Blue Ribbon piggies!

We'll just start off with some food porn. considering that i'm getting over worked at work now, constantly teaching = constantly standing on my feet = not happy. that and the fact that i deal with stupid idiots all day, who for some reason find ways to irritate me or try to invoke a reaction out of me. I find it rather childish, so rather than getting into it with them, I just push through and then just leave. i don't give them the satisfaction of knowing that they got to me. Cause at the end of the day I get to go home, I get paid, and i'm not fat, ugly, old and most of all i'm not one of those stupid retarded students i have to deal with.

With that said, onto Blue Ribbon! Yes we went there for brunch, there was a line outside the place before it even opened! WTF is that about? And yes this is the place that has the bone marrow, hmmm bone marrow!

tasty bread! turns out this one is the bakery, and the one across the street is the wine bar.

time to get my drink on! mimosas for me! and oj for the other ppl

latte anyone? creamy!

poached eggs with bacon, mushroom and spinach, tasty!

blue benedict, aka their version of eggs benedict. tasty yes. and they're pretty good at poaching eggs too!

chorizo hash, oh so tasty, not really hash, but mostly chopped up potatoes and chorizo. hmmm chorizo!

my dish, bacon shrimp hash! god i love bacon!

this was really tasty!

this is some TASTY bacon, and thick! not as thick as the ones at peter lugers

walnut raisin french toast on challah bread. yes its dark. but oh so sweet and tasty!


the view from blue ribbon. it looks like a rickshaw

dessert menu, yes the pigs are humping.

downstairs is the bakery and kitchen. smells good down there cause they were making bread

hmmm baking the bread

bakery in the basement

the bakery is in open space

This weekend, i'm going to an oyster festival, yes I am. There is an oyster eating contest that costs $50 to enter. I would so enter it but apparently you have to shuck your own oysters, so its not really worth it for me, if it was already shucked and ready to go i'd be eating this suckers down that would give kobayashi a run for his hot eating ass. Then again I could end up throwing up from eating all those oysters, but hey! I'm still gonna check it out!

And of course this weekend is the awesome party for LadyL! Can't wait to eat me some korean bbq! And to see all the ladies! That and hopefully before this week is over I can finally get some retail therapy in! Though the paycheck my company gave me, yes the physical check hasn't cleared yet. wtf?! I so need a new job. So anyone know of any potential prospects within the tri state area, of nyc please let me know!

I'm gonna try to stay positive through these tough times, gotta stay strong, gotta have a sense of humor, i swear that's getting me through it. Have a great weekend ladies, eat, drink, enjoy, party it up. And east coast ladies I will see you with LadyL over a flaming grill cooking the flesh of dead 4 legged animals!

See you there!

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mayaari said...

we'll be seeing you soon - grilling some meat and laughing and bitching and foodie whoring galore :)

i wanna indulge in retail therapy this weekend but i'm not sure that the impending rain will allow me to walk around as much as i want to...but there's always the sephora f&f sale to order online!

wuzzyangel said...

OMG I think I just had a heart attack.. then revived my self so I could look at the pics and do it all over again! LOL!

I'm glad you're hanging in there woman! And it's cool that you're not letting those losers at your work get to you. You'll be on to bigger & better things soon for sure.