Choke on this!

had a terrible class today. absolutely horrible. what is wrong with ppl? i did a rant on my twitter on twerbose. all I have to say is that no one likes ugly, and that lady was just UGLY, outside and in, and at the end of the day, i get paid, i go home, and i'm not old, not fat, not ugly, have a man and i ain't that bitter bitch! so with that said, let's move on.

I don't get a 3 day weekend, which makes me sad, i wish i did have monday off, everyone knows i need the sleep. revamping my resume and sending it out, i hope to get a response. cause i need to get out of that sinking ship, the 2 months i've been there, they've axed 9 ppl, wow. harshness. i know with these times, i should stick it out but seriously, they're gonna axe me soon, i kinda feel it. i won't get unemployment until 6 months. not sure if i can make it another 4 months. sigh.

One of the guys at work, who's nice, he's an intern, and they hired him as part time there, he seems happy and content. we talk and chat, he's cool. then again he tried to talk to me and impress me with the fact that he's a volunteer fireman on long island. i had to laugh a little. I called him a volly and he was like wtf? who told you that word, funny, always funny. sometimes its good to know ppl in the field.

food porn time, cause that makes me happy.

picture menu! its by the pound! its pretty good considering 1lb is basically one serving.

time to cook it up! short ribs! w00t!

cook up that pork!

tasty! they put kimchi on the sides to cook and warm up. tasty! its oily cause all the oil and fat from the meat are there

Now off to another restaurant!

bun soho! this vietnamese place in soho. pretty trendy and such

shrimp chips to snack on!

the setting!

slideshow at the table! food porn to stare at while we wait!

the menu!

picture menu on the back

open bar! well not exactly open, but it looks like a trendy place

open kitchen

lol! fail! they can't find their images!

this is a rock roll, shrimp and meat inside. tasty

veggie roll

pork ribs. pork wrapped around a sugar cane with a honey and something glaze that was sweet. it was tasty! too bad it only came with 4

it came with sticky rice, with pork sausage inside. yummy!

this is a spicy chicken with noodles, it was just right, not too spicy but had enough of a kick.

veggie platter. this was way salty! too salty!

spicy pho! and it was spicy!

all lit up outside!

I just want the weekend to be here already. I'm tired and overworked. i'm so tired! i just wnat to sleep and just rest for a bit. this job sucks, I wish someone would call me about one o the many resumes i sent out. el sigh. Hope you ladies have a good weekend, 3 day or not. enjoy it!

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wuzzyangel said...

Oh the food porn!! And IDK why some peeps just have to ruin the day for everyone else, just bcuz their life sucks!

LOL.. How did he know about you and Firemen?! O_o

Angela said...

OMG all the food is making me so hungry now....LOL

mayaari said...

ugh, your workplace sounds a little more like hell with each passing day - hope you get some callbacks for the applications you sent out, cause it's just not healthy to be there anymore!

mmmm food porn....can't wait to see you again in a week! we'll all sit around a (round!) table and grill some meat!