Just surviving

Two classes later, drama and much food porn later, I'm still alive! whew! damn this teaching bs, it really sucks! I really don't want to be a teacher. Gotta hit the net and send out my resume again. time to revamp and rework a few things. damn I'm just so tired and drained. Whenever I teach, I have to stand, god that's almost the whole day! Anyways, moving on.

Classes sucked, I was tired, I wasn't totally ready and I had a ppl that were just rude. first class, i had one bitchy lady, that was like its not working. in that i ain't doing jack shit voice. wtf? i had guy who showed up later, and read a newspaper in class and clearly wasn't paying attention. another girl, fake blonde, fake tan, fake nails who uses the program for something word does, and had the nerve to challenge me, bitch! then there was this one girl who showed up an hour late, strolled in with the sales person mr belt buckle, ew, and she wasn't following along too well, she wasn't to bright, she was all into herself. how do i know? whenever I had to go over to help her cause she couldn't do anything the text on her file would be I am so hot, I am so freaking hot, then Insert her name is so freaking hot. wow, talk about being into her own little world. self absorbed to say the least.

today the class wasn't that bad, course i didn't have enough time to prep for it. argh! but whatever. i don't have to teach till thursday, powerpoint, blah!

onto the food porn! course sunday night i went on a mini food tour, not the greatest thing to do the day before work. but whatever, you only live once and i'm not gonna waste my time staying at home, studying when they're not gonna pay me for that time!

forgot the name of this, its rice with pork or beef, with seaweed and a raw egg. mix it around and eat it. its japanese cause we were eating ramen

my ramen, its different now cause they have grill marks on the pork. lol!

hmm i'm full now!

we went to the ramen place and the rest of the night of food eating cause we had this japanese girl with us. she's here for a short time, she's taking classes here. she's actually really sweet and nice. she used to detail cars in a bikini in japan. We took her to sushi yasu and she was so happy. she said it reminded her of japan, since she was getting homesick. we were glad to cheer her up. but this week we're gonna eat a ton of weird ass food to expose her to everything!

fireboat! w00t!

went to this place called the frying pan, its a boat on the water near the west side highway in manhattan. it was closed or something and they had live music instead.

its up the ramp, but walking there was super creepy! like wtf? are you sure there's even ppl here?

view of the empire state from the union square area.

chocolate pizza!

chocolate shots! literally!

dessert time!

fondue and toast your marshmallow!

more dessert!

hot chocolate in hug me mug with marshmallows! it looks like teeth!

drink me alice! 80's milkshake!

they decided to toast the marshmallow and throw into my hot chocolate. it didn't melt.

last night on twitter the ladies and I were just talking shit, and having a great time. Then out of nowhere, this person, replies to me about something else i had posted, it wasn't even related to her at all, but she took it like she always does and makes it about her. ugh. whatever. i totally ignored her, but her mesg was so long that she had to continue it, in another mesg. wtf? i don't fucking care! geez, you're annoying as it is, i don't know why i kept you on my twitter, but hell i was laughing last night and having fun, and i didn't need that so you know what? i unfollowed her. and she of course took it the wrong way. got way offended and replied to me yet again (i don't care, i don't know you, nor do i care to) and when wah wah, blah blah blah, god i really didn't want to see ay of her tweets so i just decided to block her completely. i really don't care what she has to say, i mean seriously. she's got only liek 20 followers so if her number goes down she totally know. geez why are you so obsessed. maybe if you weren't so self absorbed ppl would want to follow you! this is some annoying girl from school. everyone pretty much doesn't like her but doesn't want to be rude. she removed me from her fb, which is a good thing! no one wants to see her renfaire pics! thats the only place fat girls get to feel like they're adequate. ugh wahtever. i don't care. i'm just gonna clean up my twitter now. if your tweets are stupid and annoying, i'm removing you period. if you have the nerve to reply to me, i'm just gonna block you. its time to clean things up now.

oh the stores i have on her. if you're eating, and it doesn't matter where or when, she will STARE at you. my friend was eating M&M's and she was just staring at him, watching him eat each little m&m, he felt totally weird. This is after she ate food and a popsicle that she felt the need to stare. then there's the other time, her roommates were so disgusted with her. she never cleaned, horded all the dishes in her room with mold and god knows what on them, she wouldn't help anyone move or clean, so to keep her at bay and out of the way while they moved out, one of them bought her a cake, yes an entire cake and her ass sat there and ate it, while they moved.

i got other stories,but let's not hate. i'm done and its over, course if she wants to start up a shit storm, i've got way more stores on her. like how she got kicked out of her apt due to her stupidity and then begged for an extension. don't talk to me again we're not friends. no one really likes you, you're not british, deal with it. don't start shit with me.

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wuzzyangel said...

Now that's an interesting work story! I'm sorry that class sucked for you!! But how rude of these peeps! THey don't even have the excuse of being kids OR college kids! They're ADULTS! THey need to start behaving that way! Well I hope your class on Thurs goes better!

MMMm.. PREY WHY DO YOU TORTURE ME WITH THE FOODPORN?! I mean the ramen would've sufficed, but the CHOCOLATE?! AND THE MARSHMALLOWS?! LOL!! >_<

DRAMA RAMA! You're better off then... but even though I still don't know what you guys were tweeting about yesterday, it sure as hell was funny to read! LOL!