is the Loreal sample sale. I gotta hit that one up as well. Credit cards are gonna be maxed out! eek!

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GirlAboutTown said...

i love your betsey posts and the jewelry that you buy it's all so bold and awesome ;D

mayaari said...

the purse is really cute, and i like that last necklace - simple but stands out at the same time!

Jaclyn Rose said...

OMG that purse is soooo cute! and I love the bracelet. MANNNN, I wanna go shopping =(! Good finds!

wuzzyangel said...

Well even tho the clothes were jacked up this time, good to see you came home with bits of edgy goodness for a decent price! :)

*shudders* Thinkin about you're "cottagecheesepeeps" EWWW...

Love that black star necklace!

L said...

Those are excellent choices woman! I'm really feelin' the jewelry on you (reminds me of when we were at dinner and i was like OoOoOOoo! all up in ya ear holes)! Esp. the "ICE PRINCESS" HELLL YEEAAAAA!

Ps. You are welcome and no gettin back!