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Yup, I didn't realize today was NYE, yes I've been WAY out of it lately as you can tell. LOL. So here's list of all the stuff that either came out in 2009, that I discovered in 2009 and really liked. hope you're amused. I'd do a year in review, but seriously, do you really want to her about my screwy life? well maybe the cliff notes version. LOL!

So this is the stuff for the face. Day and night time. Where to start? Gotta take care of the skin, its the first thing ppl see and skin is the largest organ on the body. and damn it goes through a lot considering what we do to it. and yet it still survives. let's be nice to the skin ok?

I use the Aveeno Ultra Calming foaming wash. Its suppose to be gentle and help with redness. It gets rid of the oily parts of my skin, I use it on the T-zone mostly. I use this in the morning.

Biotherm cream cleanser for dry skin - a little goes a lot. seriously. my cheeks get really dry so i use this during the winter and all. I know sephora stopped selling them here in the states. but i still have that same tube and its lasting me a while!

I use witch hazel, not as a toner, but cause i'm all crazy, i use a headband and pull my hair back when i wash my face. but sometimes you just can't get every last corner of of your skin, esp near the hairline. I use some witch hazel and wipe it along the hairline part, yes i'm that crazy. that and I used to have oily skin like nobody's business, plus oily hair, and i would break out there. So once I started using toner/astringent/witch hazel, they'd stop. Then again my skin isn't as oily as it was when i was a teenager.

Clinque All about the eyes rich - oh yeah, you need a good eye cream, actually you need an eye cream. Skin around your eyes is very thin and delicate. Moisturize. Do not neglect this area, it shows wrinkles the fastest. Just give it some love and a drink and you'll be good. I use this night and day.

Biomedic Hydrating Serum - they say serums start off the moisturizing process. That and its better to use in the summer when its hot and you can skip your moisturizer, but not your sunscreen! I got this at the loreal sample sale in the summer. It works pretty well, I feel it in my skin that its not that thirsty when i put on my moisturizer. I use it at night and day.

La Roche-Posay Anthelios with Mexoryl SX | UVA protection - try to say that 10x fast! I got this at the Loreal sample sale too. it was 10 bucks you really can't go wrong there. I heard about this product when Whoopi Goldberg was talking about it on the view. She really likes it cause it doesn't feel heavy, and apparently doesn't give her that white cast. It is very moisturizing, and it has this new chemical thing that blocks out other rays or something. I like it. Also remember ladies, don't forget your neck and your hands! Don't forget your chest either! Any part that's exposed to the sun should also be moisturized! We often forget those areas, but they also age too! So cmon spread that product around!

DDF eye moisturizer with spf - bought this at when it was on sale. tried it out and i'm happy. its always hard to find a good eye cream for your eyes with spf. the skin around your eyes is the thinnest and needs protection. Granted nothing will protect you from starting to wrinkle unless you walk around with goggles on your eyes with UV protection on them all day. (no i don't recommend you do that) you should always be wearing spf on your face! doesn't matter if its cloudy, the uv and uva rays still go through the clouds and hit your skin. Don't get me started on snow, the snow reflects the rays and hits you back double time. slather on that spf ladies!

At night, I use the Neutragena Wave, yes I'm still waiting for my Mia Clarisonic thing that I won from Sephora. Yeah take your time sephora! I'm still waiting here! I like what it does. it vibrates and exfoliates, my skin feels smoother so i'm happy. the only annoying thing is that you have to keep buying more refill pads. they come in a pack of 30 pads, so you're good for a month. but still its annoying to have to buy refills.

I use Vichy's Proactiv Night Pro moisturizer. i got this at the loreal sample sale. it was 10 bucks. You can't go wrong with that. Its very moisturizing, and it says its suppose to detox your skin of stuff. Not sure of that, but it does moisturize, esp in these winter months. It also says to massage, ok I've been lazy about that, I'm doing it 2x a week only, when i remember. I know slacker!

I love the Nivea lip balms, they are super moisturizing. The blue one has no spf, so i use that at night, or under something. The yellow one has spf 30 on it. I use that during the day. Its not as moisturizing as the blue one, so i use the blue one under that one. A little goes a long way. Its very useful right now being that its winter.

Yeah I like Nivea as you can tell. hee hee! bodycare!

So this year Dove came out with this new body wash with nutrium in it. I read about it in Allure magazine, its some new lipid technology. Ok. So it helps replenish your skin rather than stripping away essential moisture and oils from your skin. I used it and my skin doesn't feel tight. I normally used the natural soaps, but i read somewhere they contain the same harsh ingredients that strip your skin of moisture, just that they use a natural ingredient that does it. I like it, I still have to moisturize some parts of my body in the winter, but that's cause its winter.

Sabon's body scrub in tropical. damn that stuff smells oh so good. Makes my skin feel smooth and moisturized, a bit oily though. I don't use this all the time, the scent is very strong, so be ready for it! and hopefully your partner will like the smell.

Nivea to moisturize. Thank xpinkx for this one, she loves her nivea. and hell so do I. I even told my other friends about it and they all love it too! one of my friends likes how when she touches stuff she doesn't leave oily finger prints all over.

