My date with Mr Pinchy!

Sometime last week, during all the craziness that is my life, I got out of work, got on the train, tired and once I get out of the tunnel I get a text from my friend asking me if I would like to stop by her place for a lobster dinner. Girl went to Maine and brought back lobsters. In fact she and her man ate so much lobster that he's sick of it, and the smell of lobster is permanently stuck on their hands. It was a great change of pace for me. work, going home tired. work some more, study, go to hot yoga, come back more tired. its like damn no matter what i'm always tired. sigh.

why what's in the box?

why its mr pinchy coming out to say hello!

sexy corn!

time to enjoy your hot bath!

2 left...the pot only held 4

why hello mr pinchy

hmmm dinner's on!

sexy claw...

bean salad my friend made

apparently this is mrs pinchy, and she's the one i ended up with. she had lobster eggs inside her. tasty!

she had a weird shell

hmmm corn...

i ate and we chatted and caught up on things, so it was a good break from my usual routine.

Went hauling over the weekend and even before. Saw beautymogel and acrossthemoat last week as well. I stormed the pop up target store in soho, why? because of anna sui for target! lol! picked up a few items, hit the outlets and overall had a good weekend. I'll post haulage pics soon! really!

saw the movie 9, which was pretty good, i want a little dolly of my own!

tomorrow i'm teaching at a cancer research center. eek! wish me luck, they wanted a custom class and only wanted to learn certain things. its 10-3, but now its 10-2 and i'm wondering how i'm gonna cover everything in that time frame. i did a test run of the first lesson and i finished it in about 30 min. EEEK! they wanted it to be an hour, so i gotta slow down and find more things to bs about. course its gonna be lame cause they don't have computers and they're just gonna be watching me do this stuff. ugh! anyways wish me luck.

But now I leave you with this!


according to their site, it doesn't ship until the 28th of this month. but its chilling at the hbo store, right next to where i work. funny right? i know tons of ppl were trying to get their hands on it. I bought one today, it's blood orange soda. so calm down ppl! and also, why is sookie so damn stupid?

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adin_22 said...

Yummy lobster.....:D OMG, are u serious, they really are selling some tru blood replicas....I want one...:D Thanks for posting...

wuzzyangel said...

Blood orange soda?! I'm sold! Even if it wasn't TRUE BLOOD!

Oooh.. I need more dates with a Mr. Pinchy too! Everything looks soo goooood!!

Hope work is going well! :)

giang said...

oh my god! drools* the lobsters look sooooo good and the photography is fantastic! loves it!

Angela said...

OMG it looks so good