I'm alive! barely....

I got google voice! w00t! gonna get google wave! its great to have a cousin that works for google. :P

I met up with beautymoogle, earlier this week, where she gifted upon me the glorious domos. yes i <3 domos! Who wouldn't? I mean cmon its DOMO!!!! We met up at stand for some toasted marshmallow milkshakes. It was toasty! I also drew on the bathroom walls, no not like that, they painted the walls with the black chalk board paint, and they left colored chalk in there. so i just doodled in there. yeah yeah i know.
Beautymoogle also gave me this super awesome modem bag! Ok its didn't have a modem, but it had awesome goodies inside it! I gotta gift her back since I rolled on up there, after work, totally frazzled cause i had to teach illustrator and then dreamweaver that week, and powerpoint level 2 too!

awesome goodies inside!

gotta try all this whitening stuff. the mask I tried, and it was a peel off and goddamn it hurt like a mofo trying to get it off!

DOMO! he's at 7-11, and i swear whenever i see him its like yes you need a hot dog, yes you need a slurpee, yes you need a coffee, yes you need a pumpkins pice latte. yes domo...

Got a ton of food porn, but work's been crazy. i've been there almost 2 months and they've laid off 6 ppl. they fired the general manager cause they weren't making their numbers, rather he wasn't, and that was brutal cause you'd never think he'd get axed, that and the fact that he's been there 10 years. so now everyone's worried, i always wanted out cause let's face it, it just sucks there. i have to stand all day while i teach, that is so uncomfortable to say the least. i'd rather want a desk job. the office slut in accounting is worried too. good. be worried.

here's an owl. randomly at home depot. looks creepy to say the least.

puffin room

I'm tired, i'm exhausted, I have so many things and ideas I want to do but there just isn't enough time. I'm not even sure I get monday off yet. But I gotta keep trying and keep pushing, cause I gotta make some $$$.

I've been using the Wen haircare line. I'll do a review on it soon.

Hope you ladies are doing well.

why yes there's fish juice in your juicy juice! yes it does say tuna!!!!

mooncake still doesn't taste good....

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Jenn said...

What kind of juice is that??!!

I went to 7-11 so I could see domo. I wanted to get a domo slurpee cup but I didn't see them out, maybe they have them behind the counter so no one would steal them. whahaha.

That's how it whitens you by ripping your skin cells off...sorry it hurt, I hadn't tried it.

freshelle said...

domo is soo freaking cute!! love it!!!

i'm a new follower now - looking forward to your future posts !!!

mayaari said...

i have the sekkisei mask - totally hurts, but i like it cause it makes me feel like it's pulling all the crap outta my pores, so the pain is kinda worth it. supposed to be a good whitening line though.

i went to 7-11 last night and saw all the domo-ness...haha i just wanted to take an empty cup home :)

Wen...is that the hair stuff that's supposed to be super good for your hair that doesn't actually lather up?

adin_22 said...

I love my Domo...I bring him wherever I go....

wuzzyangel said...

Haha Fish Oil in Juicy Juice! Hey gotta get those Omega-3s! LOL!

Sorry your work has been crappy! But I'm sure you'll find something better soon! :) You got all the skillz! You'll find a better paying, better environment job. Must be fate.. this was just a warm up job!

And your Domo is just taking over huh?! :)