Going to Vegas!!!!

Hotel's booked! Flights Booked! I'm going to Vegas next week baby! Oh yeah! My friend and I looked at a bunch of sites and we thought they were giving us a deal, turns out they weren't, so in the end we went with Jetblue.it was 109 to fly there and the same to fly back, so I can't complain. We're staying at this hotel called the Flamingo. After looking at a bunch of hotels, and trying to stay within budget, yeah we're going flaming pink! Which reminds me I should go get a pink dress and dress up like a flamingo!

I saw this dress at the express it was on sale, but it seems kinda plain in a sense, aside from the color, not sure if its worth 50 bucks. what do you ladies think?

My revamp and overhaul, thanks to me not working. Free haircut at bumble and bumble! Yes its short! Yes they gave it some form of style!

they gave me a sideswept bang. Its puffy though, kinda hard to maintain now that I think about it. But it doesn't have crazy layers like the other time, so when it grows out its not crazy and all over the place.

its light and free. When it grows out, it'll be less crazy which is a good thing. Now I'm gonna get my hair colored on Friday now! w00t! no more two toned hair! no more grey hairs! time to make myself presentable again!

got myself a mani/pedi yesterday too! my nails are real! and they are sexy! haa haa! color is by urban decay. graffiti color. too bad they stopped making nail polish. i snagged these suckers up when they were 50% off. I'm starting to look pretty damn decent now.

I'm also on the hunt for hair extensions, or clip in ones. I was looking at the Jessica Simpson ones. Yes I know, i cut my hair short and now I want it long again. Oh wellz. Its Vegas baby, might as well go crazy there right? *evil laughter*

Anyways, here are the haul pics from Betsey sample sale and stuff. I'm debating if I should wear any of these in Vegas. Then again I'm wondering what does one wear in vegas? Something completely insane and ridiculous right?

i bought this at the outlet a while ago. I don't remember why I got it, i think cause it was buy one get one free, and i thought I could wear this with pants or something to work, you know when I used to work? LOL! yeah definitely not to this dress.

its blue! its suppose to be a dress, its a wee bit short for that, so I usually wear this with jeans instead.

the detail on the dress. boob shot! well not that much detail. just sequins on the empire waist part and on the sleeves. Its pretty comfy. It wrinkles easily so I have to iron it all the time. But damn it hides my tummy well for when I go to the buffet!

blue dress! yeah not sure where this fits, but it was on sale so why not right? it fits nicely and I feel like a princess! well in a shorter dress that is. hee hee

casual dress. its suppose to be wrinkled LOL! it was pretty cheap at the sample sale. I think it was 15. you have to tie it in the back or else the cap sleeves fall off. really!

cake dress! this dress cost 35 or 40 bucks. I was like wow! no wai! had to have it! kinda reminds me I should have a tea party!

so 80's i know right?! gotta love polka dots! this dress was pretty cheap too! 30 bucks! w00t!

I like this dress. its really comfy and stretchy, ready for the buffet! LOL! it cost me 20 bucks cause it was a day dress! lol!

detail of dress. definitely for the fall.

red dress. kinda puffy and a bit much. I was gonna wear this for my bday, hell why not? but it does remind me of a tea party, well not really. reminds me of queen of hearts.

well I just wanted this dress. yes I know it makes me look like i'm 13. but whatever. I like it! I'm amused and happy by it! so there!

so that's my haul. Now what to bring to Vegas with me? LOL!

I'm just gonna bring on one carry on and that's it. Gotta travel light. My friend wants to go to the grand canyon, since he doesn't gamble, whatever. going to the gun range, and going to the buffets, see a show, go do that fake sky diving thing, and just chill by the pool. hopefully the weather is warm enough for me to tan a bit.

i hate the stupid tsa no liquids crap. i need my moisturizer and eye cream. and then its like does cream count as liquid? cause its cream not liquid. oh blah, gotta google that shit. anyone know? Any recommendations and suggestions you ladies have for vegas let me know. that and the hair extensions thing.

Don't worry ladies i'll have food porn posts while I'm gone so you can drool on your keyboards while I'm in vegas. LOL!

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alien man?! said...

I agree the TSA no-liquids rule is utter bull. I bet makeup companies are making oodles of dough off of their overpriced TSA-approved crap.

Love the dresses and your hair looks great :)

xppinkx said...


i fucking love you red and black dress...and YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY FOR VEGAS!!!! i swear you can do vegas recession style or high roller...no oerfect medium!!! lol ....i love that your staying vintage babe the flamingo is the shit!!!!....there are so many places you need to eat!!!...trust me you dont have to spend crazy $$$ on food in vegas....you need to hit up ellis island for the cheap BOMB ass prime rib...and the egg & i for THEEEEEEEEE best breakie...ughh...so jealous of your fucking freedom...you you deserve it 1400000n %....please picture whore yourself and food poonage...i know you will have shit loads of funnnn

be safe and get some naked lady cards for me...im serious!!!

wuzzyangel said...

I just put my creams in with my liquids in the quart baggie just in case. I rather be on the safe side then have them take it, & have to buy again. But just put what you need for the flight in sample jars, and keep the full size in your checked luggage.

Damn girl you always score at them Betsy sample sales! Everything looks great on you! I can't choose a fave!

Flamingo is a-ight.. I've stayed there before. And the ghetto Imperial Palace that's like next door or a couple down!


mayaari said...

dresses 5 & 8 demand that you have a tea party so you can wear them! every time i look at your sample sale hauls, it reminds me that i need to find nice dresses...and find a reason to wear said dresses, haha.

hope you have fun in vegas! you better fill up a memory card with lots of food porn and domo in vegas :)

it's been a while since i've flown, but the TSA regulations are utter crap. that's usually when I go through my stash of sample packets for facewash/serums/moisturizers to pack if I can't put my usual products in smaller containers.