labor day weekend

3 day weekend! nothing really planned I just wanna sleep, god i'm so tired! between work, getting up early and hot yoga, my body is tired, so i'm just gonna rest and hit up some labor day sales. looks like everyone has sales out now! w00t!

was suppose to get paid today but it got shifted to tuesday. boo!

still gonna go shopping. i wanna pick up a MAC msf, not sure which one. Ladies any recs?

Also gonna go buy some skincare stuff, ot sure what, but i'm off to find whitening products too!

I also need to find a good foundation now, been using bare minerals but wondering if there's anything else better there, or natural or organic. short entry I know, will post pics and tutorials up soon! just lemme sleep in a bitl

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wuzzyangel said...

Have fun this weekend you hard working woman! :)

I only have MSF Natural so can't help you out there. But I like Silk Naturals and Everyday Minerals mineral foundations. Sooo much better then Bare Minerals!

ChyiX2 said...

I got porcelain pink and shimpagne and they're both good. the shimpagne is LE I guess but the porcelain pink, is a really pretty coral-pink with a little gold in it. Don't get it if you're very tan.

Tammy said...

I love MAC MSF Natural..I agree with Wuz Everyday Minerals is really good. I used to love it when I wore mineral foundation.

mayaari said...

i've only used MSF natural as well, naturals is good to mix your own foundation, but i love using meow cosmetics mineral foundation whenever the liquid foundations and bb creams are too much for me.