Cause I'm leaving...

Yup tomorrow I'll be on a jetblue plane off to sin city! Once I land, I'm off to the buffet, which one i'm not sure yet. Though i have to say if I'm friend that I'm going with, if he starts getting all emo and whiny on me, I'm so out of there. I will abandon him there so he can wallow in his own self pity. this is the same guy friend that was obsessed with this girl who already told him no. Who continually obsessed over her over a year and went ape shit in private and emo and depressed sitting the dark, talking about how the world is full of idiots when he found out she was engaged. geez. that wasn't a huge surprise you know. anyways he decides vegas would be good, he doesn't want to gamble, or pay for sex, or go to a strip club. cause he's all obsessed over that girl, who btw isn't that pretty, isn't that smart, and is racist. but anyways. ladies please help me, if ur in the area, let me know so we can go party it up.

moving on, i haven't packed yet, i am what you call a slacker. i got all the little stupid tubes and crap, 3oz to put in that stupid zip lock bag. i'm bringing one bag, a carry on to vegas. i'm only going from tues to sat. so i don't really need or want to check in a bag, that and the fact that jet blue is run by fucking retards. lip balm is lip balm, yet is it considered a liquid? no. but i bet you those asshole security guards at the airport are gonna think otherwise. i have to say they are so fucking disgruntle and moody, shit if you hate your job so much, get another one, maybe if you had higher goals in life you wouldn't be doing such a crappy job. u have no one else to blame but yourself!

Deciding on which betsey dresses to wear to vegas, not sure yet, probably something shiny that screams look at me bitches! i know the weather there fluctuates a lot.

my friend wants to go to the hoover dam and grand canyon, that and the fact he wanted to spend 2 days on that! WTF? no way! you can do that shit in one day! then he's like i wanna go to a indian reservation and get crystals to find my totem animal. WTF? you wanna go to a sweat lodge too? geez they sell smokes and booze tax free on the reservation, you don't do either! ugh.

hopefully we can go see some shows, and go to the casino, ok, I'll go to the casino and bars and have fun. He actually had the nerve to say i'm not gonna talk to you on the plane. wtf? who says i was gonna talk to you on the plane? you know i actually wanted to sleep on the plane you know, god why are you being so presumptuous for? ugh.

anyways, i should be excited and happy for vegas. i found out the AVN awards/ convention is in january. w00t! gonna try to go to vegas for that! yeah i wanna see roast beef porn stars! haa haa!

i didn't get my hair colored cause the stupid girl at the arrojo studio didn't bother to tell me that class was canceled. wtf? how hard is it to email or txt me? she was emailing me from her blackberry so she clearly was too fucking lazy to email me. so rachel at arrojo salon your'e a fucking unprofessional pig. you're too stupid/lazy/retarded to tell me that your class was canceled. you must be too stupid/lazy/retarded to do hair, so don't touch mine. trying to get a new appt elsewhere, but its taking forever.

also, some wanna be poser holier than thou bitch said something about something i said. last time i checked its a goddamn free fucking country. i can say whatever i want on my blog, twitter, facebook, tumblr, etc. stop trying to act like you're so much better than me, i'm not the one walking around with a fucking unibrow and bushy eyebrows that belong on a hobbit! yeah i went there bitch. You're not worth my time. so stop obsessing over what i say.

here's some quick and random food porn. I went to city island which is all the way up in the bronx. its that tiny island up there, they don't call themselves the bronx, instead they insist they are city island, its a bunch of stupid ppl running around up there. makes me wonder wtf is wrong with new yorkers.

lobster waiter

garlic bread, and yes it was super garlicy! vampires beware!

menu. they got lots of stuff there.

Manhattan clam chowder. yes its oily!

new england clam chowder

surf n turf time!

my friend's surf n turf. love the 2 lone onion rings on the steak.

seaman's platter. says its for 2 ppl, but easily can feed 3 ppl. its got all these sea creatures, shrimp, scallops, baby lobster tails, a lobster's under there somewhere, crab legs, corn, rice, can't remember the others.

the lobster's trying to get out! help me! there's a crab on me!

the place is called Crab Shanty on City Island. There's a bunch of restaurants there to check out. You need a car to get there. I know they have buses, but seriously you need a car to get there.

and somewhere during the weekend, i think yesterday I went here to eat some glorious carnitas!

mexican beer! victoria, as its called, only comes in a 40oz size. Quite tasty. apparently corona won't let it be imported into the states for some reason.

the glasses say vino, but we're putting beer in them!

now we're classy!


mexican hot wings, they were so tender, they fell off the bone, it has a kick at the end.

special pork taco, its grilled so you taste it. more bbq flavor

carnitas time! hmmm!

i don't think these are enough, let's order another round!

special sauce, makes everything taste better, no idea what its called

fish tacos!

poblano pepper stuffed with tuna fish. really!

see tuna fish inside. it's pretty good, has a slight burn at the end

i ordered one more carnita

the pig is such a wonderful animal you know...

i love carnitas!

this is the place in corona, queens. If you're ever in nyc, go there! go there now! carnitas are only available on the weekends, fyi, so just know that before you go, weekend is when carnitas are available.

after that went to lemon ice king of corona! and um yeah, the guy who scooped it up, yeah...

um yeah, it kinda looks like you know...a porn star in the beginning days. before it turns into...

this! roast beef sandwhich! well in icee form. this flavor is mango. the above flavor is strawberry. yes my ices looked like vag!

lick it! you know you want too!

Ok ladies i'm out, not sure if i'm gonna bring my laptop there, but i'll schedule some food poonage while i'm gone. that way you can continue to drool. see you ladies soon!

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♥ Ms. Kendall ♥ said...

I'm expecting sooo much food porn MISS!!!
The name of my FAV Vegas buffet is on the tip of my tongue! I can't think of the name. I know it's way downtown on the strip, around the old Vegas glitter glucth area.

♥ Ms. Kendall ♥ said...

Girl! When you get home go to the hood BSS (Beauty Supply Store). Get yourself 1 pack of REMI extension in whichever length you want then call or Skype me!
Waht's the lard for??

wuzzyangel said...

My fave buffetts is Bellagio dinner & MainStreet (in downtown). I got no hassles by havin my lip balm in my purse & not in the baggie.

OOhh AVN!! LOL Roast beef! Down here we call it TERI BEEF! HA!!

Speaking of... MMmmm FOODPORN!!