how was you labor day weekend?

My god its been a physically draining weekend! all the stuff that's happened so far, and I thought i'd be able to relax some! Didn't make plans to go anywhere, which sucks cause then my weekend would have been less draining and more sleeping and relaxing! my first 3 day weekend since working and goddamn all i wanted to do was sleep in. but of course that wasn't happening any time soon argh!

Anyways, since working, I've been getting up at the ungodly hour of 6:30 every weekday! So when saturday rolled around I was so happy to sleep in till 8:30. seriously i'm that sad now. Anyways I got up, decided that since I'm able to actually get up I can go out and get sweet soybean milk and the other thing. Not sure what its' called in english, but hell I'm taiwanese so I know ppl eat this stuff for breakfast!

oh yeah the good stuff. Haven't had it in SO LONG!

I don't have it with that red sauce. this isn't my pic, i ran out to get it, took the bus, then got it, then came back with it. my parents thought i was a bit crazy, but i was like hell i'm awake early enough for this finally! originally i thought of dim sum, but i was like nowai! i want this instead!

god i love this stuff! seriously! and yes i dip the fried thing into my sweet soybean milk! and what?!

deep fried goodness! hmmm!

I was too busy stuffing my face to take a pic as you can see. Then I sat and was unable to move. yeah glutton at its best. My parents went out and bought roast chicken, roast duck, and roast pork for lunch. god that was a lot of food! Yes I was being a little piggy then!

I went to visit my grandma, over the hills and through the woods to grandmother's house we go. I saw grandma and she seemed ok, course over time I started to realize a few things. My mom didn't tell me but grandma's starting to loose her memory, which worries me. When I was there, grandma asked my mom what was the name of her granddaughter. and my mom started naming off the ones that she doesn't see, and grandma's like NO! the other one! and my mom was like the other one is standing next to you! grandma was like I know who she is! no the other one! and my mom was like, other one? and then went you mean so and so, which was my lush of a cousin who lives with grandma!

Grandma also hurt her knee and refused to see a dr for a while, we finally got her to go finally! Then when we dropped her off at the grocery store, she seemed lost again. like she forgot where she was. This really worries me now...

Then after that, I was complaining about having to go to a wake in PA. Yes it was like 3 hours to get there. Clearly I was annoyed cause my weekend was shot. I did have other plans. my friend from NC came up to nyc for the weekend, and here i was bitching and complaining about having to go on the road for 6 hours for a wake. yeah i know i sounded like a bitch. I ended up spending the night at a friend's place. Then my friends were being really annoying. they wanted to go to woodbury commons and then said we're leaving before 10 am. i was getting really annoyed, cause at first i was like i'll be back by 10 am ok? and they were like ok, then later in the night they were like we're going before 10am to beat the traffic. i was like wtf? define before 10am. so i was like screw this, i'll take the bus up to woodbury then. anyways, at the end they said they'd wait, but when i showed up there like at 9:30 am, the person who was being a bitch about saying we have to leave before 10am to beat traffic, BAILED OUT ON US! i was like WTF?! he didn't want to go to woodbury and was gonna go to the wake directly. and on top of that, he took our friend's gps. so we had to scramble around to find someone who had a gps. we did, and we went, and we didn't really hit traffic, so that was good. we hit woodbury and goddamn there were a lot of idiots there. there were lines to get into the big designer brands like gucci, prada, hell even coach! and OMG there were way too many ppl in Betsey Johnson! she was having 40% off her stuff.

I tried on this dress. It was $345 and they were only giving me 40% off. I said screw that! I don't pay full price! Are you out of your minds?! Then again i'm used to sample sale prices. I did like the cake dress. but alas I had to let it go!

I ended up buying this dress that I've been lusting after, ever since I saw it on the website. they wanted 345 for it originally! i was like goddamn! its a cotton dress! Course I didn't pay full price for it! It was reduced to 2 something, and then 40% off, so it came out to 100 and change. ok, so i ate that price, but hell I really wanted it, so there, i know it equals like a day and a half of me working, but its worth it, i really wanted it and it made me happy. so there! I know, cosumerwhore!

course I stopped by the CCO and picked me up this exfoliater, I read in self or shape magazine the reader's picks and one of them was the estee lauder scrub, course i got it mixed up and got the wrong one! eek! the one i got was the self warming one. I will write up a review on it. I didn't pick up anything else, they had the petticoat blush, but i didn't get it since i have 2 blushes that i barely use

stopped in here too, they were having a sale, all this for 16 bucks. course the sales girl screwed up and only charged me 14. go figure. their stuff is pretty good for dry skin, and i needed smaller bottles of stuff for overnight stays and some lotion for my hands since i'm washing them all the time now at work.

ordered stuff from target, since they were selling paul frank stuff and simone leone the the dude who does tokidoki. since they're sold out in the actual store, i ordered online. i picked up some awesome paul frank pj's too! yes they were kiddie sizes but i ordered the large and xl and they fit me! *evil laughter*

A whole bunch of other stuff be happening, and i'll post food porn pics since i ate a lobster dinner yesterday, and my manager boss lady got laid off from work, and i'm doing well in hot yoga surprisingly, saw Avenue Q. anyways will get on that list of stuff to do. actions tutorial, and stuff. hope you ladies had a good weekend!

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wuzzyangel said...

Sweet haulage!! And I'm glad you got your Gma to go to the MDs!

What the hell is that think you're eating?! And why is that it looks good just bcuz I know YOU ate it?! LOL!

Sweet dress! Glad you bought the price down! Work Work Work!! ;)

loveSHARA said...

Isn't it called like "chinese donuts"? I'm not quite sure and you can eat it with rice porridge?

AND I am really jealous of them B. Johnson sample sales that you always go to. BOOS. I love her toos. Well her bras anyways..

Oh and your food porn always makes me so damn jealous.. grrr!

ChyiX2 said...

My heart goes out to your grandmother. My grandma is in a similar situation where she seems lost and cofused from time to time. Not so much you can do about it but a good idea is to have her solve puzzles and such. Keep the brain cells working.

Yes, I love the "other thing" you tiao..have no idea what it's called in English but it's sooo good! I could really go for one of those right now. Too bad I'll have to wait til I'm in Taiwan before I can get one.

Cute dress!