small update on vegas

holy crap, no one told me vegas was freaking dry as all hell, and they had hard water. my skin had a serious freak out there. i didn't bring a whole bottle of body lotion since i didn't want to check stuff in. everything was in 1 carry on and that was it. the lotion the hotel gave royally sucked. my skin started cracking esp on my hands, cause i had to wash my hands everywhere. there were a lot of fat nasty bacon flu phelming ppl around.

i had fun in vegas, as much as i could. my friend was being all emo and crap. the same one that was stalking that girl who said no already like a year ago. well she got engaged and he went ape shit. in private, so he wanted to get away. whatever. so we're in vegas, and we don't gamble, we don't party, we barely drink. we see a bunch of shows, and walk the strip. he gets moody and nasty at me at times, which i let go cause i don't want to get into this rap with him in vegas. but damn it was annoying. i was like wtf is wrong with you? seriously? some annoying highlights he said out loud to me were

we see this korean couple arguing on the strip, to which says i hope her marriage is just like that, where all they do is argue

WOW. really? for someone who's so in love and obsessed with her, you'd think you'd want her to be happy, not be miserable cause she is with HER man and didn't choose you. that's pretty goddamn selfish. and just for that karma's gonna get him and she's not only going to be blissfully happy, but have twins too!

while walking in the casino, he goes I just saw a dime on the floor, i was gonna go pick it up and donate it. wtf? are you trying to impress some random person walking by? cause i really don't give a shit. you saying this out loud is just a feeble attempt at making yourself seem noble or self-less but really it just makes you seem fake, and desperate for attention. no one really says i'm going to donate it, if you really were selfless you'd just do it and not have wished the girl you stalk to have a miserable marriage.

With that said, he insists on paying for mostly all the food there, and then by saying well i paid 80 bucks last night and i didn't enjoy it, but i paid 40 here for brunch and it was great. wtf? i ain't a welfare case, then again you wrestle the check faster, than i can blink.

also, he had the nerve to rip on the beauty bloggers that i hang out with. rather talk to on twitter and facebook. I have to say ladies gave me a bunch of good suggestions and tips for vegas. i only having my phone to check email and twitter, would twitter and fb a lot cause hell he was being all whiny and shit. i was like seriously i need to see twitter cause you ladies were way more fun. he actually had the nerve to go, oh so these beauty bloggers are like f buddies. WTF? Do you even know what that is? he actually said that, cause apparently we don't form real friendships, we just show up, and talk bullshit. ok, so we do bs a lot, and trash talk and eat food, but wtf? who the fuck are you to sit there and judge my relationships with people? people who are WAY more fun and supportive than you are right now?

Oh because I met them online? because you think real friendships are formed in person, by stalking some girl who already said no to you. who said NO and you continue to stalk her? Then you have the nerve to ask if any of them are cute. WTF? Stay away!! far far away. that was just rude. period.

then he had the nerve to go where's that strip club? wtf? you didn't want to go to nudie bars, and now suddenly you want to and you expect me to fucking just magically know where it is? WTF? you're the one with the laptop, i'm working a 3 year old phone. to which i don't know wtf he was doing with his laptop cause he didn't google shit. then says i should google our friend on where' the nudie bar is. to which he begins ripping on our friend, who gambles a lot, so what? he goes to work, he gambles, goes to vegas for bachelor parties, deal with that shit. why are you judging ppl? how does he get dates? geez cause he doesn't stalk some girl who said no to him, cause he puts himself out there. cause he fucking goes out and has fun! geez.

i swear my emo friend was getting so annoying. and he wondered why no one wanted to go with him. geez. let's think about that for a second, cause you were all emo whiny the entire trip?!

i don't want to get a tattoo cause i want to give blood, i don't want to do this cause i want to give blood. oh drop the bs. you didn't give blood last time stop trying to use it as an excuse to look noble and shit. if you really were noble and self-less then you'd do it and STFU!

he wanted to go skydiving and wanted me to sit around for an hour and watch him. NO! I wandered the strip alone instead, and it was great! granted i wandered around aimlessly and didn't get to see everything, but it was great to breath. he insisted on txting me oh i'm on my 3rd jump. geez, does anyone care? no.

i'm just ranting here, cause i don't ever want to mention this again. We came to vegas to have fun, not so you can whine and be emo about her. wtf? can't we just roll with it? no you have to plan out everything and schedule everything like wtf?

i only saw the water fountains 4x, and that's cause someone didn't want to stand there. shit it goes off every 15 min. i want to go back to vegas with my friends this time or even the beauty bloggers cause at least we'd have fun!

rant over, next post will be pictures of vegas and the fun i had there.

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wuzzyangel said...

WTF?! Your "friend" (doesn't sound much of one tho) seriously needs to check himself! You guys are on VACATION! Moping around & trying to be something you're not does not make it fun for yourself & the peeps around you!

I'm glad you were able to have some fun none the less though! :) Can't wait for the pics! You didn't know Vegas was dry?! Oh no! Yeah.. As much as I love going there I have to have lotion & tissues, cuz my nose goes weird w/the dry air. ANd NEVER drink the water! LOL!

alien man?! said...

o geez, it almost sounds like one is better of not going on such a trip if the other option is to go with someone who'd ruin it :/

hope you had enough fun tho!

Swtest2Lips said...

Damn girl, I was looking back at ur cool Vegas pics and I just read this post. Dude sounds soooo wack! Omg, I woulda just left him and roamed around on my own...for the whole trip! You need to call Dr Phil and bring that weirdo on!