ladyL's korean bbq fest

Last saturday the fabulous Pink hosted a korean bbq fest for our LadyL. A bunch of us blogger ladies showed up at a korean restaurant in k-town here in nyc. it was great to see all the ladies. I have to say the second I walked in, i just absorbed the smell of korean bbq! I'd probably have to drown myself in febreeze to get the smell out.

Why yes that is a piano over the falls in this restaurant!

the menu

Pink walked in a few minutes after I did, all dressed up, carrying a pink present complete with bow. Pink went to talk to the lady there about her reservation and apparently they put her down as P only, as in the letter. They had a slight freakout when Pink said there would be 15 of us. it was less than that. And yes I saw pink drop the present behind the bar.
(I see a kitty in the city!)

We all went out and got LadyL some presents something for her to remember us by. hee hee! She in return gave us some awesome lashes from japan, and hello kitty blotting papers! and its super kawaii!

super kawaii!

And so LadyL opened up Pink's Present!

Yes, its a chalice! But not just any chalice, it was all blinged out!

Now onto the food! yes everyone was breaking out their cameras to take pics! Of all the silliness that ensues! What do you think is gonna happen when you get a buncho g girls together?!

pink and ladyl taking pics, while pink pours the green tea into the chalice!

we're all eating now!

grill up some yum yums!

seafood pancake!

this guy is concentrating oh so hard

hmmm mushrooms!

we ordered veggies too apparently. go figure.but it was tasty overall!

aftermath! damn we ate a lot!

then we all went to take pics with LadyL as if she were mickey mouse, all lined up, then they took a group photo, and i hope that one turns out well. it was a fun time had by all. i had to leave before they went to sing at karaoke, since the trains were all screwed up again! the trains weren't running, so i ended up taking the LIRR train instead.

The next day, well, we'll talk about that another time. and with all the drama and bs happening let's keep this post happy, cause it was pretty awesome to meet everyone, eat and be happy.

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mayaari said...

you did a great job taking pics from the dinner - compared to my 2 sad pics, lol! you would've gotten a kick out of the fobby karaoke host and all the crazy singing :)

~Mel said...

yum!! aww.. wish i could've gone.. korean bbq and karaoke sounds just like my typical sat night.. haha. glad everyone had fun!

wuzzyangel said...

looks like ya'll had a blast!! And LOL at L's new PIMP CUP!! Hahah!!!! Yumm... FOOD PORN!! And Korean BBQ is the meal that follows you home! ;)

♥ Ms. Kendall ♥ said...

I so wished I could have been there.
*tear* I'm gonna have to get my money right so I can fly in & out of NY.