Just Hauling along + anna sui for target

for a much needed distraction here is a post about my previous hauls. Oh the stuff I bought with the money they finally decided to pay me. damn they need to get direct deposit! Anyways. here i go hauling along!

Betsey Johnson earrings! yes they're mismatched and I love it! I saw these on the site a while ago and I was like cute i want! but then i saw the price! I don't want! but then i saw them at the outlet, and it was an additional 25% off! Want again! And you know what? I don't care, i'm gonna wear it at work! I'm gonna wear all my goodies at work, cause hell I need to look good, feel good and just be happy! fattys can suck it! drink all the haterade you want, at the end of the day i still get paid, i still look good and i'm still not fat! gotta get to hot yoga!

cute bag! it was also 25% off additionally. I was like hellz yeah!

and it goes with my red and white polka dot dress that i bought earlier! yes i know i'm a consumer whore!

i got 2 more dresses it was buy one get one free, so they were $25 each, not bad for a dress. I didn't get a chance to camerawhore with them yet, but they are cute!

stop at the cco store! they had hello kitty and a few other things, and this one crazy woman that was just hoarding the entire mac section! i was like wtf? i just wanna see if they have anything for me. i recently picked up a studio fix foundation and i'm nc25! was gonna look at the msf but that damn lady was just hogging everything! in the end i picked up the studio fix spray. no i wasn't gonna pay full price for it. and the origins body scrub. it was reviewed in self or shape magazine as one of the viewer's best picks. Gonna try it out and do a review on it. I have so many reviews to do.

I also went to the anna sui pop up target shop and another target store to get the dresses I wanted! I tried on about all the dresses to get a feel for them, touch the fabric see the quality of it and if its worth the $$$ or not.

i bought this dress first. it looks pretty good for a target dress. I like the design and the cut of it. It fits pretty nice. Its a heavier fabric. I wore this to work already. I don't care if its above my knee, i've seen the office slut run around in a black mini skirt and way too much make up looking like a whore that works the corner! At least my dress was tastefully done! Wore this with black tights and black mary janes and that white shirt sleeved jacket.

i know, its a bit different. It was pretty much sold out at the pop up store. there were a few floating around but they were size 13! I tried it on and it fit, so I was happy. its priatey, but whatever. I'm gonna wear these with tights and heels. I'm gonna rock my look and be happy!

yes its piraty! yarg!

and this is the blue dress that I saw at the pop up store on the model. Yes they had models in the store that were just sitting there bored out of their minds. They only had large and xl left at the pop up store. So i snatched this one up as soon as I found it in my size! It's pretty cute, I like the sleeves and the tie in the front. The elastic belt is ok, I mean its target, and stretchy so its good, I'm sure you can find a better belt, but let's not be picky right now!

but it looks pretty good so i'm happy!

I tried on this dress and it itched like HELL! The gold thread they used was rough and itchy. I was like wtf? its so not comfy cause of that, no matter how much fabric softener you use. cute in the picture. looks a bit cheap in person.

This dress felt really bulky and weird, its obviously not as nice as the one from her runway. I had to pass on this one, it made me bulky.

turkey dinner anyone? its cute, but eh, wasn't worth the $$$ for both the dress and shirt.

this one does not come with anything under it like a slip or anything, its just the lacy see through part. You have to find your own tank top, camisole, slip,and leggings and pants if you want to wear this. The bottom part doesn't really fit as a dress, more as a tunic top. The material for this was kinda cheap.

This top was pretty decent. it was see through, so you have to wear something under it. but it was a bit on the pricy side cause its just a top, though i'm sure ppl will try to wear it as a dress.

turkey dinner anyone? the dress is nice, but eh. i felt like a turkey in this dress. it was comfy and nice. The jacket is a definate pass.

this outfit looks cute. the skirt is pretty nice and short. the top however, cause of the gold thread, itches! so pass on this shirt, along with the white/cream version of it. I wish she didn't use such a cheap gold thread. The boots on this are cute, I wonder where she got them from. And beautymoogel I hope you get your skirt!

this one looks cute, but you can't have any thighs or else you'll have to go get a bigger size. Plus it makes you look like a square box. not very curvy.

Anyways, hope you're amused. I am. No more shopping for me for a while! I gotta clear out some stuff so blogsale coming up! Most of this stuff I just bought and never used! so wasteful I know!

Gotta go back and teach some more, fat girls drink lots of haterade around me for some reason. go figure. but I just gotta remember at the end of the day, I still get paid, I still look good, i'm still not fat, and they still are.

Hope your week is going well!

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Yumeko said...

omg anna sui dresses
i am so jelly girl

look my first ever comment, though u know i stalk u anyway XD

<3 u!

XRocksmama said...

Great haul! The dresses are so pretty. love your fashion sense :)

Jenn said...

They didn't have the skirt online yet. I'll have to check out a target store. It will be mine and hope it's a keeper.

Boo to haters!

wuzzyangel said...

I love your fashion style Prey! So cute & quirky! Nice dresses!!

Hell I would've told the lady "Excuse me!" LOL! But I'm rude like that!

xppinkx said...

i will see you soon...

and wear one of your dresses and bring your pretty hands with you....


Tiffany said...

I'm so glad you did a review on this cause I'm lazy and now I dont have to go to the store haha. I don't really like them :( not my style!

Mets GirLL said...

I went to my Target today and the blue dress was the only one that was sold out! I didn't love any of the other dresses, especially the price.

I didn't see the perfume! Did you get it?

mayaari said...

i was wondering if you got that polka dot dress, so glad to see that you did - it looks great! thanks for your reviews on the anna sui dresses - now i know which ones to look for when i go to target to check em out :)