I use Benefit's sandal scandal on my feet. it has AHA's in it to make your feet soft and smooth. it comes with booties and its cute. it has a scent, not too bad, i'm almost out of this and i know they discontinued it so i'm kinda sad. i mean it was like having a pedicure in a tub. you just had to fix your polish.

I'm totally big on suncreen/sunblock. I like the La Roche-Posay sunblock, its very creamy. granted it only has spf 15. but its a good backup to keep on your bag when you're outside.

Neutragena makes some awesome sunscreen/sunblock. I really like their dry touch sunblock, it really just dries like a powder. I use it on my face and it doesn't feel oily, last time i got spf 85, but now its up to 100! awesome! I burn easily so i slather on a ton of spf and hide under my hat and umbrella and blanket.

They also make a spray! For those uber lazy like me, plus its hard to slather sunblock on your back by yourself. The spray makes it easy. The cooling one is cooling, you'll jump when you spray it on. The normal one is when you spray yourself before the beach, yes before, not at the beach. then when you're at the beach and you've wandered in the water or played volleyball, spray yourself again with the cooling one, you'll definitely like it!

And the body lotion, which I think they discontinued, which is sad, is like a body lotion that you put on daily. But it does leave a white residue type thing on your hands. Just be aware of that. I used to use it along during the spring and summer if i had to go outside to run errands and such. I so do not want to wrinkle and turn into a raisin!

Haircare. This year I tried the Wen Haircare system, yes infommercial time! I tried it and it kinda works, its very moisturizing, and made my hair look WAY better. A co worker even asked if I had dyed my hair since it looked darker and healthier. The hair mask it comes with is very moisturizing. The only thing with this product is that you do have to take some time to massage it into your scalp. it tingles a bit. And after a while, you get some building and will have to use a normal shampoo to reset it in a way.

This year is also the year the lovely bloggers introduced me to the Shiseido Tsubaki Damage Shampoo and Conditioner. Damn my hair is soft and shiny, goddamn shiny! I remember how we all went to Mistuwa and bought the white bottles of shampoo and conditioner. This year will be off to a good start with shiny hair. Let's all do the hair toss!

My T3 Pro Ionic hairdryer. God i love that thing. Yes it was pricy, but goddamn it rocks and is worth every penny! I got i think a few years ago, either way I've been using it ever since. When I had long hair, or short hair, or layered to death hair, this thing works! When I had long hair it would take forever to blow dry my hair, but with this thing, seriously, 5 minutes! I was like WOW! These days I air dry my hair and blow dry when its mostly dry, note if it takes your hair less than 30 min to dry your hair may be really damaged. That is if you're not sporting a pixie hair cut, i'm talking about medium length hair, and fine to medium density hair.

Redken products are awesome. I used these when I had long and layered hair, or hair that required styling. Their shine glass 01, a few drop is all you need, any more and you're hair will look greasy, so go easy on it. put it on the hair, midway down to the ends, NOT the roots

straightening balm. I'm lazy, I really don't want to blow dry and style my long hair, so i got this as a freebie somewhere. It was great. It really makes my hair straight, the true test was in the summer, and i just put it in my hair and combed it straight and ran out to a sample sale. by the time i got there and looked at my reflection in the window, my hair was straight. YAY! i'm oh so lazy!

Redken 07 mouse - suppose to give you volume. It does, for shorter layered hair, or if you have layers back there. it does work, made my hair feel lighter, I had to touch the back of my head to make sure I had hair covering it. LOL! Smells ok, use a little, that damn pump is tricky, you think its just a bit, and then the rest of it comes out!

And this was the year of those damn giant bow headbands. I blame gossip girl. Ok, actually I blame Mona! She and all her cute bow headbands. I had to go out and get some, course i couldn't afford $70 for a headband, so I wandered and found some in a cute korean store, forever21, and at a store at the mall. go figure. i rocked a lot of bows. i felt really feminine, and you know what? i'm still gonna rock it.

And the little top hat. I'm so gonna rock that too! Hell I'm 30 years old, but you know what? I don't look it and I'm still gonna live it up!

Make up. Granted I don't wear a whole lot. Most days when I don't go outside I'm just wearing moisturizer and chilling in my pj's trying to find a job in this crappy economy. sucks I know, but when i do go out, you know I gotta look good.

EcoTools - new thing for 2009. all green, and natural, made from recycled things, etc. all great. They are super soft! You can get them at the drugstore, and I feel a little less guilty. They are super soft, Ill give them that ok?

BB cream! Skin foods BB cream, damn I love this stuff! I started wearing it earlier this year, as soon as i could get my little hands on it. Damn, when I wrote it, ppl were like wow you're skin looks good, are you wearing make up? LOL! Hellz no, I wish! Course winter is the only time I can actually wear it, being that I'm pale enough by then. I definitely want to try more BB creams.

MAC Beauty Powder in drizzlegold. ah a little goes a long way, so i got it a year earlier, but damn there's still so much left! And I'm using it everytime i wear make up for a glow, though its not enough for a glow for me, I want more glow! any recs for more glow? but seriously I take this with me when I travel. to vegas, to canada, to atlantic city, etc

Shishem eyelashes - thanks to xpinkx for this, found them, tried them, loved them. i love the eyelash glue that comes with it, damn it will not let go of anything! i fell asleep in them once, and when i woke up i was like goddamn i'm still wearing them? wow!

