Flip bbq!!!!

To celebrate my freedom my friend decided to take me out to eat Flip bbq. goddamn that is some good stuff. I love me some flip bbq! the wondrous things you can do with the pig! Different parts of the pig and then find a way to add it into the dish. This is a veggie roll but we put pork in there. this is a seafood dish but we put pork in it. DAMN that is some good stuff! I need to get me to the Philippines and eat more pork and eat balut!

Domo Looking at the menu on what to order. Yes what parts of the pig do we want to eat?

my friend and Domo agreeing on what to order

Domo is HUNGRY!!!

mango drink. god i love mango, i love condensed milk. I love flip food!

this calamari was so good, it was so soft and tender, not chewy. tasty! sexy!

lechon i think. I can never remember the name of this stuff. But goddamn its good, i love pork!

bbq pork skewers!

Domo wants to eat some too!

Domo loves pork too!

Then after the flip bbq, since we were in the area, we decided to go eat korean fried chicken! yes we're piggies!

Domo wanted korean fried chicken too!

we're ordering that!

Domo's thirsty! he's drinking noni berry snapple!

Domo wants some macaroni salad!

hmmm wings!

Domo wants wings too!

the flip gene only works on pork apparently. so we had to pack up the rest, since neither one of us could eat the rest of the chicken wings...yes we're fat bitches.

later that night i went on yet another foodie tour. yes more food porn is coming up...

3 stalkers:

wuzzyangel said...

I sweat Domo eats better then me! LOL! Mmm.. lechon...

Stephie said...

man that pinoy food looks so good! but hellll to the no about balut! i will never try it! lol

domo looks like he's having a great time!

OhMyJemimah said...

OMG i love ihawan! 69th st. is like filled with filipino restaurants! :)