blame canada

back from canada, with a bunch of pics and domo. i swear i am so drained and exhausted. i didn't post about vegas yet, or canada, and i'm still uploading more pics! how is that even possible?! and then today i went to see santa at macy's too. after walking through a huge maze and all. my clock is all out of whack, my skin is slowly recovering from all that damn hard water and cold dry air. did i mention we got stopped at the border too? damn cause we asian does it mean we go to chinatown to smuggle in fruits and vegetables? how racist is that? meanwhile you have animals and birds running across the border bringing fleas, ticks and animal droppings that contain fruits and veggies, why don't you detain them at the border too? anyways, canada has fake bacon, but awesome strip clubs. they don't have any sugar up there and their portions are so damn tiny! i'd bitch and whine, but seriously, i had more fun in canada than in vegas due to the fact there wasn't some crazy emo whiny ass bitch there! who had the nerve to go why did you bother to go to canada for? geez cause the trip with u to vegas sucks ass. anyways pics coming up soon!

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wuzzyangel said...

Can't wait to see all your exploits! That's right I said it! In Vegas & Oh Canada! You'll have the yummo foodporn too I"m sure!

Sorry again that your friend bummed your Vegas trip out.. But glad to know Canada was better! LOL! Smuggling fruits huh?!