Where have I been?

Damn good question! Ever since I was given my freedom, I have been quite a busy girl! In fact, too busy it seems! I'm tired but not from work but from doing fun stuff, if that were at all possible! Its kinda funny, but I'm lucky that I've been given this time to find myself a bit, breathe a bit and just get my stuff together. and thats Domo with the scarf I made for him. Its winter and Domo needs a scarf you know.

So much food porn to catch up on. That and I met up with the ladies in nyc to celebrate my freedom, odd when I say it out loud, then I met up with the lovely Mona the next day. Tomorrow I got a mani/pedi lined up, and i'm going to Vegas next week! I've never gone, but I'm excited to say the least. My friend and I are looking at some stuff to do, yeah we're gonna go shoot off some machine guns. yeah were gonna go to the buffet and stuff ourselves. So any advice on places to go, eat, visit, avoid, stay please let me know! Mona already told me some stuff on places to avoid. I'll definitely keep that in mind. Which reminds me, I should get a dress for Vegas, like I need another one right?! LOL!

so we went to this place called tree last week. Its suppose to be some frenchie restaurant.

it was damn ass dark in there! so most of my pics didn't turn out that great, and i didn't want to blind everyone with my flash. but they did have some good food

the menu

some frenchie beer

mussels with white wine sauce and other goodies, it was quite tasty. after we ate them, we started dipping the bread in

this is a salad with a poached egg, and lardon, which isn't lard, but actually pork fat, when i ate this it tasted like bacon and eggs. god it was tasty!

seafood pasta

duck special

i had the short rib which was tasty. but it was too dark at that point. We also had escargot, yes snails and that was tasty! after that we went to get some deep fried pickles cause it was someone's bday.

we went here to get some deep fried pickles and other various things...oh the things you find in Manhattan

my drink was pomegranate liquor mixed with lemonade, didn't taste the booze in it, it was tasty!

deep fried pickles. they were breaded with cornmeal and the breading came off when u picked it up and dipped it in the sauce. go figure. it was tasty

raw oysters! they were pretty cheap, normally they're a dozen for 12, that week they got screwed so it was a dozen for $15. they were so fresh and sweet and tasty! definitely going back there to get more oysters. The service is something that could be improved upon.

The waitress, suggested the wrong drink for a friend, then tried to water it down, and it still tasted like battery acid. then she screwed up the bill and didn't say anything about it. like wtf? anyways, food is ok there. drinks are great, and oysters are great.

check out how sexy this oyster is

crawfish cheesecake. yes crawfish. it was more of a quiche. it was bit on the salty side though.

we ordered truducken. yes, we saw it on the menu and ordered it, yes we're fat bitches, and yes we were eating this all in the same night!

the turkducken with stuffing. the stuffing was too salty. and the turducken just fell apart so that was kinda disappointing.

sweet potato with a toasted marshmallow. My friends said it was the best thing there. I don't like sweet potato so I'll take their word for it.

more food porn coming up, but i'll post that up later. food tours are awesome especially when you have crazy friends. And any Vegas advice you have ladies, please share!

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alien man?! said...

i wants turducken D:

and my god

the oysters call my name they do

wuzzyangel said...

FOOD PORN FOR ME!? YAY!!! OOo Mussells.. love that shit!! And damn Prey.. you be killin me!

Congrats again on your freedom!

mayaari said...

yes, domo must keep warm once the weather cools off and acts like november again! ohhh the food porn! my brother's been trying to talk my parents into getting a turducken for thanksgiving for years, and he's always lost, haha.

hooray again for your freedom!

L said...

DOMO is cute, i wanna eat him. Does he taste like meat? LOL

Dude, I think its GREAT that you're takin time for yourself. I am insanely jealous that you are goin to Vegas tho. At the CA luncheon, we were talkin about how we ALL need to have one huge sha'bang in VEGAS. Time to plan fo'tha'futureeee!


Vanessa M. said...

your WAY happier now a days :)