And how was your Halloween? I know most of you ladies dressed up and went out and kicked ass. What did I do? I went to Philly to go so Pearl Jam. Oh yeah...

yeah i got backstage somehow, don't ask. i just did. and let's move on! being the only asian girl there that kinda helps. so i wonder who's doing sound check right now?

watching the show from the sides. yeah it was awesome

look its eddie vedder singing!

they dressed up as Devo, and did a cover of whip it! pretty cool!

eddie vedder still rocking out!

this confetti in a box is going to cover the arena

its starting to cover the area, yes i'm standing next to it

god that's a lot of confetti!

the staff is wondering how long it will take to clean up. The fans are going nuts!

now its a balloon drop! fans loved it! so patriotic too in philly!

confetti finally over, it was a good couple of minutes that we were covered in that stuff. they set it off during keep on rocking in the free world, a neil diamond cover. the feather girl was SO FUCKING annoying! she was standing on the stage blocking my view. Not only that she kept turning around and waving to people and getting into their pictures as fans were trying to take pictures of the BAND! yes people came here to see the BAND not your fucking fat ass! her job was to hold up the sign showing the world series score. and she was a retard about it too. she couldn't even tape the numbers onto the sign. like wtf? no one wants to take your picture. we want to take pics of the band.get the fuck out of the way.

so long spectrum. last show there, closing it down. later

its a rat! it was on all their cases.

After the show, it was utter chaos trying to get back. they decided to build the arena, the baseball stadium, the hockey stadium, and the football stadium all next to each other! It would have been great if they weren't all in season! they were was a flyer's game, the world series game and the concert. total chaos trying to get out!

Philly fans are fucking rude and insane and crazy! there is no other way to describe it. they were totally hating on new york, like wtf? chill, its a goddamn game! they were being super rude saying oh we must be yankee fans. WTF? We're here for pearl jam, fuck you nutjobs! Everywhere I went it was like Philly's stuff all over the place. Then my friend explained that here in nyc when the yanks go to the world series its like whatever. Apparently over in philly that's a big deal. ok, so be excited but seriously its just a game you nut jobs!

had cheesesteaks at Geno's, didn't have time to go to pats or anywhere else. They were goddamn crazy there, Phillys this and Philly's that and serious haterade on nyc. like goddamn i just wanna eat my cheesesteak sandwich you freaks! Geno's apparently is also the racist one stating that you MUST order in english, and that you should be so glad that you can speak english blah blah blah. whatever. they didn't have mushroom with his cheesesteak, so boo!

when we awoke in the morning, exhausted from the night before, damn i'm old, we had to head back to nyc, not before stopping off at Potbelly! God they make great sandwiches! I saw this place when I was down in DC.

Sandwiches! this is the clubby! in big!

this is my sandwhich. Called the wreck!

i have no idea what this is!

key lime soda!

a bacon sculpture. well not exactly, not sure what it is, saw it as i was walking around the streets of philly.

streets of philly

so glad to leave philly. the people were a bit crazy. and drinking way too much haterade.

So that's what I did Halloween weekend. and a great time was had by all. i also found out my other friend was working the weezer concert at the hammerstein, goddamnit! but watching pearl jam close down the spectrum was pretty awesome. they played from 9 pm to 1:40! like wow! awesome concert. awesome time.

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ChyiX2 said...


BACKSTAGE?!? Holy cow! And, also you're too modest. Must be because they saw this hawt asian chica that's why!

As for teh thing you don't know what is...my guess would be... a stove?

wuzzyangel said...

Use your feminine wiles to get back stage huh?! LOL! J/K! They knew you were cool beans that's why! :) That is sooo fricken AWESOME yo got to do that though. And Eddie Vedder as Devo?! LOL! Now that is a priceless moment! Holy confetti! I like cheesy stuff like that! The balloon drop makes it even better! ;)

Mmmm... Cheesesteak, sandwiches, FOODPORN!!! :D Don't worry about the haterade. When Hawaii gets onboard something big like that we tend to go overboard too. I'm glad you had a fun weekend though! LOL!

Yay for Stewart's Soda and I have no idea what that sculpture is! LOL!