and how was your weekend?

Nothing in my life is ever simple. Things get all crazy and insane in a short amount of time, and this weekend was no different. I had a hellish week at work, goddamn this stupid teaching bs. I really do hate teaching, i really do, I respect those that can do it, and enjoy it, but I just don't like it, and I don't want to do it anymore. Mostly because the students are all retarded, can't click, take it out on you cause they're frustrated cause they're stupid.

With that said, let's move onto the food poonage, cause that's what everyone came here to see right?! So friday night, even though i'm suppose to go to LadyL's korean bbq fest, my friends and I decide hey let's go eat korean bbq tonight, cause we like the restaurant that does it by the pound. yes the pound! 12.99 per pound. 15.99 per pound. its usually 1 pound per person, so that's pretty damn affordable.

seriously love korean bbq. that's pork belly, goddamn its good!

egg custard thing

ox tail soup thing

totally love korean bbq, i'm starting to eat it with the lettuce leaf now, before i'd eat it straight up just meat. go figure.

then saturday rolled around and i was off to the oyster festival in the pits of long island hell. actually it was in oyster bay of all places.

this poor owl is blind on that side, but he can see on the other side.

he was very well behaved.

pickle people!

yes i'm in oyster bay. for an oyster festival

omg we're all gonna die on these rides! held together by bubble gum and toothpicks!

rides of DEATH!!! DEATH!!!!

this dog was walking the person! this dog was HUGE!

he was there selling his insulation for the house

this was cool. you bought the metal cup and you got unlimited refills. course it was freezing there cause it was next to the water. But we got straws and we shared the one cup.

their sodas tasted pretty good.

the beach, it was freaking cold!

oyster bay ambulance

newsday dog

this was the only stand that had oysters, wtf? it had a huge line! wtf how are you gonna call it an oyster festival and you have ONE stand selling oysters? that shit was whack! They did have lots of other food, clams, steamers, lobsters, crab cake, funnel cake, giant turkey legs, and every other food you can think of, even soft shelled crab.

why yes that's a horseshoe crab. they're pretty nice, they don't go around stabbing people. i know ppl get freaked when they see them, but seriously, their tail is used to flip themselves over when they get over turned. don't know why ppl turn them over for, they spend all this time trying to flip back onto the sand so they can get back into the water. yeah the top looks ok, and under they look creepy, so just let them be. they don't sting ppl, they use their tail so they can flip over and crawl on the sand.

i don't know why they called it steamer

while driving back to the city, we saw a bunch of cars lined up on the side of the road and a bunch of ppl standing on line for something, so course we did a huge u turn and went to investigate. it was a little farm stand. once we got out of the car we could smell the pies

they had a ton of apples, jellies, jams, and spiced peaches, yes spiced peaches.

after that, we went to ikea to eat swedish meatballs, cause one of our friends has never tried it there before. yeah it was weird. god the entire day consisted of me eating!

with lingleberry sauce. but i said it was dingleberry and got the girl to say dingleberry too!

this is a princess cake. they got it cause it sounded nice and looked decent.

the inside of it was cream filled.

Then this strange woman started hitting on me while my friends were on line. I was going to twitter on my phone and she just comes up to me and starts talking to me in some strange language, which she says is japanese but i think she's just making this shit up. Anyways she said she was an astrologist, and that she could see my aura and it was good, and blah blah blah. anyways she wouldn't leave till i took down her number. i asked if she had a card and she said she didn't have any. so she insisted it take down her number. she apparently wouldn't leave until i did, so i didn't and she finally left! meanwhile my friends come back and laugh and go wtf was that.

And then after that, i got back to the city and headed into K-town for LadyL's korean bbq! course thos pics I'll post up in the next post, since there are a bunch of pics here.

dreamweaver class got canceled but they're making me teach grammar skills and basic computer skills. ugh. Anyways, I just wanna get through this week. I'm looking at sephora's site to see what's good to buy there. I was eyeing the Fredrick Fekkai's hair color, but it got mixed reviews, so eh. But then i was looking at the clarisonic and wondering if i should really drop that much on a vibrating face thing, when I have the neutragena wave thing. So what are you ladies gonna get from sephora's FF sale?

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ChyiX2 said...

The food looks sooo good! The oxtail soup and the meat and...everything! Haha, going to Ikea for swedish meatballs.