Retail Therapy

There ain't nothing like retail therapy to make you feel better, considering where I work damn I needed a lot of it. But I'm always lucky that I can find a sale or a deal somewhere. So onto some haulage! I love sales!

first up is sephora's FF sale, I was thinking about getting that clarisonic thing, but decided against it, which was a good thing. The neutragena wave thing I'm using works pretty decent so I'm not complaining. So instead I decided to get the Bliss oxygen masks instead. One for the face and one for the eyes. Considering where I used to work, yeah I so needed it. I was always tired, always drained, overworked, not appreciated and standing on my feet all day and getting stressed over it. definitely not good for the skin. I tried it last night and it foams and yes it does in fact tickle.

free samples i got. i did it in 2 orders since you get free shipping over 50 bucks. two orders, more samples, plus i wasn't sure about getting the eye mask till i read a few more reviews about it. I wonder if I should have gotten that redness reducing yellow Clinque powder during the FF sale.

not sure about this shampoo/conditioner since its for frizzy hair. i should have read the samples clearly before clicking away senselessly

Onto the betsey stuff! there was a sample sale so yes i went a bit crazy. I didn't take pics of the dresses that I got, and yes I made out like a crazed bandit! they had jewelry and shoes and bags and damn a lot of stuff. so yeah i went nutty, but it was reasonable so yeah. plus there is an outlet in both tangers and one is accessible by the lirr train, so i went there with a friend and proceeded to buy a ton of jewelry that was 50% off the already marked price! i was like NO WAY! That's like forever21 prices or lower! so of course i went nuts there!

These earrings were so cute with the flowers and the bugs!

these bees are cute!

yes I'm digging the mismatched earrings!

why yes those are monkey earrings! They were selling the giant ring of that, I was like eh I'm not gonna wear it out, so i let it be. You can see the monkey series on the betsey johnson website right now. so glad i didn't pay full retail price for it

cute bracelet. its got flowers, and bugs on it. yes its got a very spring like feel to it, and yes i need that in winter, being that things are just getting gloomy

why yes it is a giant spider. it matches the mismatched earrings I got previously. It cost me 10 bucks for this necklace. Not bad right?

They had a giant ring the same size, in black and red, i was thinking about the red one, but again, i was like do i really need all this stuff? so i passed on it so i could buy more earrings and necklaces instead. i really need to expand my earrings collection.

a much more tamed version of the necklace, a small ladybug and a smaller spider.

super long necklace. goes with the flower spring feel. double it up and instant sexy right?!

detail of the necklace, its cute and feminine.

yes its a diamond! well its a symbol of one not an actual one! LOL. oh yeah i'm gonna wear that and work it. I'm a free woman!

this was the first necklace i looked at, when the sales girl said it was an additional 50% off i was like what?! no way!

its a bee! detail of the above necklace. I wore it today and got lots of compliments along with my mismatched earrings.

i snagged both of these, yes i got 2, at the sample sale. they were only 7 bucks each! they're like a clutch but cloth. for 7 bucks yeah i'll buy it.

close up of my new clutch. it goes well with the red and white polka dot dress i bought a couple of months earlier.

another necklace. it was kinda cute. i saw the matching earrings a the outlet, but it didn't scream out buy me.

i like the mouth that's hanging around next to it.

another necklace. animal print! rawr!!!

rawr!!!! hee hee. it makes a bit of noise when they all jingle together.

No dress pics up, and I'm sure there's a couple of other things that I left out, I did buy some stuff. A good chunk of stuff. But now i'm gonna stop cause I don't need retail therapy anymore.

If you haven't been following me on twitter than you don't know that they let me go yesterday. They told me around 3:30pm. there was this whole drama thing happening. they wanted me to teach level 1 and 2 of quarkxpress and i was like no, i barely know level 1, and u want me to teach level 2? that and the fact that they give you a day to learn the entire program, that's just not possible you know? i said no, they said they were getting someone else to teach the class. then i found out from the 2 students that i had that only one of them was showing up the next day. i told my manager and she was like wtf? i'm not having a class for 1 student. she argued with some other manager who was like yes we're having a class for 1 student, so wasteful. in the end around 5pm or so i was leaving, and they were talking to the salesperson to contact the student and tell her that class was moved or canceled or whatever. next morning, i come in and study for the photoshop class i'm suppose to teach. turns out someone fucked up and the student showed up and was waiting in the room. A guy comes in and goes yo, you have a class today. and i'm like no. someone else is teaching it. and he was like well you got a student in the room waiting.yeah someone fucked up. so the other manager comes rushing out cause my manager is MIA, and has to talk to the student. total disorganization here.

later that day they call me into the office, feels like a principals office. the guy is nowhere in site and he just rushes in and goes ok this isn't a good conversation. i'm like ok. and then he's like this just isn't working out and we're gonna have to let you go. its nothing person. You have no idea how hard it was trying NOT to smile. i was like ok. in my mind it was like FREEEDOM!!!! i kinda figured these bastards wouldn't give me my unemployment,but hey, i'm outta there. I was like ok. lemme fill out my time sheet and i'm gonna go. that guy had my timesheet already printed out and i just had to sign out. like damn he wanted to get rid of me. had to give back my building pass and everything.

so i go back pack up my stuff, and in walks my manager lady, and goes yeah can you teach the photoshop class you were scheduled to teach? Disorganized! Seriously! I mean cmon! If anything you should have told me AFTER I taught the class you know? Anyways they said they were gonna pay me till friday so i was like ok. i roll on up today, ready to teach, take a 2 hour lunch people! i had 1 student. and blew through the class by noon. then i was like ok you can go. she was happy, i was happy, and that was it. i walked out happy. and i ain't ever looking back.

So glad that i don't work there anymore. they are so disorganized to say the least. they have no idea what they're doing most of the time, and all they can say is make it work, fix it, make it happen, do it. yes magically it will happen. they haven't paid the rent in months, yeah let's see how long they last. sales are down so let's hire more sales ppl, let's hire another receptionist to handle the students, but to offset that, we're gonna get rid or instructors who teach the class. yes that makes total sense.

anyways now that i'm a free agent again, i can sleep like a normal person and do all those things that i've been trying to do! projects, work on my portfolio, work on my dad's site, put an armature into Domo, so much stuff I can do now, work on my web comic, damn I am busy aren't i? anyways, its good to be free and back ladies. i have a few job leads so i'm good on that. I'm so backed up on the food porn you have no idea. but don't worry you're mouths will be salivating and you'll be shorting out your keyboards with drool soon enough. You know I got this!

yes that does say crack pie!

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ainstein said...

nice haul!!! i love all the jewelry =D n hell yeh for freedom!

alien man?! said...

Oooh. The jewelry is so beautiful. Congrats on being a free agent :) It's incredible how businesses get away with being so inefficient and the ones who are punished are the employees.

wuzzyangel said...

I want some CRACK PIE!!

But I'm glad that you're happy! I know how sucky your workplace was. Hopefully the next job you get won't be such douches. HERE'S TO JEN'S FREEDOM!!! MUAHHH!!!!

And dang you always get great stuff from Betsy's!

~Mel said...

haha.. u're too funny girl.. to hell with them.. moving on to bigger and better things =)