Shu uemera lashes, always a classic, can't really go wrong. pricy but that's why you go to the loreal sample sale or the lancome outlet or cco. the cleansing oil, damn that stuff lasts forever. I use it whenever i wear make up, takes everything off, but damn you don't really need that much you know? And his eyelash curler is awesome.

One day when i was sad cause of bs in my life, and work sucked, beautymoogle came by to humor my dumbass. We ventured off to Henry Bendal or saks or bergoff, i forget, either way we ended up at the chanel counter. oh a bad thing for me. i was sad ok, and yes this was a impulse buy. i bought a chanel lipgloss, and goddamn it was pink and sparkly and sexy, it made me happy. And whenever I wear it, i feel oh so sexy and confident. Sometimes a little lipgloss will go a long way. Love chanel lipglosses, not sticky at all!

Urban decay liquid eyeliner - god that stuff does not budge at all! i have a monolid too! but damn it ain't going nowhere! glitter doesn't show up on me unless i draw a heavy thick line, but the black aka soot color works well for me.

Bourgeois - they have these little eye shadows in these tiny damn containers, a pain to get out yes. And they hide how much product is really inside. Sephora stopped selling them, boo. I like it, it gives me a hint of sparkle, glimmer, on my eyes. Not too much but subtle.

I'm still rocking my anna sui perfume, signature scent. I'm about to finish the bottle, so damn this bottle has lasted me a couple of years. Yes I love this scent and I've worn it every day, its a subtle scent, and you can't really smell it unless you're right up against the next person, and yeah that's the point of perfume right? for the other person to smell, not to gag the entire elevator or suffocate the room.

Urban decay's body powders, they were pretty nice, wish they still made them. I have one in marshmallow and in cake. cake smells like cake batter. and marshmallow is heavenly. gives you glimmer and shimmer on your body, great for going out and wearing that special dress that shows some skin.

Fashion in 2009. Some great trends, and others that weren't so great. But these are the ones in fashion that worked for me.

Anna sui for target. Yes! Thank god, cause i'm a broke ass bitch! Her sample sale is once very 2 years so its gonna take me a while to save up for that! but yes! i rocked the blue dress a lot, and I was happy. Plus, its machine washable!

Earrings! I pierced my ears like a year or so ago, and for some reason i was still rocking the same pair of earrings over and over again, so this year i was like screw that! i went ought and bought earrings, and more earrings and was like WOW! I love the mismatched earrings betsey johnson has!

Threadless! thank you for existing and making awesome t shirts for me to wear and do stupid crap in like hang gliding. Love their shirts, love their designs, and when i get up off my ass i'm gonna submit some of my own designs!

Sweater dresses! I would have never worn a sweater dress, until that is jan of this year, i was rocking those sweater dresses! thank you betsey for making sweater dresses!

Belts! I held out as long as I could. I didn't believe in wearing belts. Belts were for fat ppl who needed help keeping their pants up. Not anymore, belts are cinched at the waist to create a more defined shape. awesome, I like belts! esp ones with a giant bow on them! Ok i like bows too!

Forever 21 and their clothes, i got a few "work" type jackets and tops for work cause i wasn't about to drop a lot of $$$ for that damn job. I love their prices, and their jewelry. Always on the trend and always affordable!

The full skirts that were in this year, no tight and form fitting but at the waist and then bubble out. Super feminine. Pouf skirt but damn I felt feminine in it. I wore these to work, I didn't feel fat, and it looked great with a little kitten heel.

Maxi dresses - goddamn you know its a trend when old navy starts selling them! It was great for summer, walking around its super hot, and I don't have to wear tight short shorts, and hell no one will notice how stuff i look after hitting the bbq! Its like AC in a long skirt!

Tokidoki - ah you have expanded your line even more. I love the figures, the flash drives, the skateboards, jewelry, everything. You are so awesome, please keep making more cute stuff and inspiring me.

Over the knee/thigh high socks/stockings, knit, opaque, fishnets, lace - great for cooler weather. rocked these a lot as i wore my hooker boots out into the world. Knit ones for winter, they just turn up the sexy factor for me. I love them and will keep rocking them!

Footless tights, I wore these in early spring and early fall, not into the leggings thing yet, but the footless tights worked for me. Hey its a huge step for me ok?! I had footless tights as a kid and I'm like damn are the 80's really coming back? guess so!

Domo! thank you domo for making things much more entertaining for me! No one wants to see me! Everyone wants to see pictures of Domo! Rawr!

Well hope you're amused, damn this was a long post. Happy New Year everyone! Chinese New Year isn't too far off, but I wish you all the same. I hope you all drink up, party it up, dress up, glam it up, glitz it up, and make it back ok, warm and dry. Plz no driving if you're boozing. Don't smear your lipstick while sipping on your champagne ladies. you can always re-apply! Last post for this year! Thanks for a great year ladies! There's never a dull moment!

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