Damn this work bs!

Things just keep getting worse and worse at work. So I'm gonna fill this entry with food porn! cause food makes me happy, let's face it, food is the one thing that makes most ppl happy, that and money. but right now cause we're in a recession, money is scarce. They fired the receptionist, and hired a new one. Don't know why. Apparently a salesperson left today too, go figure. so in the 2 months that i've been there they've let go of 9 ppl. wow. awesome track record right? Oh wait it gets better, cause the prez of the company who had a hissy fit cause i didn't suck up to him, is gonna be the new general manager. oh yeah. this is going to be bad isn't it? considering the douche behavior he displays on a regular basis, and the fact that he's a racist, i think i may not make it to 4 months, and i may be thrown off this sinking ship. that may not be a bad thing. anyways...

found out great dirt on the office folk. dear god, they're a bunch of idiots. the office slut was caught in the elevator, yes the elevator a few years ago, i mean seriously, are we in high school again? the general manager before had a fetish type deal and wanted to bang every black girl in the office. yes. wtf is that about? then you had other ppl there who left or were fired who did some stupid shit like hook up in the office, or try to bang some girl on their desk like wtf ppl? seriously wtf? are you all retarded?

I seriously think they are. Meanwhile I have to teach acrobat 9 tomorrow, level 1 and then friday i teach photoshop cs3 level 2. dear god. i hate this teaching bs! revamping the resume and sending it out!

i made a stop at the all you can eat korean bbq place in queens. dear god, all you can eat korean bbq may sound like a good idea, course when you get there and stuff your face, well that's another, somethings shouldn't be all you can eat.

malay food!

roti canai it think, i'm so spelling this wrong aren't i? love that layer of oil in the curry dip oh yeah.

chinese watercress, oh so tasty!

hainese chicken. tasty!

milled fish and ground up pork on sizzling tofu. ok its not really sizzling and this pic doesn't make it look very appealing.

red bean dessert thing.

afterwards we went to have dessert at martha's bakery. i had the red velvet cupcake


giant chewy cookie!!!

latte art!

cappuccino! damn that's a lot of powder!

halloween oreos! what are you gonna be for Halloween?

I really don't like that stupid ftc blog crap thing. Freedom of speech apparently doesn't apply anywhere these days. never mind that the econ is screwed up the govt decides to waste money on this. wtf? don't you have better things to do? i wanna get paid by the govt to sit on my ass and read blogs that review stuff and then write them up for not disclosing shit.

so here's my full disclosure. this is my personal fucking blog and i will blog about whatever i goddamn want. its a free country last time i checked. and if my tax dollars are being pissed away like this i have the right to complain and rant about it. yes i pay taxes, way too many taxes and i have yet to see it used for anything constructive! So here it is, all the stuff on my blog is MY stuff, i go out and pay for it with whatever money i have left AFTER taxes. I wish i was getting paid to write up reviews on crap. But guess what? I don't, in fact I have to spend MY hard earned money on stuff that will work, suck really bad or just be mediocre. So there! now get the hell off my blog!

ok, two days of teaching stupidness, standing all day and then its the weekend! let's hope I make it that far!

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Peonies and water lilies said...

Everything looks so delicious, especially the savory dishes!

wuzzyangel said...

Man your work is starting to sound like the ultimate "WTF" place! Well like I said before... get all you can from it.. experience, education, yadda yadda.. then PEACE OUT!!

But I know you'll find something else... something better out there. You're too smart for that place that's all.

MMmm... FOOD PORN!!!! Yes Red Velvet cupcakes make everything a little better!

And what is the FTC Blog thing?! Now I gotta go google...

Angela said...

OMG that food looks amazing
im so hungry now
and i love korean bbq...LOL


Vanessa M. said...

oh em gee your food porn is the BESTEST!